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  1. Actually Lock taskbar toggle is in Properties menu (very first toggle). Make sure it's off and if it is, toggle it back and forth
  2. If you right click on the taskbar, see if there is an option that says "Lock taskbar". If there's a tick next to it, click it again. It may not be there as it may have changed in Windows 10 but it's worth a shot
  3. Apologies for jumping in but if you right click on the taskbar, go to Properties and ensure Auto hide taskbar is enabled it should work.
  4. This is exactly what I have except without the dialog box. I wouldn't have noticed it if I didn't check Reliability History
  5. Did some more investigation @Neil Brock and I've found that if you go through the game normally and not play a match at all (so just go through news items etc) and then save and exit, the error in RH does not occur. If you play any match even just one it I'll throw up the APPCRASH error in RH. This is in 3D and 2D too
  6. Just FYI @Neil Brock done some investigating and it seems to do this no matter how much time you spend on FM. I loaded it up to play a friendly match (was literally about 8 minutes in total) and it closed down fine with zero issues but RH is showing critical event saying APPCRASH. No issues in game though
  7. Unsure if this is a bug or not but this is the first time I've seen this and it never done it pre 18.0.3 patch Basically Reliability History in Windows 10 will show FM18 has stopped working (shows it as critical event). It happens each time you close the game and exit. It never did this pre 18.0.3 and I have clocked up just over 20 hours Is this an issue or is it because the game is more indepth now. I have noticed it takes a little longer to load up but I'm having no issues in game.
  8. Has anybody had the game go non responsive when on commentary only?
  9. I thought it was only me. The ability to make a change to another tactic by using the drop down in the quick access bar (one with shouts and team mentality etc) only works if you click on the Tactics link next trip Pitch then go back.
  10. Unsure how a screenshot will show it as nothing happens. It's almost as if it's like greyed out if you try to change tactics via the drop down before you click into the actual Tactics screen. I can upload my save game for you?
  11. Did some investigating and it turns out the drop down tactics selected at the tip of the in match screen (one next to mentality, shouts etc) only works if you first click into Tactics next to Pitch. If you don't do that first, you cannot make any quick tactic changes.
  12. @Jack Deal Apologies for the mention Jack but just thought here. Do you have to set up a match plan to change tactics or can you change even without one?
  13. Hey Jack. On the quick tactics bar. (next to changing team shape, team mentality etc)
  14. Unsure if this has been reported or not but I have noticed on occasion that the tactic selection drop down doesn't always work during a match so you are unable to change the tactic. I left click it and nothing happens. Is this an issue that's already been reported? I'm on a save that I created pre patch. Many thanks