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  1. Signed him for PSG in Jan 2021 without any problem
  2. For me Annihilator is the best and most stable tactic i've tried so far. I also tried cerber v4 which is also a great tactic but in comparison i had scoring problems more often with cerber than with anihilator, despite dominant performances. I've just finished my second season with Liverpool. I know it's not so difficult to win games with Liverpool but the stability of Annihilator is so impressive. In the first season i won the Premier League, the Champions League, the Carabao Cup and the FA Cup. In the second season i won all possible trophies. I finished both Premier leag
  3. I don't know how efficient Destroyer is but for me Conqueror is perfect - away and at home. Since i changed to Conqueror with my Tottenham team in the last quarter of season 2 my team is playing extremely stable on a very high level. Before i changed the tactic i had big problems in away games and against big teams (at home and away). Since i changed approximately a fifteen games ago, i've beaten them all (Liverpool, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milano..).
  4. Has the issue that players in the box always shoot, no matter what angle while ignoring better positioned players, also been fixes?
  5. Yes they can! Even in the lowest league every team has a better version of Alisson Becker.
  6. And the game answers: "no i won't! No i won't! Hell no - i surely won't!" :-) Another user summarised the problems yesterday very well: We've strikers who can't score, defenders who can't defend and wingers who can't cross.
  7. Me too. Never ever i will buy the game before the Final patch. I've lost trust in the words of SI and in Miles words.
  8. Same with Harry Kane - he misses one chance after another.
  9. I had the same with Haland - one time. The next ten games - zero
  10. I can't hear anymore how difficult it is. Yes it is difficult but SI is a professional enterprise. It's their job to do that. The customers bought a full prize game and got something bugged. We customers made our full performance, SI only partially.
  11. Yes you are absolutely right. The way SI communicates with the users is not good at all. There are other users who mentioned that before but i saw no response at all (please correct me if i'm wrong). Maybe the problem is, that SI is the only competitor on that market in the moment and feel that they can lean back a little bit now.
  12. And how should anyone know that comments of official SI employees should be ignored? As others here mentioned before - SI should really work on their communication with the users. That's far from state of the art.
  13. Where's the Problem with jespers comment? He just repeated a comment made by an SI employee.
  14. Thanks, i looked for it but couldn't find it again. That just proves what other Users wrote before - SI has a communication problem but not only with users also within the enterprise.
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