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  1. They're not playing outside their country though, as Melilla is part of Spain. Same for Ceuta.
  2. Congrats on promotion. I'm sure I remember your original account. The careers forum killed the activity in CSE, it seems. Same really, I had time to run a sign-up straight after finishing school, but then haven't had time for it while at uni. I hope that when I get a job FM doesn't have to be shelved completely.
  3. (Name change in case you're thinking why is someone random replying to this...) I've got the game now, had a bit of a go in Indonesia - with Jakarta Timur, funnily enough. Decent first season, think we finished 6th. Should have easily got promoted in the 2nd season, beat all the other good teams fairly comfortably, including a 6-2 away win in which a winger scored 1 and set up the other 5! We were, however, appalling against the weaker teams, especially at home. Not sure if we managed to beat any of the bottom few, so we ended up 4th. Roll on season 3, and I tell the board we'll get promoted. 4 points from 8 games, and I quit after a draw at Barito Putra (of course!) with the sack on the way. Haven't got a clue what went wrong, I'll put it down to rustiness of my tactical and team-building skills, as I've barely played fm in the last 18 months. I will return to Indonesia once I'm used to the game. Played a quick season in China for some reason as well. Nancheng I believe. Had 3 decent foreign players, but couldn't find any Chinese players that my assistant/coaches/scouts rated as better than a decent player for the league below. Rubbish first 4 games, then about 11 games unbeaten before barely winning again and finishing 2 places above relegation. Having to loan in most of a squad dulled my enthusiasm for this one. Has anyone else found a real lack of good enough Chinese players, or are all of my staff idiots? (I guess it could be because they're being compared to the generally better foreign players?) tl;dr: I quickly failed/got bored in Indonesia and China. I'm hopefully going to complete this challenge at some point this year. It's been 4 years since I last did, so it's time to relive those glory days. I'll try and stay active in this thread, it being the best historically of course!
  4. rancer \o/ Indonesia \o/ I barely played fm12, not had time for fm13 yet. Can't believe it's 4 years since I completed this challenge! Has the Indonesian pyramid changed at all, or is it still the classic FM system? Indonesian football is a confusing mess at the moment - it split into 2 separate pyramids a couple of seasons ago. Some clubs have split and entered teams in each, while most chose between defecting to the new league or sticking with the old.
  5. 59 points, nice. Goals from Lescott, Mandzukic, Ibrahimovic and Lewandowski (captain), assists from Ribery and Konoplyanka. Not really anyone who I obviously need to transfer out, Akinfeev is the only player who didn't start, and he'll hopefully be back for the next 2 games.
  6. If anyone loads up the Indonesian league, can you post what the league system is like this year? It should have changed a bit. There was a breakaway league earlier this year, and the old Super League appears to have folded - as far as I can tell, the top flight is now the Premier Division, with 24 teams in it.
  7. I imagine I'll have my traditional attempt in Indonesia at some point. Haven't bought the game yet, and don't plan to currently, but I'll get it eventually. Hoping to relive the Barito Putra glory days of FM09. Can't believe that's already 3 years ago!
  8. I was going to take a look, but I don't have 11.2, sorry. I'm playing around with Apertura/Clausura style competitions at the moment, fraudiay's Ecuador/Paraguay files were extremely useful. I've got the Liga Nacional de Guatemala set up accurately, with both championships having 6 team playoff systems after the league stage. The only problem is that the game only stores the winners and runners-up of the Clausura; it recognises the Apertura winners in the club's landmarks, but not in the league history or on the club's competition page. Not a huge issue, as it's not a big problem to add in a playoff between the 2 winners, but I'd be interested to know if anyone has found a way to store both winners.
  9. I can't remember which version I sent, is it the one where the size of Serie D stays the same? If so, when activating the Eccellenza, you'd need to edit the promotion rules, so more teams get promoted in the 1st season. Sure, I'll try. I'm quite busy at the moment, but can hopefully quickly work out what's going wrong. I've not checked here very often recently, if you send me it in a private message that would be good.
  10. http://www.2shared.com/file/B37Lw3w1/italy_110.html Serie D works correctly on this file.
  11. Are you trying to change the size of the leagues in Serie D, e.g to 18 in each group? I had that problem, you just need to promote extra lower division teams for the 1st season, though I couldn't work out why 4 teams from Serie D would then basically disappear. If you keep the sizes of the Serie D leagues the same, all you have to do is promote 5 extra teams in the 1st season - this will get complicated as you'll need to set up 5 extra promotion places from each tier in the 1st season.
  12. 8th level, that would be impressive! I've got no intention of going beyond the Eccellenza, too many teams to add in by myself. What are you having problems with? I've almost got everything down to the Eccellenza working properly (just needs a tweak to promotion in the 1st season, and relegation adding), along with the Coppa Italia Serie D and Scudetto Dilettanti. Feel free to drop me a message.
  13. Think I've sorted out the problem where 4 teams always disappeared \o/ It must have been changing the Serie D league sizes that screwed things up, because now that I've changed it so they stay the same, and 5 extra teams get promoted in the 1st season, it works properly.
  14. Yeah, I tried it with -4 set for 1 of the divisions in the 1st season, it puts 8 Serie A teams into Serie D. I had a look at Uncle Ron's file, I think I've got everything set up the same way - at least I can't see what I'm doing wrong. Here's the file in case anyone has time to have a quick look, I might have done something obviously wrong. No hurry, I'm away for a few days. http://www.2shared.com/file/g5JOQMxQ/italy_109.html
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