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  1. Started unemployed, no badges or experience. Been offered a load of U21 international jobs, is it worth taking one?
  2. Thank you but I was looking for the button you click to activate them yourself in the editor.
  3. Hi, can anybody tell me how to activate the english lower league please? Thanks.
  4. If I was to start a career in the Chinese second league would I be noticed by other clubs in other countrys? If I do well obviously.
  5. Wonderful. Thanks for the quick replys. Just needed to know if I needed to change sex in my next save.
  6. I was offered two jobs in England not long back but they were smaller clubs, it is just the biggest clubs that won't offer me an interview but give the actual job to a manager equal to me.
  7. My adaptability is 2 but I am in Germany with an English nationality.
  8. Hi, I keep getting rejected by the biggest clubs due to stronger candidates. I accept that but this time I applied to Man Utd, same reason given and the job itself went to a manager with same rep but two trophies in Brazil, I have two Bundesliga titles and Supercups back to back. I accept not getting the job but why am I refused even an interview at any top club? I am with Schalke after working my way up through the leagues, have been with them near ten seasons now as nobody will give me an interview. Have two titles, two supercups and a league one title with Wigan. All coachin
  9. I only wanted to activate level 7. I can't find where to make it an active league in the nation rules.
  10. Hi, can somebody please point me to the activate league button for the english regional league please?
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