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  1. I just wonder whether this is the precursor to eventually changing the "Attributes" grade system to something similar and perhaps they wanted to sample how a subset of the FM community would welcome such a change to something that has been taken for granted for so many years and a bedrock to the game. I think in FM 2022 or perhaps 2023 we would be seeing a similar change to the attributes grading of 1 - 20.
  2. I gotta say that this is really sad to see that something so basic and flawed could game the ME like this (that is supposed to be robust and sound) I just find it really sad. If this was done in say, FM12, I wouldn't be complaining too much. Very sad. And I really don't want to hear from the people that claim that "Unrealistic inputs produce unrealistic output". Artificial Intelligence in the 21st century has gone way past the age of GIGO. Things should be more sophisticated now
  3. I guess it could only be done post-match before about players who did participate in the game?
  4. Please for the love of earthworms, can we STOP discussing CA/PA here!?! It's been gone over and over on other threads and is already verging on derailing this one.
  5. Well, seems like we have some reprieve coming on soon.. Fingers crossed! (:
  6. FM14 for me still. I'm searching for the official FM2007 skin that's compatible with FM14 though. Any ideas?
  7. Does the AI take advantage of this functionality and try lots of changes if things aren't going too well?
  8. I just want to know who was the person that created new alias accounts to agree with themselves, so we can all throw our heads back and laugh!
  9. Even the question itself is logically incorrect given what it appears the OP wants to survey. I think it should be: "How old are you as a football manager wannabe" or "what age do you input to the game?" the way it was phrased will make people think: "Ah, okay so he wants to know what I think the average age of a football manager player is"
  10. Windows XP, 1GB RAM, Intel Pentium 2.. Don't diss the older users here man.. Anyway, just kidding. My specs are much better than that but don't lose sight of the reality that not everyone has 32GB Ram, Ultra Quad Core, Hyper ventilated, liquid cooling machines. Lol. Calm down man. Order!
  11. The goalkeepers distribution instructions will determine the positioning of those players you've highlighted. Set it to 'Mixed' or simply don't give any specific instructions to 'roll it out' or 'throw it out'. I don't have the game yet so I don't know the exact wording. Alternatively just set it to Take Long kicks and/or not to distribute 'to defenders' and they'd be positioned farther up field
  12. I think Steven Gerrard could play all those positions, couldn't he?
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