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  1. The Beowulf 442 link on lower league tab seems to be broken Edit: only for Dulwich that is
  2. Thanks! Not a big surprise that it didn't perform well for lesser teams
  3. Try these.. 1 = Home 3 = Away 1. HJEMME 41320 v3.fmf 3. BORTE 41320 v3.fmf
  4. Knap has tested it without it performing too well. I have a similar tweak but without the direct approach used here. I have a feeling that one is even better. Let me know if you want to test that one.
  5. Would be interesting to see how it performs in the test league. Knap 41320 AugustinTWEAK v6.fmf
  6. Hi @knap I've been tweaking one of your 41320 tactics for tweak to the point where it's as good as I think I can get it. Would love to have you take a look at it if you're interested/have the time for it?
  7. Downloaded it in March last year.. FM20.4.0TeaforOneVOL3432IWB1OXTHP98CCP106EC.fmf
  8. Hi @knap I just took a look at a tactic from last year and was wondering if you've tested it/released it for this years game?
  9. "Demand more" works for me, they got pissed at first but not anymore. I just stuck with it...
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