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  1. Windows key + D That takes you straight to the desktop
  2. Interestingly, I'm the exact opposite. Once the old guns started retiring, and/or becoming coaches, I started having fun. You'd know it was really your game and no one else's. The new gens are there, the playing field has been leveled a bit, no more Messi and Ronaldo, everyone is responsible for their own future, you've grown with the regens and are starting to identify with them, new managers with new ways of thinking.. All these and more, make it why I dread ever restarting.. I just can't go back to Messi and Co again.. Its also the reason why I've always said that saves should be transferable through versions of the game. I'm now attached to my new world. No more telling my mates to keep off signing my targets, as everyone has their own database uniquely theirs. The new world is better just like the new testament in the bible
  3. samuelawachie

    It came home. Hope, hope came home

    📂2018 World Cup └📁Football └📁England coming home └⚠️ This folder is empty
  4. The writing was on the wall when they deliberately lost to Belgium. From that moment on, I wanted England out ASAP. Thank God Croatia obliged
  5. samuelawachie

    It came home. Hope, hope came home

    Oh gosh! I'm so glad Croatia won. England would have been very sore winners. Let's wait for the media to bring out the knives now
  6. samuelawachie

    Ideas to make FM harder

    Get a custom database for a Super League. That way, your normal fixture list would read something like Bayern, Man United, Inter, Barcelona, P. S. G.. That's what I did since FM 14 and the league keeps getting stronger and stronger rather than weaker and weaker.
  7. Couldn't have put it better myself. The players know that they can't get away with conning the ref, diving, etc and even the shinanigans on corners like they do in the Premier league every week. Once we all get used to it, it'll be difficult to imagine how we got by without it in a few years. As an aside, that's why I can't belive the English FA are not introducing it to the league structure next season. Players will dive and dive into each other's pockets, there'll be stupid penalties awarded, some team might go down for a bad decision or two.. and then the morons in charge will be the ones begging for it to be introduced in 2019.
  8. samuelawachie

    Round of 16: Belgium versus Japan

    Honda to drive his team into the next round
  9. samuelawachie

    Dilemmas in Football Manager

    Just out of interest, what was Lewis Hamilton's pace and acceleration?
  10. samuelawachie

    What we supposed to do today then?

    Formula 1, and drooling over the Wimbledon draw..
  11. Also note that sometimes a change in the personality or temperament of a player will create more room for improvement training-wise. (And the coach's report could also change if that changes). So don't assume there's a cap already..
  12. Why would someone with your username post on this forum today? What was the thinking behind that name, by the way?
  13. Without an Anchor man in my midfield, I feel very exposed and vulnerable. Very important especially in the tough super leagues I play.
  14. Alternatively, if the player is your player, set him to take one of the set-piece routines (either Corner, or Free-kick). He'd always use the stronger one in that case.
  15. I don't understand people like this. Simply play the demo before buying the game. If you then go ahead to buy the game, you've made YOUR decision and should stick with whatever consequences might be on the offing. It really doesn't get much simpler than that. I've not bought the game since FM 2014, as I still have a long-going save going (and to a lesser extent, I feel the FM 14 version is the most balanced of the ME's and Player interactions). And guess what, after what, is it 5 years? I'm happy as a bunny (: