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  1. With so many people not satisfied by the ME it would be a lot easier if we could tweak the ME by our selves. It is an option in Fifa but its even better in NBA2K where you can tweak the ME with sliders that make player attributes and traits better or worse.
  2. Its a joke that they let the ME every n this state. A joke. New version will be fixed you say? No mate i wont be buying it. I payed 50 quid for football manager 2020 and all i got was crossing manager 2020. So if i play any new versions i will make sure its without my support for a company that does this shady stuff. Nobody expects perfect i bet u already have the ME changes but u will use them for next version instead of this one. Now that is shady.
  3. Had to share my assmen advice. The ME is so bad AI Man City are playing with high crosses only because even the AI knows its the only way to score in this game. Silva had 2-3 headers over the bar. They are first in the league and won 6-0 last game against Newcastle. I watched the goals, 4 headers, 1 setpiece and 1 long shot. This is the AI. So bad........
  4. Yeah a simple hotfix is not that simple from a software development cycle point of view. But please release a ME update with the next update the game is not fun at the moment.
  5. The biggest issue i have with the ME is that the player attributes are largely ignored. For example the midgets IF who score header after header even though they have heading under 10. Thats why the game feels random. I am not saying Messi has never scored a header but there is a reason he is not banging them every night. The ME calculates that your IF is alone on the far post, unmarked, the cross reaches him and even thou he has heading 8 he scores a header. Which is fine if it was 1 goal in 12 attempts. But every third attempt is a headed goal. With heading 8. Against Premier League kee
  6. Yeah when i sit deep and play on the counter i get a through ball goal bonce in a while but on the counter. But when i push up i get 0. There is already a thread in the bugs forum about no through balls when opponent sits deep. To be fair in irl is hard to play through balls against opponent that sits deep only top teams can do it. Even Barcelona strugled against Inter, Chelsea and Att Madrid in the CL over the years. But those teams were perfect to sit deep. In this ME every team can defend as good as those teams even if you are Barcelona. That is the issue.
  7. Also i think the way through balls are counted right now is wrong. In my stats it says i have scored 34 goals from crosses ( even though i play with cross less often and work ball into the box which is again for me a bug in the ME) 31 from through balls. If i have really 31 goals from through balls i would not complain i would be very happy. But i watch the game mate. Comprehensive highlights. Some matches even full highlights. No trough ball goals. The stats are wrong. A pass to feet is not a througl balls. Most of these goals is my striker jumping for a cross ball and heading the ball to m
  8. Its really baffling to me when people say the see through balls in the middle when 90% of the users in this thread dont. Its not even my tactics i tried 5000 tactics, mine and downloaded from others. Even if you do see through balls ( i have 1 or 2 per game to be fair which is still very far from IRL football from teams that do play that style ) you dont score goals from that. That is the issue. Instead of your IF or Striker with 18 finishing scoring when presented with a through ball he will miss or shoot at the keeper. And then in the next highlight my midge IF with 8 for heading will p
  9. Like other users said i am also wining games with possession football but the goals i score are either from headers at the back post or set pieces. My IF are midgets with 8 and 9 for heading yet most of their goals are headers!?? And they have finishing 17 and 16 yet every chance is straight at the keeper. This is not football manager it is heading manager.
  10. @Rashidi Does anyone know if the match preparation focus stacks? For exp if i make 2 sessions of match preparation: attacking movement does the increase to movement and passing stack from the 2 sessions or is it just 1 effect per match? Also can you combine all match preparations for boost to both attacking and defensive movement?
  11. Is this is it for the ME updates? I hope not. I cannot play crossing simulator anymore.
  12. Well put, i would say that teams seem to never lose focus after defending 20 min in a row for example, just look at the recent Milan Inter derby, Milan was pushed back for 10 min in their own box and because their players have low concentration they lost focus on the conceded two goals after mistakes. Also stamina in FM every team can gengen press for 90+ minutes even with 60% player condition.
  13. Let me start by saying i just bought the game. I expected a vast improvement from FM19. It is not. The ME i mean all other parts of the game are less important. The Messi clone i made with the editor for my Serie B side is a top scorer as an IF, but half of his goals are headers. Headers. Imagine Messi scoring 20 headers a season?!?!? The problem is that instead of attributes affecting everything in the ME it is calculated with hard coded constants. I am coder myself so i think i have a vague idea how the ME works, or maybe i dont it does not matter. The explanation from SI staff about th
  14. Probably not since Pace is a measure and crossing always has a certain chance involved. But i would argue that they should up the chances of success for attributes 17 and above especially 20.
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