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  1. Or if they wanna go the 2 year deal, they should just double the price of the game lol. I think the current schedule is okay tbh.
  2. That's exactly why the word "Fluidity" made more sense..
  3. Only Tactics on the Match Preparation training is cumulative. Teamwork isn't. (According to @Seb Wassell)
  4. Dynamics

    I usually don't have too many problems with players wanting more game time. I do get it on occasion, then I either play them a bit more, tell the captain to sort it out, or just soldier right on without the player. However, I feel SI should remove the Backup squad status system as it confuses new users and has been suggested before. Key player, First team, Rotation, Cover, is enough to cover all bases.
  5. Why would someone that uses the 2D view (which is known for its simplicity, and efficient performance) want to have the stadium in view?? That's just off
  6. Football Manager TV: Matchday

    For all those and yourself wanting to see more "development of new features", I think that's just not gonna happen. I think all the core developmental areas the game of football can offer have been covered by SI. The pressing is not perfect, but it's there.., all the other features are also present though not at their absolute peak development status yet. We shouldn't really expect this coming version, or indeed any other upcoming versions to drastically improve on things already on ground. The only possible improvements are only fine-tuning and incremental additions as all the basic things have been added over the years one by one. Just like smartphones, general electronics and other innovative inventions of the millennium, the rapid growth phase has either been reached or past. We are at the stage where small things will be added to pad the already existing fiber. Nothing more, nothing less. Some pple need to be realistic, SERIOUSLY.
  7. If you only started playing from FM 15, then you don't have very much to go by, and you can't really be credible in your comparison.
  8. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    Most of you pple arguing about the hard-coded instructions probably just don't understand football well enough. Those instructions are there to make the roles what they are. Those are what define the roles. I would rather that SI put more roles in the game with hard-coded instructions that fine tune their behavior than just put more roles leaving the instructions blank. If the instructions are not there, there won't be any need for the enganche as well as the treq and AP. The instructions are what differentiates the roles. If you remove them, the roles change. As for the tactics improvements in the new game, decent effort. Thank God they did away with the boxes. I like the new features do far.
  9. I'm going to be direct, forgive me. Most of your problems along with Looping, stem from the fact you're watching the game in 3D. There's a reason pple are sticking to 2D, even when they know what their tactics are doing. It's easier to spot patterns, to notice tactical stuff, to see what your defense is doing whilst you're attacking. There's a reason why you're not spotting these things. My advice? Ditch the 3D and watch your games in 2D. Also try AS MUCH AS YOU CAN to watch the full game. This will help especially you.
  10. If that player relationship thingy turns out to be what we think it is with the lines; that, and all the other small incremental changes the game has had over the years could make me leave my beloved FM 2014 save at long last. I'm scared though, coz it's gonna be a steep learning curve going from FM14 to 18
  11. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Is this really real? Females can become managers in the game?? Especially at one of the bigger clubs and leagues in the world?
  12. With all due respect, I hate people that play the game the way you do, with this and that rules (if x happens, then do y approach). To me, it speaks of a low level of intelligence. I hate your threads and most of your comments so far. Imo, this is the wrong way to play the beautiful game. Period.
  13. Ok to have small targets?

    For a newbie, I'd personally recommend reading the Lines and Diamonds guide (imo the best guide ever written about the game). It would help you a lot and explain a lot of things. Seeing as you're a football fan, you'd love it just for the literature alone not to talk of the Tactics Creator guide in there. It's awesome. And for what it's worth, i love how you're playing the game. No downloading tactics, or lists or anything of the sort. That reminds me of how I started in 2007. FM really is quite a game and like you, once I found it, I left PES and FIFA