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  1. It does okay, not sitting that deep as it's on Control, but I found that was needed otherwise the front 3 could get very isolated. May need to look at changing Team Shape to reduce space between the lines, although Structured should be doing that. I agree that it's super difficult to get it to work, as I find the Gattuso role simply can't be replicated... his work rate was the main reason the formation held up defensively, he was able to cover so much ground and allowed the players like Pirlo and Kaka to basically do nothing defensively. In game you can easily get cut apart against certain teams. Seems to work okay in Serie A because many of the teams play very narrow anyway, but in the Champions League I find it doesn't work that well at the moment (ironically).
  2. Well, this is more 2002/3 Milan, rather than the Kaka era (but I'm working on that one at the moment!). So it features 2 out and out strikers (Shevchenko/Inzaghi) rather than the lone forward of later years, and a more traditional No.10 (the Rui Costa role). The only break from reality is the focus play down the right, which was more of a 2004 Milan feature with Cafu on the right and Maldini playing a much more conservative role on the left. The reason for that is Abate in the modern Milan side is a beast (for me, at least). So you may want to tinker and make the two wing backs more balanced. The Gattuso role is most difficult to replicate, because he did the work of multiple players and was basically the primary reason the formation functioned at all. In game that's obviously difficult to achieve, and my biggest problem at the moment is finding someone who can remotely come close to that. At the moment I've gone with BWM-D as I think it's the best base role to start with to recreate Gattuso - but still needs a lot of tinkering. The Regista is obviously the Pirlo role and fits quite well I think. There's two areas I'll likely be changing: 1. The strikers... Neither Shevchenko or Inzaghi were DLF type forwards... they were both Advacnced/Poacher/Complete forwards. Inzaghi more a Poacher, with Shevchenko having a little more creative/complete forward abilities. The DLF/AF setup I have at the moment is to fit my team to make sure we can get results. This tactic is a long-term goal, and I have to build up a team who can fulfil it. 2. The two centrebacks... Nesta/Maldini (apart from being gods) played more of a Cover/Stopper role to my mind. Maldini as Cover, Nesta as Stopper. Again, don't quite have the players to make this work quite yet, so that's a work in progress. Anyway, feel free to use this as a baseline... don't expect it to be a plug and play type thing, I make lots of PI and OI changes each match to get the desired effect and result, and the formation itself is difficult to pull off without getting defensively slaughtered. Here's the formation and roles (click on the image to expand and ignore the players/injuries): Here are the team settings and instructions (click on the image to expand):
  3. 1. Not really the right forum. Post in Tactics & Training. 2. Sporting seem pretty accurate to me in regards to squad and tactics. 3. I'm sure some people in the Tactics forum could help you out, but you'd need to post more info. Your tactics, team, match stats/reports etc.
  4. Just put the downloaded file into this folder: C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\games Or whatever the equivalent of that is on your computer! Then just load it like a normal saved game.
  5. Awesome pick up! Hadn't even noticed them!
  6. Absolutely wonderful article. I've learnt so much from this and your counter-attacking one. Articles like this just add 110% enjoyment and longevity to the game!
  7. Great list! I picked up Zach Clough and Lingard, and both have been outstanding so far. Great core to the team.
  8. Can't train it, but I believe it goes up and down on it's own through a players career (at least this was the case in previous versions). Not quite sure what factors would influence this though, but I'm guessing things like a major injury may reduce it. It's not really an indication of injury proneness (regarding the hidden attribute, anyway... can only find that out through coach/scout reports). It's all around recovery of condition, gaining match fitness, and retention of physical stats when ageing.
  9. Well if you want to go for "pure" Ajax, then 4-3-3 is mandatory (everyone from Van Gaal to De Boer have used this). Although really it's always been far more flexible than is possible in FM. So by 4-3-3 I mean (in FM terms) 4-1-2-2-1 (DM and AML/R). Not meaning to promote myself or anything, but it's probably easier to show you how I've set it up in my Let's Play for Ajax: (tactics start 1:40, and note that I actually end up making a bunch of changes to this in the second season, but shape and principles remain the same).It's been interesting, however, that (to me) De Boer has been much more willing to switch things around this season. It may have come about from PSV winning the league last time around, but they've played a bunch of different formations at times this season, from 4-2-3-1 (2 DM's), to ditching a DM altogether and playing with an AMC in a 4-3-3. So up to you which route you want to go down really
  10. Hey everyone. Just a bump (sorry!) because I've added the download link for the Derby tycoon save above. Let me know if anyone has problems downloading it. Enjoy!
  11. Yep. I loaded in Serie D via a database update, and managed to get them promoted to Serie C at the first try. Not sure how accurate the teams/finances were of the database update, but there's heaps of free transfers and loan players available, so should be able to assemble a pretty good team. Just about to start the Serie C season it's heaps of fun as a save! Should definitely give it a try.
  12. Definitely interested in a proper club thread. Keen to see what RBL do in real life over the next few years!
  13. Derby (29th May 2017). The team has just lost in the Championship play-off final, so you'll be playing in the Champ again. Foreground sugar-daddy, 45 million balance, 30 million for transfers (but no idea how/if that will change for the upcoming season). Game has a bunch of leagues loaded and 76k player amount. Actually it's the save I've been using for my Ajax Let's Play: Simply retire my manager and add your own in Download link (103MB): https://mega.nz/#!A4dAXQ4Z!djYzSGJakqh7HP7yUDPW5iH2DPE2F3IXko0y4oBVbgA
  14. Great thread. Love seeing people go to this kind of depth. Some ideas/suggestions/feedback (take it all with a grain of salt): Your 4-1-2-3 Wide DM formation: - Think your roles need a bit of a rethink. My suggestions are to have at least one Attacking duty in your midfield three, and the obvious choice for that is the RPM. Otherwise you only have one player making runs into the box (AML). Your attack will be way too stagnant. - Maybe look at changing the left wing-back to a CWB (S). Thinking this may be better to get increased width down that left-hand side, while still retaining a bit of defensive stability. - The heat map from the first friendly shows that pretty much your entire play is going down the right side, which would be because this is where you have the best link-ups (BBM, AP, WB, DLF). On your left there's too much of a gap between WB and IF, and your RPM isn't providing the link between them. RPM role doesn't really do that anyway (not like the BBM which is a good water-carrier role). So that's why a CWB (S) may be better down the left. - I actually play a fairly similar formation with Ajax, but mine is a little more attacking (we can leak goals sometimes, but willing to take the risk). Have a look here if you're interested: (start talking about tactics at 1:40 mark). Have made a few changes in the second season though. Given all of the above though, I wouldn't read too much into friendlies. Especially if your team isn't up to full fluidity... personally find it makes an enormous differences, especially with possession based tactics. Against that formation you came up against, my approach would have been to play Narrower (either Fairly Narrow or Narrow), and then exploit the flanks. Basically the idea is to counter their strength in midfield by getting your team to play narrower and clog up the middle of the pitch, then when you're attacking, you want to make the most of your numerical superiority down the flanks and pull their formation apart using width. Always finds it works well whenever I come up against it. Give it a try and see how you go That's pretty much it. Won't cover the other formations as I haven't got the time at the moment haha. But think you're generally on the right track Good luck!
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