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  1. Do you use any another Spanish leagues file? My Spanish friendly cups made based on claasen Spanish League with low leagues, so if you have another then game graying out Spain.
  2. Few days ago I had very good mood, so today I could present you something interesting. Firstly I fixed problems with schedules, it was very simple because enough to change type of tournament from Clubs Finals to "Cup". So now, leagues matches are playing between Royal League matches. After this I could make some new similar cups especially for teams from countries which rarely play in Europe on autumn. Small Countries Cup - this same that Royal League [even this same money price, schedule etc. because I don't have time for making this perfect] but another countries. The best teams from Luxembourg - 3 teams, Malta - 3, Andorra - 3, Giblartar - 3, San Marino - 2 and from Liechtenstein Cup - 2 teams. Balkan Cup - this same, but teams: Croatia - 2, Serbia - 2 and another countries only 1 team: Greece, Slovenia, Romania, Moldova, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Cyprus, Montenegro, Albania, Turkey, Bulgaria and Bosnia&Hertzegovina. Challenge Cup - this same, but teams: Poland - 3, Czechia - 3, Austria - 3, Ukraine - 2, Belarus - 2, Hungary - 1, Slovakia - 1 and Lithuania - 1. Of course if any teams go to group phase of CL or EL, then to my cup go next teams from league. In my opinion it's quite interesting, because even you lost in qualification to european cups, still have ocasion to play in good tournament.
  3. I set: Get Continental Cup Qualifiers - Ignore Teams, Max. Number of Teams: 100, and untick "Future Continental Teams Only" this same for Champions League and Europa League. I think that my file is quite good like template for example: Balkan Cup, maybe little countries Cup, East Europe Cup etc. In my opinion if you play in countries like Poland, Slovakia or maybe even San Marino or Luxembourg, and you lost in elimination for Europe your season is quite boring. If we add this cups, game will be more exciting. Also if you qualify to Europe then one another team go to this cup, so if eg. 4 Poland teams go to Europe [yes, I know that this dream] then teams from places 5-8 also play little continental cups, get prices etc. I thinking about this but don't have lots of time, so feel free if somebody want make something that.
  4. New files [03.02.2019] Copa del Rey Fernando y Reina Isabel - 4 teams from old Spanish Empire, semifinal, 3 place, final all on February. - winner LaLiga - 1 team from the best teams countries: Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Salwador, Cuba, Dominikana, Philipines - 2 teams from the best teams contries: Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Bolivia, Equador, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and again Mexico. This teams are hosts of matches. http://www.mediafire.com/file/6a4lo16ataark5k/Copa_del_Rey_Fernando_y_Reina_Isabel.fmf/file Copa Iberica - winners of Spanish and Portugal cups, 1 match in end of December. http://www.mediafire.com/file/zfiyp7qflkuidjs/Copa_Iberica.fmf/file Polish Supermecz - winner of Poland Ekstraklasa [host] vs runner up of Champions League, 1 match on August. http://www.mediafire.com/file/rq86v8qr33j356u/Supermecz.fmf/file
  5. I made playable Scandinavian Royal League, 16 teams in 4 groups, September - November group phase, later cup fase on March-May. There are the best teams from which don't play in Champions League and Europa League group phases: Denmark - 4 teams Norway - 4 teams Sweden - 4 teams Finland - 2 teams Iceland - 1 team Faroe Islands - 1 team For example if Malmo advanced to Europa League group then play another team from Sweden etc. Enjoy, it's tested 2 years and there is little congestion in schedule especially in Denmark League, so if somebody have idea you could make this better. Link
  6. Now i haven't inspiration to making new files, but when it will be back I will looking for Emirates problem. Benelux isn't include Luxembourg because in my opinion team from this country are lower quality that Netherlands or Belgium so it could be boring to still winning. Maybe better will be to make cups for teams from countries like Lux, Liechtenstein, Andorra, San Marino etc.
