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  1. Hi Ben Thanks for your reply. After going through the 2021 summer transfer window, it does appear that this issue has significantly improved. I only noticed two established players signing contracts on £160pw during the window (Duncan Watmore to Tranmere was one of them off the top of my head). Credit to the team for looking into this and correcting. Cheers Luke
  2. Any chance of an update on how the development team are getting on with "looking into the problem"? It really is frustrating and an immersion killer to continually see the AI teams signing players on contracts for £160 per week..
  3. I have noticed that AI teams are signing players on contracts with unrealistically low wages and most of the time it seems to be for £160 p/w. This is only happening on free transfers for players that do not have a club. So I have noticed this mainly with league one clubs and below. I know there is the whole 'Covid financial impact' being taken into account with the first season but we currently have established league 1 players signing for league 1 clubs for £160 p/w? This is well below what any professional footballer would be accepting. I can upload my save if necessary but a
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