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  1. Is it possible to fix the tactic-overview SS? They are impossibly small...
  2. I've been tweaking those tactics, can PM to you if you want to try them out?
  3. Does this mean you have removed the "mark specific position" from the wingbacks?
  4. I would recommend you try the Beowulf 442 Positive if you haven't already, It's been great for me. ID: 1530
  5. Think I've mentioned it but for me this is the best tactic so far in this years game.
  6. I understand. I'm using Mejbri as the MCR in the "BEOWULF 442 W AF VOL 3 POSITIVE P103 ALL CUPS" and his been excellent.
  7. Thanks @knap! The new BEOWULF 442 WAF VOL 3 POSITIVE P103 ALL CUPS is BY FAR the best tactic so far in FM20 in my opinion!
  8. What ID in google-sheet? (there are two different Tea for One Oxford 4321 with 103p.)
  9. Also, the !!!!!!!!!FM20.4.1BEOWULF424KnapP103ECCCFOR140, can easily be tweaked to a very good 4231 in my opinion. First test, literally only moved left striker to AMC: (have tweaked corner setup slightly also to be fair)
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