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  1. I was more thinking of the copyright of FM.
  3. Buy both, FM16 is cheap enough now and if you wait a few weeks after release of FM17 you will find it for £20 or lower.
  4. Leeds United - see how long you can last under that trigger happy chairman.
  5. Thank you. I copied the files over and it worked
  6. I play on a laptop and need a skin that is optimized for laptops.
  7. In correct location. I have no preference on skin as long as backgrounds work, any recommendations for a skin please? This is the skin I downloaded but still not showing backgrounds. Base2016 Dark Skin - This is the Dark Full Mode Skin and is based on the Default (Dark) Football Manager Skin.
  8. Update: Backgrounds are working in fm touch but not fm full. Tried using fm basic and a downloaded basic one.
  9. Hi, I moved my FM15 graphics across to FM16 and all work except the stadium backgrounds, can anybody help please?
  10. Is it ok to add level 7 english leagues that come with the editor? The other leagues I had added were downloaded from a website.
  11. Running added on English leagues but downloaded after I started this save. Also edited a couple comp names in my editor but that's it. I fixed it for one season by adding another league but has done same thing this season, I don't want to keep adding a league every season to make it correct itself.
  12. Can anybody help? Ten seasons in, mid-aug and no fixtures. Played a back up save from a few months earlier and still no fixtures. Thank you for any replies.
  13. I have a three file rolling save, I played it through from May but the fixtures still didn't schedule so new save it is. Must just be a weird bug. Thanks for all your replies.
  14. Buy/Loan players with at least 2 and a half stars ability AND at least 4 and a half stars potential.