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  1. Anyone here have the Volante Anchor 19.1.4? Seems downloads from SI forums are broken
  2. Seems to be, maybe not as good as in the beta but still gives me more goals than anything else I've tried so far
  3. This setup made by TTF has been the best for me so far. (I use one of the strikers on "stay back if needed" as corner taker)
  4. I'm guessing it's got something to do with the fact that the left central midfielder will wander much higher up the pitch than the right central midfielder. Having the LB on support rather than attack keeps everything more balanced when the left central midfielder is high up the pitch.
  5. Why is the tactic named ..p101 if it got 103 points? To my real question; do you think this should be fine to mirror? Would also like to try this with Man Utd but they have all their IFs on the left side. (or maybe the IF should be right-footed?)
  6. Why should this be a terrible idea for a top club? Too direct?
  7. Hey knap! What would you think would be the most similar MC-role to the BWM? Just wondering cause I'd like to change the BWM-role when this player gets booked, as it's impossible to untick "tackle harder" for the BWM-role. Really good tactic this so far, thanks!
  8. You should really add screenshots of tactic/results/table. I'm sure more people will try this if those are added. Anyways, I will test it!
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