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  1. A 2 point difference in player mentalities is exactly how team shape/team compactness worked in previous FMs so it's understandable that users would look at player mentalities to understand different team shapes. From FM12, here are the differences in mentalities between Very Rigid and Very Fluid. Remember mentality directly altered team shape. Very Rigid Very Fluid Do different player mentalities still affect team shape or is it now something else?
  2. I agree. Also, there's no indication from the UI on the variance of creative freedom between each player depending on position, role and duty. In the feature request forum, I made a suggestion for this to be included.
  3. In previous FMs, player mentalities altered space and team shape. How does this work in FM16 if not by changes in player mentalities?
  4. I didn't fully explain it as I didn't want to derail the thread too much, but closing down/d-ine would change based on the pressing style selected (as would mentality/tempo based on build-up style selected). So if a high pressing style was selected, then closing down/d-line would automatically be increased in a similar fashion to how mentalities currently work. But I guess you could include a few extra closing down options if you want, but the main point of the post was to demonstrate how to remove confusion around mentality labels.
  5. This could be rectified if mentality were removed and instead split into two phases - offensive and defensive. A "build-up style" for the offensive strategy and a "pressing style" for the defensive strategy. Like this: Offensive Strategy Build-up Style: Very Short / Short / Mixed / Direct / Very Direct Mentality: Much Safer / Safer / Default / Riskier / Much Riskier Tempo: Much Slower / Slower / Default / Quicker / Much Quicker Creative Freedom, Width, Timewasting, Chance Creation etc Defensive Strategy Pressing Style: Very Low / Low
  6. I'm loving this thread, and we're still not even half-way through! I'm looking forward into how the different tactical ideas are implemented into FM especially the High, Medium and Low Block as I don't think the current tactics creator is specific enough in how to implement them.
  7. I've stopped playing the save that had Neymar, however, I've been using the shape with Van Persie and Kagawa. I've only really altered the tactical settings of the front three to favour a more possession-based build up compared to the more counter-attacking set-up I had before,(Check the post above your last one). Those changes were about going more neutral i.e neutral mentalities, neutral player instructions etc, and to allow more creative freedom whilst lowering the team width and tempo. Basically the plan is to allow Rooney, Kagawa and Van Persie to be fluid, close together and on the same
  8. Yeah, the tactic could definitely be used with a fluid front three of Rooney, Kagawa and Van Persie. However, those three would play probably in an almost complete different style to that of the Ronaldo-Rooney-Tevez trio. Those three were all about playing direct, attacking football and about catching the opposition out on quick counter-attacks. This season, its been clearly evident that Kagawa has changed Utd into more of a short-passing, possession-based side. So far, Utd have played patiently against deep defences such as Everton and Fulham, and have looked to control possession in the opp
  9. The reason for this thread is to generate discussion rather than for uploading/downloading a tactic. However, the main team and player instructions are outlined in the OP. I did make a few changes though: I changed the starting strategy to attacking and changed the tempo to default. I upped Evra's mentality to 15 so that he would look to overlap and get beyond Neymar. This helps out Neymar because Evra's overlapping runs act as a decoy and allow him to cut inside. I reduced the width by 2 notches. I upped Banega's mentality to 14 and his creative freedom to 16. This is because out of
  10. I would say that signing a player like Neymar was absolutely crucial to the system as he's someone that can play through the middle as well as on the outside. Nani/Welbeck don't have the specific attributes, in my opinion, to fill out the "Ronaldo" role. The player needs to be able to score 20+ goals a season from a wide position and I don't think they're capable of it. I went with Nani on the right because he offers more versatlilty as he can cut inside and can play on either flank. Ideally, I would want a left-footer with great vision/playmaking ability to fill out the "Giggs" role - someo
  11. I haven't tried Young or Nani in the "Ronaldo" role because, IMO, I don't think they carry enough of a goal scoring threat for me to trust them in that role. However, I'm not saying that it won't work, it's just that it's a key part of the attack and it needs a special player to fill it out. For my save, I've been thinking about signing Kagawa in the next window and shifting Rooney to the deep-lying forward role. I think FM Kagawa has the attributes to be a very good inside forward, albeit for a lack of creativity. Plus, he can play across the AM strata so offers the ability to change positio
  12. What players are you using to fill out the roles, in particular the "Ronaldo" role?
  13. Yeah that's the main reason I stay interested with FM. If I'm watching a game on TV I'm always looking at each team's style and wondering how I’d incorporate it into FM and what the settings would be etc. Well I haven't come across a team that have caused me any serious issues defensively yet. I have more of an issue when it comes to defending my left flank but stationing Neymar higher up the pitch when defending is a deliberate ploy. I don't want him defending too much, instead, I want him to be a few yards higher up the pitch and be in a position to launch a counter-attack. So you coul
  14. I've updated the analysis section bit for those interested.
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