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  1. Celtic are massively overrated in the game as well. Although, I don't have a problem with player values, as I think our best players can easily play in EPL and thus command EPL money (although Tierney for 59mill is a bit too much).
  2. I'm worried about the tweet Miles sent out last week. He said (approximately I can't remember the actual figure) there was a 60% average win ratio by human managers in FM 2018. This seems quite high for a game that should have a steep learning curve.
  3. I don't think so. The Rio state championship league table is available, and there are only 6 teams in it. However, it says that I am 9th in the bar at the top under my team name. I also have all my third division fixtures which start in like 100 days, and the Brazilian cup first round has been drawn.
  4. I don't want to start a thread it's unnecessary. Can someone with knowledge of Brazilian football tell me why Volta Redonda are not in the Rio De Janeiro State Championship. Well it says I am 9th but there are only 6 teams competing, and I have no fixtures in that competition.
  5. Promised a player a new deal and he rejected me 3 times within the timeframe. When he came to me unhappy that my promise had not been kept, I had no option to explain the situation, only something like 'I'm sorry I forgot' or 'you are not getting a new deal'. There needs to be an option saying 'I've offered you a deal 3 times and you rejected it pal, are you concussed?'
  6. Fair points my friend, but just to be clear - I made that suggestion sarcastically as an example of why unresolved political matters should not be included. It's unnecessary.
  7. Thankfully SI have included all options which reflect this uncertainty.
  8. Catalonian independence is uncertain, why don't SI introduce outcomes which range from continuation of the footballing status quo, to Catalonia becoming independant and Barcelona joining the English Premier League.
  9. I hope SI introduce a new 'random government policy' generator. Basically there will be random changes to UK domestic policy which will have implications on football, and it is dependant on which government is elected. For example, if a left wing government get in, the secretary of state for digital, culture, media and sport will enact policies such as; the removal of work permits (individuals should be free to travel and work where they like); a universal basic income which tops up players salary (making signing players easier); or even a new policy will allow fans to watch games of football free of charge (attendences will increase drastically). The amount of fanboys on here make me laugh. Features which impact the gameplay and derive from a political matter such as Brexit have no place in Football Manager, when the outcome remains inconclusive. Why are SI even speculating about the impact, it's unnecessary. When we know the outcome for sure, add it into the game.
  10. Thanks! As Reflections 86 said, this feature is unnecessary. It was a publicity stunt, and it no longer serves any purpose.
  11. This is exactly why it should have been removed, I agree wholeheartedly. I never knew I could turn it off, so i'll do that for FM18.
  12. Thanks. It hasn't happened pal, it's in the process of happening. So take your snarky comments elsewhere.
  13. Have they removed Brexit from the game? The feature served its purpose last year generating publicity, it should be removed now.
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