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  1. Ah, as I said it could be the case if tweaked a bit i guess. This Maestro role though I see as a much more "basic" type of player, just a possession keeper and recycler. It'd pretty much be a a guy you use only to move the ball and give the play another chance by restarting the offensive cycle going from one side to the other, or something like that. What makes it fun though, is the fact that while it seemingly would be easy for pretty much every player to play that dumb-pass role, if played by poor players it might turn to be error-prone or just not so useful (purposeless passes) and take a position in our lineup that is virtually wasted. Also, precisely because of that last point and as i see it, Maestro might be too good of a name for it. Something in English like Floating Midfielder might work better. Not sure if we would expect this guy to be a "true" playmaker, in the sense of being decisive and a mighty creative man (with high flair, etc...) out there.
  2. I just stumbled upon the term Iberian Midfielder to describe the kind of player that became Spain's trademark throughout their dominant four-year span between 08 and 12. Thinking about it, and assigning it a name i think is less regionally-bonded, I think some sort of Maestro role could be interesting to play with. As i see it (to add some variation to which already exists) this role would force whoever has it to play the way Xavi (the main player I think represents this role) did mostly in his Barcelona heyday. It'd be available in all three midfield lines. The role would make the player move close to the ball, kind of "floating" around the player in possession always trying to stay open for a quick, short pass, while most of the time he would just quickly and safely distribute the ball with the odd long pass to space (depending vision and other attributes). Depending on the player quality, he would position himself better to facilitate passes from teammates, and he will have a quicker response and accuracy to find the next pass and anticipate it. Not much to say about his defensive duties, as I'd just limit it to holding his position and not move around too much, just approaching rivals when they just come his way. I think there is a way to build this sort of playing role/style with TI/PI/PPF, but if it was a role of its own it should get much better represented in terms of his movement around the ball and his decisions more than anything. Any thoughts? More ideas for new roles? :P
  3. Yes, that's why I think it's more of a definition than a role by itself. Pretty much what @NotSoSpecialOnelabeled as a Forward-Trequartista.
  4. What about the Fantasista role? I've seen it quite mentioned everywhere (as in football blogs, etc... talking about Serie A) but, would it make it for a role of its own? Can anybody from Italy or in the known provide a better idea? How is it different--if at all--from the likes of Enganche or Trequartista, for example?
  5. It's been a while since Football Manager introduced a few country-based roles in the game's tactic board. We've all now grown accustomed to the functions and real-life examples of positions and roles such as the Regista, the Enganche, or the Raumdeuter just to name a few. There are many other roles that are not in the game (and might not even be worth adding, don't get me wrong) and that got me thinking about potential and existing roles that you know about that are linked to some regions (South America, Eastern Europe, etc...) or countries. Some of them seem to be just translations of already-implemented roles in the game (neuf et demi aka Support Forward aka Trequartista), but I was wondering if something is escaping my knowledge and inviting yall folks to contribute something if you can do so! This might be part of a personal project I am currently planning and starting to work on in which I plan to create some sort of "Database of Roles" around the world, including brief descriptions, images to show where on the field that role operates, real-life current and historic examples, etc... Feel free to contribute any information you have, and let's hope we engange into great discussions (with potential messages from people all around the world posting here so we get a much richer outcome!)
  6. Just to get things started and taking advantage of the EURO 2020 knockouot stages taking place at this moment, I'd love to engage into discussion and potentially have someone try (I could do too, of course) to do something related to a couple of things I've seen in a few different games from earlier days. Austria deploying Alaba as their main playmaker with a Libero role There wasn't much clarity when it came to Austria's first game in the competition. Alaba could have been fielded as a left full back, a left wing back, an inverted WB, or even as a central defender. The latter was (almost) ultimately what Austria opted to go with, only playing Alaba as their deep lying playmaker on something resembling the Libero role. The formation-image below doesn't do it much justice, but you get the idea. Also, I included his stats and heatmap, where it can be easier to see how he started from the back but was mostly active right on the midfield. Some people, such as @fedepraml (aka Tuitbol) on Twitter, already attempted a quickie trying to imitate the system, but it ended in just a few screenshots and nothing else. Would anyone be interested in trying to build something interesting based on this formation or something similar? Pretty much, the interest would be in focusing on how to develop a tactic in which the Libero is the main creative outlet of the team. To achieve that, I'd try to apply the system to a team/nation such as Austria, in which Alaba is (most probably, though subjective) the most talented/adaptable/leading player of the squad, so it makes sense to try and build around him by handing him as many duties as possible. So it's not that have some Messi or top-tier player waiting for the ball in the AMF position that would solve the equation further up the field by himself, but actually an XI that would mostly rely on the creativity and doings of the Libero. Obviously, the challenge is mostly about making the Libero take on all of that creative/offensive weight in a reasonable way by using the FM Match Engine, which might limit that possibility. But that's where the fun is at and where this type of thing actually turns into a great thinking exercise. Would anyone entertain trying doing it?
