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  1. I wonder which feed I’ve been watching here compared to the rest of you guys here. Coz in mine, it’s the same commentators we get for the Premier League worldwide broadcast (i.e. Andy Townsend, Jim Beglin, Peter Drury, Jim Proudfoot, etc.)
  2. Ally McCoist and Jim Beglin. Now ain’t that a match made in Heaven? So you guys that spend a quarter of your day rating, slating and slagging off commentators, what do you think of Beglin?
  3. Nothing better than seeing two teams that are evenly-matched going at it for 90 mins. I loved this game The best of the tournament in my opinion, so far
  4. What makes you so sure that Foden is better on the left flank as opposed to the right? Just because Pep has been using him there, I suppose. I actually would play him in the right if I were to manage someone like him. He'd be more influential and get on the ball more often. Better able to pick up runners with a diagonal over the top pass, or drive toward goal on his favored left foot, take a shot, or just add to the possession game. It's just like when Messi was very young. He just grew more and more into that type of play-style and I think the English would benefit more from Foden i
  5. Why must you always have a hand in all the pies?
  6. If it's close enough to have a real go at goal, I'd put Ronaldo on them. If it's gonna be taken indirect style, then Fernandes. Then maybe B. Silva to create the unpredictability between those 2 options and as a left-footed option.
  7. Wow, didn't know that my last post would cause such a stir. Tongue-in-cheek guys, gosh! Almost seems like everyone now has to tread on eggshells to avoid triggering any backlash around here. Was just hailing the eternal optimism that sometimes strays to overconfidence of the English fan, nothing more. Can't wait for tomorrow! At last, the real games have come! These next 24 hours will be the slowest of all, I'm sure. If it's not Germany, it's France or Spain.
  8. Ah, Man. United to beat Villarreal 6 - 1 with Fernandes and Cavani to score 3 goals each... Scholes: They would be blown out of the water. The United squad is superior and should win pretty easily. ESPN: There is no way that United can lose this game! ...and then, what happened? Oh gosh! English fans.. You guys are so cute (:
  9. I'm 100% certain that in FM 2014, weather does affect the game-play and physics of things. Unless that changed in some later game editions, then that is really a regression from SI and a poor one at that.
  10. Fernando Torres up front? We might as well go with Alvaro Morata! Actually though, Fernando was quite good upfront till he just lost so much confidence after the Chelsea move. Amazing how that seems to happen to a lot of strikers going to Chelsea. We have some interesting midfielders in the team. Just go with Ferran up top, and surround with him support everywhere. It's worked before, no reason it might not work again.
  11. Well, I did. He had at least two clear chances in the game. Couldn't take any! I don't think this team would be successful with him up top. I think they should go for F. Torres up front alone as a F9 with a lot of supporting midfielders... Same problem we've had for a few years now.., with no really clinical finisher since D. Villa.
  12. Big game tonight! ..well, as far as friendlies go Spain vs Portugal. I'm so excited to see this game.. Let's go!
  13. And taking set-pieces is just one particular skill. I could’ve said the same thing if they had one of the best passers of a football (like Riquelme) or one of the best headers (like Crouch) or something else very specific. Those players didn’t offer greater than standard in other areas of the game but were highly valued members due to their unusual skill. A very powerful shot. Two-footedness. Prodigious dribbling ability. Anything
  14. Way to miss the point. I didn’t say they don’t have quality right-footed players to take set-plays. When you have someone that’s sitting at the table with the best in the world at a particular skill, you give him serious consideration. I just assume Southgate did and he and he alone will be responsible for the decision, like always.
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