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  1. Additionally now, I have reached the quarter finals which are to be played on 25/6/22. The semi-final is scheduled for 29/6/22 and the final 3/7/22. Jordan Henderson has just had a testimonial arranged for 2/7/22, so the day before the final, and then we are into friendlies on 5/7/22. I know I can have some control over this, by arranging these myself, or cancelling them, but it just seems the game carries on as normal, with a normal Summer and pre-season, whilst ignoring the fact we at the Club World Championship.
  2. The game fails to deal with the Club World Championship properly. Playing as Liverpool, I finished the second season, and then a few weeks into the Summer holidays I notice the Club World Championship in my calendar, which up to this point has not been mentioned. My players are all on holiday, so I can't get them back for any kind of training to prepare and get them fit. During the tournament, my pre-season officially starts, so despite already being with a squad of 23 players in China, I am at the same time welcoming my players back for pre-season, holding a meeting telling them what I exp
  3. I use vertical Tika taka with some amendments to make it a bit higher tempo to take advantage of the pace up front. I use a 4-3-3 with my first choice being Fabinho as a DLP and Henderson and Wijnaldum both as B2B. Thiago has got plenty of game time either filling in for Fabinho as a DLP or filling in for one of the other two where I used him as a roaming playmaker. He just doesn’t quite fit my tactics like those others, because of lack of stamina etc, but when I play him, like in real life, he still picks out some amazing passes that none of our other midfielders can produce.
  4. Just finished the second season. Won the League with a record total of 104 points. Was almost a little disappointed with this total as it was looking like being more, but once I wrapped the league up I started rotating a bit more to keep my players fresh for the Champions League. Which turned out to be a waste of time.... Lost the Champions League final to Lazio on penalties. The day before the game Mo got injured, (Mane was already out), additionally the day before the game Jota comes asking for a new contract! Really? I can't ever imagine this happening in real life, more a proble
  5. I use Neco. He's developed quite nicely on my game. His positioning isn't great, and neither is his concentration, but I think his other attributes make up for this to an extent, such as his pace, determination and anticipation. Coming towards the end of my second season he's made 16 starts and is second in my team for interceptions per 90 minutes (ahead of Trent), which suggests that poor positioning isn't affecting him too much.
  6. It was the end of the first season not second. I turned it down. Having signed Haaland I wanted a season with Salah, Mane and Haaland together. Plus having been knocked out the CL by PSG, I didn't want to also then sell them my best player. Season 2 going well, through the CL group stage, and in the PL I have played 17 and won 17 with just 2 goals against!
  7. So, suddenly they accepted my proposal of £145m. Which surprised me, I was unprepared for this, so turned it down, I don't want to lose him. Then a few days later they offer £135m, I propose £200m to which they immediately agree!!! Can I turn this down? I signed Haaland at the start of this season from Dortmund so really want a season with Mane, Haaland and Salah. Additionally, having already signed Haaland from Dortmund, it doesn't seem fair to go and sign Sancho too, which I would do if I sold Salah. There's nobody else I fancy as a replacement for Salah right now, though I could m
  8. What is it with PSG? Every day they offer me £119m for Mo. Every time I say no, how about £145m. They say how about £120m. I say 'no, goodbye'. A few days later we do it all over again.
  9. Won the league in the first season following a slightly random 4-0 win over Man City which sealed it in the last but one game of the season. This was in the middle of a spell of 6 games in 13 days, basically playing every other day, but managed to win all these games, including beating Man City in the FA cup final. Did this without VVD, Trent and Mo too, who are all out for several months. The rest of my team are all now pretty much dead too now after this run of games. Champions League I was knocked out in the semis by PSG.
  10. I’ve got my eyes on Jude Bellingham probably for the start of season 3. I signed Gini to a new contract which will be up then so I’ll let him go at that point and hopefully if Bellingham is still at Dortmund and I’m able to sign him, I’d like him. I guess he’ll be 20 at that point. No idea if he’s captain material, but fits the bill as English.
  11. Just lost top spot for the first time, during season one. Winning my game in hand will take me back above Man City though. I've played 29, won 20, drew 8 and lost 1. I hope the draws don't cost me! I've only conceded 9 league goals so far in the PL. In the Champions League I pulled off a Barca style comeback against Juve to get through the first knock out round, scoring 4 consecutive goals, including a 92nd minute penalty to eventually win 5-4 on aggregate. Then I beat Man City 3-0 in the first leg of the next round with the second leg still to come. I have a FA cup semi final to co
  12. I don’t think such a thing exists. I guess it’s not something the club would advertise. Ill just have to pay over the odds to get him. ☹️
  13. According the the Athletic Szoboszlai has a release clause of £25million euros. No idea if this is true or how I can confirm but presumably it’s true. https://theathletic.com/2241976/2020/12/07/ornstein-szoboszlai-fans-manchester-liverpool-nfl/?source=user_shared_article
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