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  1. eh yeh. kuyt is terrible.
  2. No I meant the players are disgusting cheats. Kuyt is terrible.
  3. HUP HOLLAND HUP. Really do not like spain, some awful awful players. One bad thing is that if the netherlands win then that means Kuyt is a member of a world cup winning team which is an absolute disgrace. Come join us on our side if you're struggling with the server.
  4. We've stuck something in our banner as a mark of respect.
  5. Awful. Really awful. Good mod good man and had the idea for otf2. Sadly missed.
  6. www.nufc.com haha "fairs cup 40th anniversary"
  7. Did this happen?
  8. Maybe it's been a bad signing because he isn't a bloody midfielder.
  9. Compare that worth what your other awful managers have done eh? :*************) You would have stayed up easily this season.
  10. fat sam is smugging it right up on the OTF2 forums header. Here's a toast to the best newcastle manager in the last few years
  11. nooen cares phil
  12. A trophy is a trophy you faecal features.
  13. Are you perhaps an even poorer user than pires?
  14. shock horror as football fans are united in hating a detestable club with detestable fans
  15. Yeh we'll just settle for the league, the carling cup, the world club championship, the semi final of the fa cup and the final of the CL. It'll be GREAT material for you.