  7. Hey there, fellow managers! First of all, I'd like to let the moderators know that if they think this thread goes beyond the scope of the forum, please feel free to communicate it over here, DM, or any other way so we can reroute it or just close it as a last measure if you think that's the better option. * * * Back a few years ago, when I had more time to put on the game, I started to read the Community threads in the tactics section with a passion building on my already (I think) solid experience built over 15+ years of playing CM/FM. Although I try to keep my saves fresh in terms of what I do with my teams, sooner or later I always fall to the same principles that are deeply rooted inside my brain, and I end losing interest in saves once I reach that point. That's why from that 2018 year on I've been more interested in just playing and toying with the match engine by building tactics resembling interesting concepts from around the world of soccer. When I decided to start writing in the forum for that spell, I found a topic created by @herne79very interesting, namely the one in which the challenge was precisely to mimic some real-life concept or system of play, based on some team/coach/player/etc... It also had to do with what the likes of @westy8chimp and @Ö-zil to the Arsenal!were doing back then (and still keep on doing!) That inspired me to write two entries of my then-series Inspiring Concepts. You can read both of them here: Inspiring Concepts #1 – Celtic's Strikerless 1-2-to-2-1 What I got inspired by was the concept of playing one striker upfront (who in my mind would ideally be some Striker/AM hybrid) and two attack-minded players behind him also with the ability to be dangerous both on the build-up and in front of the net. This way, the system I'd try to create would be based around a trio of forwards and the challenge would be mostly how to recreate the movement highlighted by the arrows in the diagram, getting the side-players to cover from the midfield sidelines to inside the area and the leading striker to drop and link with the midfield and interchange position with the other two, thus making the team playing a hybrid 2-1/1-2 forward line while attacking. Inspiring Concepts #2 – Liverpool's Fluid System – IWBs & Central Wingers The second challenge and concept I've been thinking on taking on is based around a few ideas rather than just one, although there is a prime element to the whole formation to build and work in. And that, is the creation of the unavailable role of the Central Winger. Those are just two examples based on vague ideas I found interesting when reading about stuff related to the world of football and some concepts applied by different teams and managers, which excited me and helped foster my interest in playing the game to try and accomplish something other than play "for the sake of playing". Another example I have not written about (mainly because I worked on it all the way back in 2010!) was the second-leg of the OL vs. Real Madrid Champions League first-round knockout. I was so mesmerized by OL outlasting Real in the way they did, that I found myself instantly turning to FM to replicate his system in the game, which mostly consisted on Lisandro playing meters ahead of his teammates on offense as a lone striker while the other 10 players packed their half of the pitch in order to block Real with a stout defense that ultimately saw them through. That little thing about Lisandro Lopez playing that seeminly Lone Striker role so distant from the rest of the team was all I needed to try and play the game with some sense or purpose other than the casual/personal save game. * * * Having a thread like this in the Community isn't anything new, mind you. There are tons of topics out there with the beaten to death "How to play like Guardiola Man. City?" and stuff like that, but this is not entirely about that. What I envisioned, is more about little things (how a team pressures the opponent an start a play, how two players interact in the field, the ideas behind a formation or set of players, etc...) and try to build something around those ideas, always based on real, possible to video-analyze (just finding one or two games available online for watching) matches that happened in the real world that we find interesting. Of course, this would be totally open for discussion, and all ideas would/should/will be welcomed. And it is not my thread in that I would take on all comments myself. Consider this more of a HUB to concentrate the discussion about real-life ideas and how they can be approached in Football Manager, with all of us providing answers, trying and testing concepts in the game, etc... Also, don't consider this a "pure request thread" in that I am not going to consider this some sort of job or obligation, and probably no other user will either. I think about this as just another way of playing the game and testing oneself skills at trying to build something in the game, trying to jump the limitations, or at least making a serious thinking exercise and effort on how to approach the real-life concepts to make them look similar in the match engine. Let's use this for inspiration, have fun together, discuss potential ideas to develop, comment on what you're trying to accomplish/replicate, and see how far we can stretch the possibilities of FM and our football knowledge while at it!
  8. Any quick/dirty/lazy way to get rid of the 3D intro and use even a black background instead? Just to save some life from the computer because it goes flying when I leave the game there hahaha
  9. It's ridiculous, indeed. I have more than enough space to fit another equally-wide (with room to spare) couple of tabs, but all of that space is currently wasted...
  10. It's a bit annoying because I'm using @bluestillidie00 TCS skin on a 1920x1080 screen (windowed mode) and there is A LOT of blank space between the left side and the two "tablet" screens I'm currently limited to. I wonder how this could (or if it will) be fixed...
  11. I'm using it and while they run a little bit longer than the box I don't have a problem. It's like two mm and they are still readable. I'm cool with it tbh
  12. I have noticed it, yes, but I am not familiar with skin editing nor really mad at that little issue. I'm glad I can use the skins to a 99% functionality, so I can't complain about those little things given how dirty and lazy this adaptation method is haha
  13. Is there an easy/simple way of hiding the attributes in the player profiles/pop-ups? I'd love to play with them off to add some realism to the game but so far I have not been lucky in finding the code or changing it... Thanks!
  14. This is how the "skin_config.xml" file looks after the changes I made to Heffem skin, for example: <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> <record> <translation id="name" value="Heffem Skin V1 Touch" /> <translation id="skin_name" value="Heffem Skin V1 Touch" /> <string id="author" value="Krysler" /> <string id="description" value="FM21 Skin by Krysler"/> <string id="version" value="V1" /> <list id="parent"> <string value="fmc dark-widgets" /> <string value="fmc tablet" /> </list> <boolean id="fmc_skin" value="true" /> <boolean id="tablet_skin" value="true" /> <string id="skin_name" value="Heffem Touch" /> <string id="required_version" value="21.0.0" /> </record> Basically, the key is adding the whole "parent" thing, and all of the things that have something to do with the touch/tablet/fmc version of the game in that code. You download and "install" the skin as always, but before launching the game for the first time after doing so make sure to make those changes so the skin appears in the skin selector of FMT. Hope you can make it work!
  15. You can try the full version skins on touch and most work perfectly fine. Just change the config.xml file.
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