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  1. Has the issue that players in the box always shoot, no matter what angle while ignoring better positioned players, also been fixes?
  2. Yes they can! Even in the lowest league every team has a better version of Alisson Becker.
  3. And the game answers: "no i won't! No i won't! Hell no - i surely won't!" :-) Another user summarised the problems yesterday very well: We've strikers who can't score, defenders who can't defend and wingers who can't cross.
  4. Me too. Never ever i will buy the game before the Final patch. I've lost trust in the words of SI and in Miles words.
  5. Same with Harry Kane - he misses one chance after another.
  6. I had the same with Haland - one time. The next ten games - zero
  7. I can't hear anymore how difficult it is. Yes it is difficult but SI is a professional enterprise. It's their job to do that. The customers bought a full prize game and got something bugged. We customers made our full performance, SI only partially.
  8. Yes you are absolutely right. The way SI communicates with the users is not good at all. There are other users who mentioned that before but i saw no response at all (please correct me if i'm wrong). Maybe the problem is, that SI is the only competitor on that market in the moment and feel that they can lean back a little bit now.
  9. And how should anyone know that comments of official SI employees should be ignored? As others here mentioned before - SI should really work on their communication with the users. That's far from state of the art.
  10. Where's the Problem with jespers comment? He just repeated a comment made by an SI employee.
  11. Thanks, i looked for it but couldn't find it again. That just proves what other Users wrote before - SI has a communication problem but not only with users also within the enterprise.
  12. I find it disrespectful that you imply me twisting words. I didn't twist words. A User asked if the fix will be released before the traditional march Patch and it was answered by a SI member:"we're unsure at the moment but we will anounce it when we know" And that's a fact. So if u have a communication problem in your enterprise solve it there and don't imply me that i would twist words.
  13. What i said is correct. A member of SI wrote last week in the bug section that a release before march is unsecure and that's a fact.
  14. SI's last statement says that it is unsure that a patch will be released before march.
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