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  1. End of season 2 and I’m happy to let go of either Mane or Salah whilst they hold some real value. I’d prefer to lose Mane as Salah is ridiculous. However, Barca are offering me £153m for Salah which is very tempting. I’d just rather it was Mane! What shall I do??
  2. Is Harvey Elliott’s determination random? In my game his determination is just 3 which is really annoying. Obviously he’s not ready yet, but don’t feel I can put him in my team with determination that low. Plus whilst he is in the the U18 squad I’m not sure what I can do to improve it.
  3. “No offence mate”.... and then proceeds to be pretty offensive.
  4. Should have replied to this. Amazed this is successfull. Seems very unbalanced with essentially only two players defending. Can’t quite fathom your tactics either. Closing down much more which would suggest a higher line but your actually defending deeper. im intrigued!
  5. How does this possibly work? There’s only 2 players defending!
  6. I would agree with this. I decided I would need another striker and proven to be correct. Sturridge often injured and Solanke and Woodburn aren’t really ready yet. I paid Dries Mertens release clause. He’s 30 years old but worth it, and I know in 2 or 3 years hopefully Solanke and Woodburn will have developed.
  7. Ashamed to say I’ve cheated multiple times on the BETA....Arghhhhh! As per real life I drew Hoffenheim in the CL playoff. Lost the first leg at home 1-0. Bugger. Never mind I’ll beat them at their place. I’ve played that match about 6 times now, losing every time. I’ve tried different formations, different players...nothing works. Options are limited to several injuries anyway. In the league I have 2 wins from 2 beating Burnley and MU. Going to play the match again tonight...promised myself whatever happens happens. 😳😂
  8. Agreed, great idea. How many players these days are officially transfer listed? Very few as far as I know. Instead managers generally make players available for transfer through agents etc.
  9. I can't see either of the 2 Celtic defenders, even though I've loaded Scotland and see the Celtic squad, they're just not there. Any ideas.....
  10. I suddenly have a problem whereby when going into a match, and into the Team Selection screen I can't drag players from one position to another. Instead, having clicked on the first player, and holding the click to then move him, instead of moving him, it just highlights other players as I move the mouse. Don't know if its a co-incidence but this only started happening after I updated to Version 10.11.5, though not sure why this should affect FM16.
  11. What staff have people looked at getting in? Looking at Niko Kovac as a Defensive coach. Found some other great coaches but few who speak English. I find it difficult to search for decent coaches without actually looking club to club.
  12. Cheatings a harsh word anyway, didn't really mean that, but my point was your buying players who you know you can make a profit on, based on what you learnt in your previous save. That doesn't happen in real life. I don't use other peoples tactics, create my own, and to be honest I don't get all this PA/CA stuff. I know it's related to a players potential but don't know the ins and outs. I just play the game based on what I can see and from what my scouts are telling me.
  13. That's almost cheating as far as I'm concerned. Buying players to keep them for one season with a plan to sell them a year later because you know their value will rocket based on previous games you have played isn't how I like to play the game. Anybody else agree?
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