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  1. Yes, I fired him, but I don't saw this option, but now I found this, so everything is ok Thank you.
  2. In FM 21 I have problem, I want to start my international career and start as Uzbekistan Manager, then there was draw for Asian U19 Championship and I want to win this and later play in U20 World Cup (I had this adventure in Honduras on FM2017) but I don't know how to take control of this U19 teams? I could only choose players to Senior and II national teams neither U23 (Olimpic Game!!!!), U20 and U19? Why? It's very sad
  3. You have to make new squad rules (without any restrictions etc.), give number (for example you if you have 2 leagues with rules 0 and 1, there you need set 2) and later this rules assign to playoff (write this number 2 in correct place). I had this same problems with every leagues where I have playoff and come to advanced editor and it is solutions.
  4. How to set different host for every group? I want to make Caribbean Championship and I need that matches of every group will be played in one of participant (of this group) stadium. For example. Group A: Bermudy, Aruba and Haiti -> Host Haiti Group B: Cuba, Jamaica and Curacao -> Host Cuba Where I could set this in editor?
  5. Do you have any relegation playoff matches on this database?
  6. I found solutions 1. Go to first cup stage after group, then click: Teams. You probably have set Get Qualified Teams From Stage, (number stage), (name of cup stage). Then you should set Seeding Method: All teams get the same seeding, Seeding To Give Teams = 0, and above this you have: Top Position and Bottom Position, set in both 0. 2. Duplicate this rule and change: Seeding To Give Teams = 1, and above this you have: Top Position and Bottom Position, set in both 1. 3. Go to Rounds of this Stage, you could see Valid Cup Draw Rules, click on this. Add rule: Place Seedings Together: Seeding 1 = 0, Seeding 2 = 1. Also good is to set: Keep Teams From Same Previous Group Apart. Now winners of groups plays with runners-up
  7. I have some competitions with group phase and after this is cup round. I have everything set, working correct only have problem with set mapping for teams based on places from group phase. For example, I have 4 group and want that 1 place from group A could draw 2 places teams from group B, C, D. Then 1 place from group B draw 2 places teams from group A, C, D. How to set this? I try lots of options but don't have idea how make this.
  8. Ok, when I signed up I could downloading. But I don't see link to Coupe de l'Outre-Mer, could you post this here?
  9. Do you set 0 foreing goalkeapers? I saw that if you set 0 foreigner goalkeaper then game make this strange things.
  10. What exactly you want download? All links (without New Zealand Supercup) working I think.
  11. I don't know what going on with this New Zealand Supercup link So I send in attachment this file and additional two new cups in beta version (probably will be working, but don't test everything yet). Mekong it's Mekong Champions Cup (the best clubs from Thailand, Vietnam, Birma, Laos and Cambodia) and British is this same format like Mekong but for winners of British Countries cup (England, Scotland, Wales, North Ireland and Gibraltar). British.fmf Mekong1.fmf New Zealand Supercup.fmf
  12. How to download your old files, for example Copa Centroamericana? On Steam I have subscribe this but don't have in any folder. Then I looking on your website, I have account, click on download link but it's not starting only I see lots of adverts.
  13. Do you plan update your file to 21.4? Do you plan make some new competitions?
  14. I updated African Leagues and addes some Asian Leagues (Dave make very good files so you could use his files, but I had this made so I also upload this). Extra I upload Arab Champions League and Persian Gulf Champions League.
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