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    I had a wheelbarrow, the wheel fell off. FORZA NOTTS! FORZA JUVE!


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  1. Just a thought but if all the movement is happening around the am what with the treq and all, wouldn't an enganche role suit?
  2. Hahaha i was about to ask that, i had an ok time with it but i was unsure what to change and ultimately didn't change anything for fear of breaking it, what works logically in my head doesn't exactly translate with tactics 😅
  3. That's good to hear, thank you. I've got a soft spot for the more exotic/under used roles so it's good to know i won't be wasting my time 😀
  4. I've always put off using one until i find the perfect player for the role but having said that, are tactics that utilise a libero feasible?
  5. I'm confused, it's got shorter passing but aftrr using it my tactic preference says route one? Is this just the manager profile being buggy or am i missing something or messing up something?
  6. I think you may be right regarding the players as all your suggestions are selected in the template
  7. Could you update the first post with the player instructions? Makes it easier to reference. Absolutely brilliant idea for a tactic and refreshing to see a competent one thats not based on exploits.
  8. In all the years of playing fm I've always been naff at tactics but i still try My problem is I'm to scared to change owt from the default settings for fear of messing it up completely, I've had previous 😅. So what are the does and don'ts for this system and tactic. Im in the second tier in wales, playing qith dross but against dross if that helps
  9. I love the idea of useing the underused roles I do question the use of two playmakerss though as i was under the impression that was always a no no? I always wanted to do an assymetrical tactic with a libero , a rd sort of like a wide poacher to a target man and winger on the oppisite flank but i'm no good at actualy geting my ideas to work :P
  10. Second 10 year+ save on this years fm and i've not seen any keeper get a card or even a knock in a match, had one inj in training though. Are they extremely rare this time or am i just really lucky? If i'm lucky then i might star putting a keeper on the bench as my luck will no doubt end
  11. I curious as to how this will effect my save as I'm trying to win the the champions league and in turn make the northern Irish league the best on the world. It would be ridiculous if they are number one and all the stars wat to or do play there but the prize money and sponsorships or still a few thousand quid
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