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  1. I'd love to have the option to agree a bounce game with local teams. Basically playing it on the training pitch, with no fans and no match day costs. Also stops other teams scouting the game.
  2. A couple of traits I feel should be added to Danny Mullen of Dundee -Comes deep to receive ball -Plays 1-2s
  3. Dundee second bottom? Sure they are excluded still? lol
  4. Is it worth me just carrying on or is this something than can be fixed short term?
  5. Dundee- Jack Wilkie is listed as 26 years old...he is 16... I'm obviously annoyed this has happened, but I assume this won't be fixed for a while. It would be good to get some clarification on if changing their age will mess up the PA etc
  6. I've seen various requests for a "Hard Mode Difficulty" and I am generally opposed to AI advantages etc, but a more fluid idea I had was to introduce the option to enable "Head Coach/Manager". With the introduction of DOF and TD I think they are almost pointless and don't reflect what they would be doing in real life. I would love an option that essentially makes you negotiate if you are a Head Coach or a full Manager. Full manager having control of the transfers and the Head Coach having to work with the Director of Football. A higher rep may allow you to have more transfer responsibilit
  7. Done a number of tests with Dundee and had 3 saves where a takeover happened. The takeover amount of FM20 was extremely high for saves and desperately needs looked at
  8. Playing as Dundee...I move my players from the reserve to the u18 as the game has this wrong. My u18 manager won't play them and instead picks fake players
  9. Just taken a player on trial from a club that I was playing next. The player is allowed to play against his current club.
  10. I'm raising this as an issue with Dundee, but it looks like many other clubs are effected by this. The game seems to default many u18 players to the reserve squad, leaving the u18s missing. This is a bit weird considering the only reserve matches are the very short reserve cup...surely these players should start in the U18? I have raised this issue in the League Specific issues, but the u18 league seems to not actually play the matches...it's as if they league isn't even loaded
  11. Under 18 games are being listed as fixtures but not played
  12. This was a bug in 2020 so I'm surprised it's still an issue. When I try and change a training session with a semi pro team it turns the whole day unavailable.
  13. Financial Issue When starting from the earliest start date you end up leaving the championship and lower clubs with months without income but still needing to pay their players. This leaves the clubs to be extremely worse off because of a different start date. I think we need something in place that stops this as it will leave the game very unbalanced.
  14. Dundee missing youth players- Cammy Blacklock Jack Wilkie Financial- Dundee have a transfer budget of 250k, I reckon that's too high considering the financial position. I wouldn't be surprised if it was basically 0.
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