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  1. Also note that sometimes a change in the personality or temperament of a player will create more room for improvement training-wise. (And the coach's report could also change if that changes). So don't assume there's a cap already..
  2. Why would someone with your username post on this forum today? What was the thinking behind that name, by the way?
  3. Without an Anchor man in my midfield, I feel very exposed and vulnerable. Very important especially in the tough super leagues I play.
  4. Alternatively, if the player is your player, set him to take one of the set-piece routines (either Corner, or Free-kick). He'd always use the stronger one in that case.
  5. I don't understand people like this. Simply play the demo before buying the game. If you then go ahead to buy the game, you've made YOUR decision and should stick with whatever consequences might be on the offing. It really doesn't get much simpler than that. I've not bought the game since FM 2014, as I still have a long-going save going (and to a lesser extent, I feel the FM 14 version is the most balanced of the ME's and Player interactions). And guess what, after what, is it 5 years? I'm happy as a bunny (:
  6. Civilization rests on the principle that we treat our criminals better than they treated their victims..., that we don't stoop to their level
  7. Not strictly. If the ball coming in is low enough, the taller guy will still have the advantage if both of them don't jump off the ground but simply head it
  8. As a long time player of the game and quite an expert now in how things work, I think most of the difficulties that arise from knock-on's appearing after a fix elsewhere are due to the programming language used to code the game. These problems have always been in any software coded with a C base. C++, C#(to a lesser extent), etc. There is sufficient evidence that those issues won't arise as much if the game is rewritten using a more balanced, newer language that doesn't have such limiting characteristics
  9. From my own calculations, whenever you have a throw in awarded about 30 meters from the byline in the opponents half, then the Long Throw can be executed. It's effectiveness and the control you have over where it's thrown though is up for debate and up to the player respectively. All from previous knowledge of FM's over the years Also you must assign said player to take it unless he's the fullback on that side
  10. Wow, what a meeting in the White House. Let me spell it out, I hate Trump.. But that was amazing by him, allowing the media into that meeting. Fair play to him
  11. samuelawachie

    How many CPU cores can be used?

    Is this boasting, some sort of intimidation or trying to get us jealous?
  12. In FM 2014, the player who wins the penalty will be credited with an assist if it's scored. If this has changed, then it's in more recent versions
  13. I still maintain that the mythical Channels isn't only the space between fullback and center back (what if I'm facing 3 center halves?) or a Sweeper formation? I'd rather people just use the word half-spaces. That makes more sense.
  14. Just out of interest, when a player is on the byline and decides to cut the ball back to an on rushing teammate from deep, which attribute is "mainly" gonna be used? Crossing or Passing + (other attributes I suppose). I always thought it should be passing, but could it be both?
  15. Or if they wanna go the 2 year deal, they should just double the price of the game lol. I think the current schedule is okay tbh.