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  1. Congrats - looks great! Will keep an eye on your posts in case you ever release it
  2. Playing this with Spurs - what a fantastic database. Great job! Amazingly detailed and had great fun going through random teams to see what players crop up. Only slight gripe is that Campbell is in the Spurs Legends team (and no King which is a glaring omission!!). I have gone about systematically ruining his career so no worries
  3. What Skin are you using here out of interest? Looks fantastic.
  4. Was a huge fan of the Sheriffs v Bandits save. Absolutely loving Angels v Demons so far. Will be tracking closely!
  5. Massive shame this has died - it was shaping up to be better than the previous Bandits/Sherrifs experiment.
  6. I always find the key to getting the AMC position to work consistently is to have a player with a very high teamwork stat. Every time I have got that position to work effectively, it has been because the player has excelled in this area. Such is the nature of the position, because the AMC is wedged right between the opposition Midfield and Defence usually, the game can often pass him by, and if you dont have a player who is willing to get involved in the teams build up play then you will often get inconsistent performances from him depending on the opposition formation.
  7. Have just caught up and I cannot wait for the next update. Brilliant stuff.
  8. Here is a heat map from 1 of my last three games. I have watched the last couple on full and the main thing I have noticed is how little my AMC is getting involved in the center of the park, which in turn I think is causing my striker to be a little ineffective.
  9. Heya Cleon. Just browsed through your thread and it is a really top read. I have been one to pretty much play FM on autodrive, but reading through the way you do things has inspired me to pay more attention to the match engine and take a more in depth look into the game. I have just implemented a 4-2-3-1 system into my Newell's Old Boys save and my team is just starting to play some pretty great stuff. However I am really struggling to get my striker involved in the game. This is just part of the way through the game, but as you can see where the striker should be getting involved and making passes, not much is happening and he is contributing virtually nothing to my build up play. I have had the same problems for the last 3 games. I have tried him in a deep lying striker role as well but it didnt seem to have much effect. Is it possible the it is my AMC that is the problem rather than my Striker? Here are his stats and player roles. Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. Great job with this Kenco. Currently playing as Newell's Old Boys and it is the most fun I have had playing FM in a while. I wish the Kenco World Trophy existed in real life. Their are some great matchups.
  11. Free to sign any North and South Americans. More players would be great! Preferably as cheap as possible. Thanks so much for the help.
  12. Club: Tigre (Argentina) Budget: 375k Looking For: CB, CM, ML With: CB, I just need a big, dominating defender. CM and ML I need a bit of creativity and pace. Other: Bit of a stretch to ask I know, Tigre might be hard to find some players for. I just need some cheap solid players.
  13. How about that brazillian attacking mid Kerlon? Havnt really heard anything about him past few years.
  14. I must admit i havnt tried front office football. I am not sure how much I could enjoy it tbh. Not with the tantalizing prospect of how good and american football game would be if made by SI and sega. The lack of college football teams is definitely throws me off as well. I actually disagree with you here. At least in my country (Australia) the general belief seems to be that the game if anything is a bit too tactical rather than not tactical enough. However the game seems to be getting more and more popular over here, and I reckon a management sim for gridiron would definitely sell outside of the states as well as in.
  15. I would tend to agree with this. Certainly a major aspect of the game is the tactical battle going on between opposition coaches, I just cant understand why a really good american football management game hasnt been made before. The sport itself just seems ideal for one. Certainly the level of detail and depth you could go into could be just as good/ if not better then what is possible for football.
  16. That is how I imagined an american football manger game would be. Not just NFL, but all College teams....FBS, FCS, Div II, and Div III teams all included. I reckon it would be brilliant to work your way up from the basement of College football to Super Bowl glory as a coach. High school football would difficult to put in, cause of the shear amount of depth that would be needed, but not impossible. You would just be able to select (like in football manager) at the start of the game how much detail you want. It certainly would be a hard game for SI to make, what with the amount of research that would be needed for teams and players, as well as the tactics, and match engine, they would have to set up a whole new american task-force to get a game that would be really worthwhile. But the overall feel and look of the game I have always imagined would be very similar to the way football manager is now and it is potentially a game that would be as good as FM. The depth of american football in the U.S is such that it would certainly be a worthwhile project. sigh........to bad it will remain a dream
  17. get better soon kipfizh , on a different now how the hell did striker 3 not get an England call up, even if it is the scottish premier 51 goals is just ridiculous.
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