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  1. Chasing Lamely - Harchester.fmHey guys, Small bug - I've got a player on loan whose loan never ends. You'll find him in the attached save, his name is Ben Hough. I loaned him last season until the end of the season, but at the end of every month his loan just ticks over for another month. I can't send him back, he never returns to his parent club... he's just going to be stuck with me until (presumably) he retires.
  2. Clicked arrange friendly; game crashed. Dump file contents below: FM 2021 v21.0.0.1476964 (2020.11.10 22.04.53).dmp
  3. Hey guys... I've never been able to get the group/knockout thing working on FM, but I'm now more confused than ever... I created a Commonwealth Cup competition that's supposed to draw the teams from all of the main leagues in the Commonwealth, as well as Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal from the MLS. I want the teams to be drawn at random in qualifying matches to be played until there are 128 teams in 16 groups of 8. Top two would go onto the knockout stage, each tie played over two legs, until a Final to be played at a venue chosen from any stadium in the competition. What I h
  4. Thanks man, me too! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Paul Williams was not the kind of chairman you expected to be involved in a project like this: an old school Yorkshireman. I learned that Paul was a Leeds fan who’d moved his business – a betting firm – to the Rock in the mid-90s and, as his company had grown more successful with the advent of online betting, he’d begun to invest heavily in the local football scene. His money helped to back the vision that brought Gibraltar into UEFA as
  5. I’d been looking forward to my retirement. After twenty years as a professional footballer, I was more than ready to ride off into the sunset and run a pub in the age-old tradition of ex-players. As it happened, my retirement lasted all of two weeks before I was approached with an opportunity that I couldn’t turn down: the chance to go home. It still felt strange referring to Gibraltar as “home.” Although I was born here and, in the latter stages of my career, had made twenty-eight appearances for the national side, I had grown up in England. As a navy brat, it was mere luck that led to m
  6. You can do it in the pre-game editor with a workaround; if you make the player in question a player/director, they shouldn't be transferable.
  7. At the risk of invoking the old cliché... It's your tactics. I can get through entire seasons with a newly-promoted side without seeing that message. Hell, I can get through entire seasons without getting more than a dozen yellows in total if I choose to. It makes the game harder, but this isn't the game or the league being unfair. You've chosen to field an aggressive side, and you've chosen players who clearly struggle under pressure. These are things you can fix.
  8. Badly? According to a friend who watches my YouTube, I do this weird "arms-up-in-the-air-then-pray thing." I hadn't noticed or thought about it before, but now I'm really self-conscious about it.
  9. Good stuff so far, looking forward to this one getting going in earnest.
  10. I'd love to see a version of the original Champ Man dB released for FM to celebrate it. Whether that's 19 or 20 is irrelevant, but it'd be a cool way to mark it.
  11. Worth noting there are some ex-players IRL who literally do this as a trade. Ian Wright, for example, is kind of journeyman coaching, coming in to help managers to get their strikers firing. Ray Clemence did it for years as a goalkeeping specialist. I believe Quainton Fortune has been working specifically to help players improve creativity. That said, this could all be loosely modelled by making sure players' coaching attributes reflect their playing positions, their stats as players and the level of coaches they've worked under, which might be the most pertinent thing of all; Martin O'N
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