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  1. Best method to learn mechanics

    In no particular order: 1. Read Lines and Diamonds 2. Watch your matches 3. Don't be scared to experiment (there is no "one right way/best way" to do things in football, so to speak)
  2. Full Match .. Every time, except in Friendlies. You see everything, there's time to react, and you really get to know the ME. Takes a while to get through seasons but i think it's worth it.
  3. How to improve pitch condition?

    Very Good is not the highest level. "Perfect" is the highest level, if i recall correctly
  4. With all due respect, Ilkork's comment does not make sense to me. And it shouldn't to you, as well imo. Why? If I recall correctly, he's asked those questions before, and the answer he got was that ''THOSE WERE TRAINING FOCUSES" not 'training in one area'. And it's simple enough for any sensible person to understand and remember. He's been on the forum long enough and played the game long enough to know that those things are areas to focus training. This iis why I hate these sorts of threads. There have been some good ideas, then someone comes and litters it with rubbish. The players are training everyday in ALL areas. The user is then given a chance to fine-tune the training. It's simple
  5. I can't believe you are just noticing this now. This entire forum has been abuzz with this issue since the final patch. O.o Just don't let Svenc catch you though.., his voice is hoarse now from shouting from the rooftops about this all spring.
  6. Determination

    For context, i've played all the FM's from 2007 till 2014. I played the demo of 2016 and this current version. I believed like we were told countless times that Det was majorly important in the matches only as those with loads of it wouldn't let their heads drop if the team fall behind, or simply to be determined to reach that ball ahead of the opponent. Made sense. So naturally, I focused on Prof and Amb when doing my scouting and recruitment... till something happened I noticed that when i got a player or raised one from my youth ranks, who say has a Det of 13, had him tutored by someone who's Driven, all of a sudden when he reaches the 17, 18 to 20 bracket of Det, the scouts who I had at the club (who have JPP and JPA of 20 or 19) would suddenly revise their outlook on his prospects and someone that was "Playing near or close to his full potential" will change to "Potential to improve significantly". When this happened more than a few times, I still unconsciously or consciously started re-taking Det very much into account. All in all, bottom line is that even if this information shows that the info pre-FM17 was wrong, or that it was partly right or wrong, it's just irrelevant for probably the majority of users (because if anyone was attentive enough, as i believe they should be when playing such a game to obtain the best results, they'd have followed equivalent procedures). Determination has always been important. It's still important. It will always be important. Having said that, i understand the reason to clear-up things that happen under the hood for those people that create charts and graph it trying to find a sure-fire way to get something from the game.
  7. Tackle Harder does not only mean go in more forcefully for the tackle, it also means to tackle more. That's the instruction you need, and better still, it's a PI not a TI like the one you mentioned
  8. The financial sections of the game

    Why should there only be inflation and not deflation as well? Just coz you're having inflation where you are at right now irl doesn't mean there aren't others experiencing the exact opposite of that elsewhere (where prices are falling for things). Actually, i think the "financial side" of the game should be left untouched. There are way more pressing concerns that need URGENT and VAST work; than fiddling with something that's okay more or less PS: if the game is boring for you, there are a myriad of ways to spice it up. They shouldn't spice it up with unbalancing the "financial side". That's just suicidal and silly
  9. Still on FM 14. Now very much into the future on my mega save there. The biggest improvement this game would have is if they make it possible to use saves between versions of the game. I've suggested how that could be done before, so they know my take on that. I believe if they manage it, they'd double their sales of the new game.
  10. My question has actually been answered on this other thread
  11. Just out of interest, do the young players obtain equal "match experience points" when using the quick or full ME? I've been wondering about my U21 team and considering running the U21 league on full detail. I tried it once though, and the game processing slowed so much.. Any thoughts?
  12. As a matter of interest, do the young players obtain equal "match experience points" when using the quick or full ME? I've been wondering about my U21 team and considering running the U21 league on full detail. I tried it once though, and the game processing slowed so much.. Any thoughts?
  13. Cougar, since you've been around the block a bit, you should know. Um, there's something FM 14 does when you're in a match (on fullscreen mode, which is what I use) and you decide to maybe go play some other media on the system. The sound on that media works okay, everything seems okay, but then more often than not, you'd find that when you're done and return to the FM match, there would be no sound. No crowd noise, nothing. In the settings nothing changed, and it is not to do with the system as other media still play sound okay; even if you try mute and un-mute in the game, still no sound. It forces the user to play that particular match without sound, save the game, then reload the save, to get audio working again. Do you know whether playing Windowed would help? What's causing it in the first place? It's made me not to be able to just minimize the game and do anything. I am either just having only FM open (with no other audio-producing application), or shut down FM to use those
  14. What to do when you've overachieved

    There are 19 divisions, and the team that gets 1st place in the Premier division wins $78M. It is then graded down for the other teams and so on and so forth (including TV money for live matches, and Match win income (W = $455K, D = $233K)) I surely can't start posting all the screens :| Just wanted to show the OP that there are better leagues than the default that guarantee a challenge for years. For instance, the premier division keeps having the top 3 from the next placed league feeding it and the usual relegation rules. If you want to manage at a lower level, you can start on any of the other divisions with teams of equal caliber. So all the divisions are incredibly tough and challenging season on season. And there are other cup competitions in place as well (one for all the winners and 2nd place teams across all 19 divisions after each season, another for all the club teams in a straight knockout format for divisions 1-10 and 11-19, and other lower cups) International management is also there of course
  15. What to do when you've overachieved

    Just find either a World Super league, or an European Super League. Or if you're into Legends, go get a database of that. Those are tough and competitive for more than 15 years into the game. For instance, i'm still playing FM 14; on a World Super League and this is what the Premier and First divisions look like It's getting harder with each passing season, rather than less competitive; and I honestly can't see myself going back to the normal database anymore. In fact, if/when I get FM 2018, I'll start with a Super League straightaway. IT'S Marvelous.