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  1. I got sacked from a club but my job history isn't showing the league position we were in when I left
  2. Hey all, am I ok to post my manager failings and tales of woe here? Started the game on the day of release, Sunday League rep, no badges and playing the LLM way (haven't played any other way for years) Got two job interviews and subsequent job offers from the off with both Llandidloes and Trefelin BGC. I decided to take the former as they had a (very) slightly bigger wage budget, were offering me about 30 quid a week more and is closer to my house (yes these things I do consider at this level) Expectations were low, attempt to battle relegation, with which it looked very possible being 7 points clear of the drop zone with 6 games to go. A 5 game winless streak though saw us in the bottom 3 on goal difference going in to the last day. We lost that game, we were relegated and I was of course sacked. After my dismissal I went on holiday for a month having interviews with Oxford City and Kings Lynn but the only club willing to take me on were Hollywell Town, who had just finished midtable in the same league I've just been relegated from. Send them prayers.........
  3. One thing that I’ve decided during this wait is that I’m definitely not buying this game until the winter update has been released in the future.
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