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  1. Started unemployed, no badges or experience. Been offered a load of U21 international jobs, is it worth taking one?
  2. Thank you but I was looking for the button you click to activate them yourself in the editor.
  3. Hi, can anybody tell me how to activate the english lower league please? Thanks.
  4. If I was to start a career in the Chinese second league would I be noticed by other clubs in other countrys? If I do well obviously.
  5. Wonderful. Thanks for the quick replys. Just needed to know if I needed to change sex in my next save.
  6. http://www.samsung.com/uk/consumer/pc-peripherals/notebook-computers/high-performance/NP350V5C-A0NUK Is this a good laptop to go for?
  7. Which is better for smooth fm, bigger ram or faster processer? I am choosing between 2 laptops and one has 8gb ram and 2.4ghz and the other has 4gb ram but 2.5ghz with turboboost to 3.1ghz processer.
  8. Thanks eugene tyson, that has been really helpful. Will go and have a look now
  9. That looks great, is there much difference between i3 and i5 processers? Will this run fm13 well? I use my laptop for fm and the net really. Only load small database with top leagues from france, italy, spain, germany, holland, portugal and all leagues from england and scotland. Its about 40,000 players I think.
  10. New laptop needed for fm13 and the future fm's. £350 budget. Any links would be great as really wanting to get started on fm13 before fm14 lands My current laptop is - samsung r20 14 inch screen ati radeon graphics vista intel core 2 duo 1.83ghz 2gb ram and is nearly 6yrs old Battery is broken, charger has exposed wires and it overheats so anything you suggest will be massive improvement.
  11. http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/5089105.htm Will this run fm13 well? Need a new laptop due to overheating and needing more oomph. My budget is £350 if you have any better ideas?
  12. I know about the son and the stadium? What else can i achieve? Is it possible to get renamed stadium at man utd or have I got better chance at cardiff or pboro utd?
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