  7. NEW UPADATES: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0f5348tv9wr98wd/Friendly_Cups.rar/file Details: International Championship Cup Intercontinental Cup Supercopa EuroAmericana Afro-Asian Club Championship Copa Interamericana New Zealand Super Cup Trans-Tasman Cup Campeonato Rioplatense CIS Clubs Cup (fixed schedule) Spanish friendly cups: Trofeo Bernabeu Trofeu Gamper Trofeo Antonio Puerta Trofeo Ramon de Carranza Trofeo Teresa Herrera Emirates Cup (Arsenal you know Anglo-Italian Cup (FA and TIM cup winners) Anglo-Scottish Cup (champions) Premier League Asia Trophy Benelux Cup (Belgium&Netherlands champions) Victory Shield (champions of North Ireland, Wales, Scotland and winners of Championship) Please extract all files because some files have changes (e.g. Rioplatense). Enjoy and report any issues.
  8. Promiňte, ale nechci to. Mám spoustu dalších nápadů, podle mého názoru je zajímavější hrát, takže pravděpodobně takovou ligu neudělám. Forgive me, but I do not want to. I have a lot of other ideas, in my opinion more interesting to play, so I probably will not make this league.
  9. Finally I made Spanish Friendly Cups: Trofeo Bernabeu, Trofeo Gamper, Trofeo Antonio Puerta, Trofeo Ramon de Carranza and Trofeo Teresa Herrera all based on claassen files, so it's full compatibile with claassen megapack but now cups is on Spanish tab and also compatibile with my files from above. Let's try, especially if you want play Real, Barca, Sevilla, Cadiz or Deportivo. All cups have price money, history (Teresa Herrera started in 1946... so it was long work). Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/no6yfkwvjij5wdn/f2.fmf/file
  10. I usually set Belarus Highest League, because there season start could be on March 2019, so for European Leagues it's only 4 months to simulate.
  11. Last two weeks I have lots of work in company and house, so I wasn't making new updates, but some messages from users make me more motivated. Now I working on friendly cups in Spain, based on claassen file, Trofeo Bernabeu, Trofeu Gramper, Trofeo Antonio Puerta and some else. I have little problem with this but I think I will finish this on this week. Later I thinking about German friendly cups (Audi Cup etc.) and later English (Emirates Cup, Anglo-Scottish Cup (I don't know now exactly what format, what team?) and also I think Anglo-Italian Cup also would be great. I want to make this cups quite balanced to almost every clubs from highest league could play minimum one friendly cup. I still have problem with CIS Cup, because now I holidayed game and matches was played in random stadiums...
  12. @claassen You are the best Your update is essential of FM and without its I don't starting game. Your name should be in FM credits. Could use your update and added here some friendly competitions like for example Trofeo Bernabeu, Gramper Cup etc. for Spain and similar for another countries? I know that I could make this by worldwide competitions but in my opinion is better to link this with countries. Of course I sing there that you made this update and don't change anything in leagues only added some news cups.
  13. In this week I hadn't lots of time and also have a problems with editor. I made Commonwealth of Independent States Cup for clubs (U-21 team from Russia and Ukraine; bonus participation for club from Mongolia), it's playable, working but I have two problems. https://www.mediafire.com/file/2r2x8e8z15d8fw1/CIS_Cup_Clubs.fmf/file 1. A problem with draw of cup round, because I want to set: winner of group A vs runner of group B; winner of group B vs runner of group A etc. 2. A problem with schedule, I set everything in editor but in game dates and hours of game is mixed. Now i thinking about something else, because this CIS cup exhausted me, maybe somebody could fix this problems, or maybe later I teach how this should work.
  14. Yes if I can do this. But to requests please give me more information, what exactly you need. How much teams, dates, what teams etc. I try focus about some bigger competitions, but of course I could make also little cups, but maybe later. Now I thinking about Cup Commonwealth of Independent States for clubs, later Royal League, maybe Adriatic League. I want also something like Trofeo Bernabeu, Gamper Cup Trofeo Ramon Carranza, etc. but this better will be do on Spanish Leagues file, so I waiting when classen end Europe, then I try do friendly cups for this countries.
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