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  1. 44 goals in 48 games scoring goals seems fine to me
  2. I downloaded a facepack from sortitoutsi I use TCS 2020 as my Skin
  3. 15 games in using Cerver V3, planning on using V4 once end of season rebuild happens
  4. Hi Andy Which version are you using your original, your tweek or RDF version?
  5. I only ever use 2 shouts same as FM19 as the always get positive a response, Praise when I am winning by 2+ goals and demand more when im drawing after 1st 20-30 mins or loosing at any time
  6. I am planning on seeing how I do in the Conference National as I like the current team I have built and will see where I am in January/ End of Next season
  7. Just finished my 1st season with Kings Lynn using RFD's tweaked tactic Finished 1st in the National League North and Won the FA Trophy so thanks to both of you, my strikers were on fire this season
  8. A question once promoted do you use the defensive/away tactic at home in league games when you not the favorite or do you use the home tactic for all league games?
  9. Just re-read the OP and realised I was making a massive mistake with this tactic "I use 2 versions named Home - Away. At the start of the season Blyth were sometimes 3/1 for an away game so i went with the Away Tactic. After a few games we became favorites for all games home and away so i have just stuck with the Home tactic. So maybe it should be called Favorites or Underdog. With Sunderland against Everton i used the Away version had had equal shots as they did but lost 1-0. I thought it was a good performance but my board did not". i found i was really struggling away from home especially against teams from down the bottom of the league as I was using the away tactic for every away game even when I was favorite FFS
  10. I am still having a lot of success with my Kings Lynn save with this tactic, my 1st 17 league games were unbeaten and I do not seem to have the issue with the 442 tactic of balls being hit over the top and been scored by the AI everytime
  11. keep getting hit with the ball over the top and the opposition striker breaking my offside trap and going on to score so removed offside trap and moved the defensive line back 1 so hope this helps
  12. One thing RDF mentioned was using a Poacher and a PF on support, has this being tried by anyone?
  13. I looked into this on the away tactic and found the left PF on attack has move into channels automatically set to on, you can manually switch it on on the right PF which is on support
  14. Hi TTF I have found version 5 of Ashbringer before you added the corner exploit still works well, using it with Stockport now in the National League I find the direct passes through to attack from dm's to AF works really well, would post on FM Base but I do not have a account there Thanks
  15. result against Liverpool in the EFL cup 4th round in my 1st season
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