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  1. Exactly the reason I had my question. It seems possible to relegate and promote at the same time this way
  2. Are there just 7 non-second teams? Well That's interesting though
  3. 2017-2018 - Solomon Warriors First season, and I had to start somewhere. I want to do this challenge as fast as possible, but also try to be kinda realistic. Solomon Warriors gave me the opportunity to win the first of 25 leagues immediately. Also I want to give somewhat more information about the league. I know I started at the same place as someone mentioned above. It's a coincidence. Also I already left, but that's for later. S-Telekom League+Friendlies - We won all our friendlies except of one against Las Utd. then we started winning in the league with the Henderson Eels twice???(I think it's a mistake in the database, but whatever) Than we droe against Marist Fire, the team I thought was our biggest opponent. And even lost to FC Guadalcanal, then I decided to play a bit less attacking, just try to win. That helped a lot. 6 wins with the game against KOSSA as the most important one. KOSSA was the biggest opponent in the end. The games after Kossa I had to do without my best players, which was annoying. They had an international game or something. The game against Western Utd with full power sealed the championship in the end. Only a loss with 4 or more goals difference against KOSSA would lose top spot for us. We only lost 0-1 and also were way better than them. So Yay. Standings-Finished first, well deserved I guess, though I wanted the difference to be even more. We qualified for the O-League and I wanted to do it, because most leagues start again in June/July and the final was in may, but after 1 O-League game, I knew already it was over, so then I resigned. [url=https://i.imgur.com/G1YEPZS.png]Tactics[/url]-Attacking 4-2-3-1 [url=https://i.imgur.com/DhDKk6X.png]Transfers[/url]- For a next season I would try to buy all the best players of the islands, though some didn't want to come. We had lots of money. O-League was out of reach due to fitness [url=https://i.imgur.com/4obA7YT.png]Manager[/url]-Nothing happened.
  4. I have been joking with England all the time, but lets start to be realistic. I think you have done really well. England has one of the youngest teams in the WC, only just to be beaten by Croatia who have players at all the best competitions in the world. You may get there in 2020 or 2022 or at least reaching semi's again.
  5. KDB has been put on another position, cause the defense of Belgium is to weak otherwise. He is more used as a Mezzala or an adavanced playmaker. I know it's a pity for such a good player, but it should be done. Definitely against Brazil or further.
  6. I now remember this topic, where everybody said Japan was rubbish except me Even I didn't thought this.
  7. Blaming Hierro isn't really fair I guess. He dared to step in this crazy mess. Of course he doesn't has a perfect tactical plan... The players and other staff are more to blame. On beforehand I thought Spain would lose to a big team with this mess, but apparently Russia was big enough...
  8. Switzerland is a top 16 team. Qualified almost always, last few cups. Took 27 points in their qualifying group. Reached the last 16 in euros and wc 2014. It was about time they have some luck with draws. Poland is another story, they 'cheated' their way into the world rankings. But to answer your question: not yet, it's to early. If the final is France vs. England with SFists Brazil an Croatia, it's definite not true. 2002 was way worse. Or 1994 with Sweden and Bulgaria in semi's
  9. Pretty predictable stuff. though still very close to Paradise, which sounds fun, but isn't if it's about Football Manager.
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