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  1. I've tweaked the "sympathy_4132" tactic to try and improve the defending, The main tweak is setting LOE to standard and DL to lower. I've also tweaked some PI's and positional roles. It's actually looking very good at the moment with much fewer balls over my defence. Not sure what the policy is for sharing tweaks in this thread, but I'm happy to share it for others to test if it's fine with knap.
  2. Not working for me either anymore. Opposition is dominating me and I'm conceding a lot.
  3. Yeah, something has definetly changed. Getting hammered using sympathy 442 & 4132
  4. Now if we could also cross from the byline on FM20 Thanks for sharing, will check this out!
  5. @FM Base But what's going on with the FM-Base site itself though....?
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