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    I had a wheelbarrow, the wheel fell off. FORZA NOTTS! FORZA JUVE!


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    Ploting world domination with Notts County!

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    Notts County
  1. sorry dude i don't understand also what opposition instructions do you use?
  2. i no longer have it im afraid as like Kingeric07 said its a year old
  3. thats great news thanks, i was thinking of adding germany holland and french top leagues
  4. really worried about it after what ive read on here, how would i know other than the game running slooooooooooooow? gonna make a separate save first obviously
  5. that makes sense, thank you. As somebody who has spent years downloading other peoples tactics i just wanted to contribute/give some thing back. its got to the championship from blue square south winning every division with over 100 points and over 100 goals every season
  6. maybe so i can see if it as good as i feel it is? maybe because a thank you wouldn't go amiss if it helped somebody? maybe because im using a forum, you know an act of communication?
  7. this thread? possibly my tactic thread? nope
  8. lmao that's best thing ive read in a long while
  9. its had 2,000 some thing veiws 215 downloads but only 12 comments mostly from me is the thread title/tactic name letting it down so bad? should i start a new thread with a title like Slayer of Gallifrey or somthing and link the old one their?
  10. very good season, now on to the championship!
  11. i've now won league 1 but ive still got 7 games to go so will post the table when im done
  12. actually that's my problem, i don't know what to do regarding defending corners/fk's so i left it on default and as a result most goals conceded come from them for some reason I've been putting it off but i don't think i can for much longer