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  1. Oh hell yes this has been bugging me for ages as well. As a staunch 2D Football Manager player being able to incorporate custom pictures in the background (a.k.a Stadium Pictures) would be such a bonus. Unfortunately I fear 2D is nothing more than an afterthought to SI nowadays. Such a shame as I find the 3D completely unplayable. The graphics and animations are so poor and repetitive it very much takes me out of the game. 2D leaves so much to the imagination that the game as a result feels more realistic.
  2. Congrats - looks great! Will keep an eye on your posts in case you ever release it
  3. Playing this with Spurs - what a fantastic database. Great job! Amazingly detailed and had great fun going through random teams to see what players crop up. Only slight gripe is that Campbell is in the Spurs Legends team (and no King which is a glaring omission!!). I have gone about systematically ruining his career so no worries
  4. What Skin are you using here out of interest? Looks fantastic.
  5. How about that brazillian attacking mid Kerlon? Havnt really heard anything about him past few years.
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