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  1. Does anyone else have the Summer Transfer Deadline Day last 3 or 4 days? It keeps starting back over at 15 hours each day for like 3 or 4 days?
  2. SI, please be more transparent about what's going on right now. That seems to be the direction you have been going in regarding FM24.
  3. Would be cool if you could just tell us a no for today. Pretty sure you can't say either way but figured I'd ask.
  4. Would love for someone to at least come in here and shut us down for tonight if there is no chance for tonight.
  5. My only reservation about it being today now is usually we have Neil telling us a couple of times late at night that's it's not today. We haven't had one of those yet.
  6. There does appear to be a lot of people on from SI. Admittedly I haven't checked for people being on on the main page in a long time.
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