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  1. Mhm. Did he really go off? I thought you could usually spot him at the back of the Tactics forum, keeping an eye on everyone and making sure they're all in line with the facts. He's really good though, and if he's gone off then we've lost a resourceful friend I believe.
  2. Fair enough. If you have access to a friend who has it, I encourage you to try it out. You'd be impressed, I guarantee that.
  3. I wish @Cleon were also around to add his 2 cents.. Coz I honestly believe that the ME has gone backwards in some respects from the high of that 3.1 patch.
  4. Rashidi, as a matter of interest, did you play FM 2014? And do you still have it installed? What can you tell me are the faults of the 3.1 patch? In what ways do the ME lag behind this particular one, in your opinion? (Note that I'm not talking about the entire game. Just the ME).
  5. Either side. Depends on what you want to achieve and how you want it to be done really. AF would create depth for him and also move into channels if he has great off the ball and anticipation, DLF would combine with him perhaps with a 1-2 or a just pulling the defender forward creating a hole that can be attacked. In other words, like so much in this sort of game, there's no "best" or "better" place to place him. Place him whilst being cognizant of what you wanna achieve (or rather 'how' you wanna achieve it)
  6. Collision detection was in place for the new ME of FM 13. It wasn't in FM 12 though. I think that the ME in FM 13 was buggy though, being completely new at the time and not a lot of feedback yet to the developers. I personally think this ME cycle peaked in FM 14. And yes, I've been playing since FM 07 so I can comment on that with reasonable justification.
  7. People are just going ahead and saying personal subjective opinions as though they are FACT. Personally, I feel FM 12 and FM14 have the most balanced M.E's. Most of the problems that I read about in FM 17 didn't even exist in FM 14. I was of the opinion that they should just 'lift' the ME of 14 and merge it with the other parts of the game of FM 17. But bottom line is that, you ask 45 people, you'd get 45 or maybe even 90 answers. People have good saves or their team performs great, then it's a superb ME. That's the demerit of these kind of discussions. Having said that, that is no reason why the discussions shouldn't take place. Just that they are pointless.
  8. " ...but completely inaccurate. The argument seems to be that the ME generates some arbitrary action to fit the fact a goal isn't going to be scored. It simply doesn't work that way. The match engine doesn't know during the course of a move whether or not a goal is going to be scored until it happens or the chance is missed. The only clause in the above is that sections of the match are run twice, once to determine if a goal gets scored and thus to select it as a highlight. But the second run through has no knowledge of the first run-through, generating the exact same logical and animation sequence as the first play through with exactly the same outcome. How do we do this? By what we call 'seeding the random number generator'. This means we can effectively 'rewind time' from the match engine's perspective by ensuring the same random number sequence used to influence the outcome during the first play through occur in the second play through, with the exact same outcome. But the bottom line is when two players are running side by side in either play through, the ME doesn't know whether it's going to lead to a goal or not. The only entity that 'knows' this is the higher level highlights picker but that has no impact on in-match calculations, indeed the ME doesn't even know it exists. " I.Just.Love.This.Quote. It's Brilliant! Computer Science in layman's terms that succinctly explains the "perception bias" people have when playing FM. The game is cheating me.., The AI cheats, and other such "mind games".
  9. Just out of interest, what was the specific improvement that made you start watching the A.I matches? Was it the new match views, or improved stadiums or that the 3D is now much better when it comes to animations? One of the reasons I ask is that I always have been watching AI vs AI games myself (I still play FM 14 but on a SUPER league).. And the reason I watch the games and play my own games on 2D is that the 3D does not show the FULL pitch and the camera pans about and around making you unable to view your defense when attacking or view your attackers or the opposition's defense when you're defending. It is thus difficult to 'manage' the team and spot things if you're not using the 2D match view I've complained countless times about this and posted it on the Feature section, but yet no 3D view just stays in the center without panning left and right. Which makes them unsuitable for me to use to view games
  10. Try a Super League. That revolutionized my game. It could do the same for you
  11. Oh no! Not another Looping thread. I predict this thread to be closed in approximately 3 to 4 days ...
  12. As someone who is personally interested in the inner workings of the game, i can confirm that Preferred formation does change. I think it usually does when the manager moves clubs and there exist a vastly different squad to the one they've last left. I find that they usually change to some "certain" formations though. The Brazilian managers usually go with something with 2 up top, the Germans with something akin to a 42211 or along those lines, and the Spanish with something that has triangles 433 or 4231 etc. So there appears to be a loose framework of favorite formations for different nationalities of managers. You see this in greater effect when the regen managers start coming through and/or when players start to retire from the game to management. It's always been a fascinating part of the game for me. Along with Player Descriptions (like Midfield General) and other stuff like that.
  13. I find the opposite. I think the game and the user really come into their own when the newgens takeover. This is even more profound when you've been at the same club for that entire period. It implies that the squad is yours, you've built it. That's very different from starting with Messi and Ronaldo. You didn't get them, they were there when you came. As for the original discussion, if you're bored, either manage elsewhere or like I did, get a custom database.
  14. Over the years I've noticed that once the game has done saving, just let it alone for a couple of seconds like 10 or so (could be 5 if you have a very fast system). If you just close it the instant it's finished saving, it can get corrupted as I found out. I think it just does a little housekeeping, then you can close the application. Also, try not to use the task manager to terminate the process. Just exit the game from within the game. And lastly, like they've said, ALWAYS rolling auto saves. And once in a while, just copy one of the auto saves to another disk media. I usually do mine after each season.