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  1. Yeah i've had this also a couple of times the past few days. I imagine theres work going on in the background or something
  2. Blimey that was a quick reply! You should deliver pizza Cheers Neil. Keep up the good work
  3. Its weird but on mobile and web, i cannot see the "like" button. I can see the upvote arrow. Was it removed @Neil Brock
  4. Ah thanks for that nice to know it's nothing on my end.
  5. Has there been some new forum software installed? I can't seem to view some user profile pictures on Mobile and some users just have a generic letter as their picture. Forum text colour seem to be be inverted too Just wondering if it's my phone or the forums
  6. Shaun Lavery is banging them in for me as Salford. 18 year old Irishman striker.
  7. Yeah thanks but I don't see how that will help at all.
  8. Previously posted about this but as its still not been fixed I thought I'd see if there is a workaround as I have logged out and back in and tried different browsers to no luck. In certain topics when you go to post a new reply, a previous post will populate the text box. Normally this is ok as you can just delete the text and go from there but what happens if it's an embedded Tweet or something of that nature? You can't delete it at all. This only happens on mobile and it's getting pretty damn annoying now as I post while I'm at work sometimes via my phone and it's just more convenient Many thanks
  9. Following on from the OP, i was just wondering (as previous posts do still appear on Mobile via Chrome), how do you delete a URL link that automatically embeds (in this case a Tweet). I've sorted it now but just wondering for future reference when i don't have access to my Desktop. Many thanks
  10. Hi. Unsure if this has been reported before (nothing came up) but basically, at least for me on Android phone through Google Chrome, my previous posts on a thread show when I click on Quick Reply. It doesn't show straight away but as soon as I start typing it will just spontaneously show. The page has fully loaded when it does this and it has happened in two threads I have posted in and as such I have had to delete the entire contents of the Quick Reply box (with the previous post in) and then type in the new post.
  11. If we cannot beat Slovakia we don't deserve to go through to the next round to be honest. Bertrand was just a non entity tonight. At least Rose offers pace and power. And I do not care who he plays for, Henderson is an awful player.
  12. Lol. Glad Hodgson is being shown up as the top four bum boy he is. Kane, Sterling and Rooney have been awful.
  13. Belgium - Euro 2016

    Question for Dream Teal lads..is Naingollan a sure fire starter?
  14. Game 5 - Turkey vs Croatia - 14.00pm on ITV

    Croatia look really solid all over the pitch. They have always been dark horses in tournaments like this but this really could be there year. Modric was on another level
  15. Haha I love it. Serves us and Hodgson right.