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  1. Hi @knap Will you be looking at this tactic for FM21? Qurious how it will work on 21. I have tried the 20 version, just wanted to hear if you plan to test/tweak it for this years game?
  2. Go to Staff --> responsibilities --> training Take control over individual training for both u23 & u18, hit confirm. Youth teams are now shown in left menu bar.
  3. Is this the BEOWULF 104 ?? (this is the recommended 442 for full game?)
  4. So far it seems to me that "Force Opposition Inside" works better than using force opposition outside.
  5. 442 is not working well for me with Man Utd, but it's early days so it might improve. Currently testing tactics with 3 central defenders as this seem more promising than 442 at the moment.
  6. Is it just me or does the "Match stats" column on the left side during match collapse every time I go in to tactics screen or something like that. After half time it's collapsed again. I really want to pin the match stats so it is always showing. As it is now I have to click the top left banner numerous times every match. Also, I'm sad that it's no longer possible to pin widgets around the pitch in 2D anymore. Was so much better having my player stats, opposition player stats, match stats, live league table permanently placed around the pitch. (would help a little if I could at least pin
  7. @knap Is it really the plan to have a YT link for every new tactic this year? No posts in forum with screenshots of formation and table?
  8. @knap the link for this in spreadsheet doesn't work. Also, who is set to take corners in this tactics' setup?
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