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  1. Thanks, found it.
  2. I only wanted to activate level 7. I can't find where to make it an active league in the nation rules.
  3. Hi, can somebody please point me to the activate league button for the english regional league please?
  4. I was more thinking of the copyright of FM.
  6. Buy both, FM16 is cheap enough now and if you wait a few weeks after release of FM17 you will find it for £20 or lower.
  7. Leeds United - see how long you can last under that trigger happy chairman.
  8. Thank you. I copied the files over and it worked
  9. I play on a laptop and need a skin that is optimized for laptops.
  10. In correct location. I have no preference on skin as long as backgrounds work, any recommendations for a skin please? This is the skin I downloaded but still not showing backgrounds. Base2016 Dark Skin - This is the Dark Full Mode Skin and is based on the Default (Dark) Football Manager Skin.
  11. Update: Backgrounds are working in fm touch but not fm full. Tried using fm basic and a downloaded basic one.
  12. Hi, I moved my FM15 graphics across to FM16 and all work except the stadium backgrounds, can anybody help please?
  13. Is it ok to add level 7 english leagues that come with the editor? The other leagues I had added were downloaded from a website.
  14. Running added on English leagues but downloaded after I started this save. Also edited a couple comp names in my editor but that's it. I fixed it for one season by adding another league but has done same thing this season, I don't want to keep adding a league every season to make it correct itself.