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  1. lhinchliffe

    Monday Fun?

    Same thing with me I guess!
  2. Really interested in joining - but not till after the war - if you pm me - might be able to fit around your intentions? Cheers
  3. lhinchliffe

    Monday Fun?

    Go on then
  4. lhinchliffe

    How often do you wash your jeans?

    :-p rookie mistake :-p we can all learn something :-p
  5. lhinchliffe

    How often do you wash your jeans?

    About 5 months ago got a pair of expensive jeans and still in the process of wearing them in and the no wash for 6 months! One worn in - might get a wash every two/four months - but inside out and line dried 80% and then worn till fully dry to get the shape back
  6. First big win of the tennis season - £10-returned £171 and then boosted with BET365's offer.
  7. lhinchliffe

    The Playstation 4 Thread

    Cheers - is it worth the deluxe edition? and the season pass?
  8. lhinchliffe

    The Playstation 4 Thread

    Go on then games people (haven't really played video games for 10years+ but decided on a PS4 pro for the winter nights) Now use to love Gran Turismo (but looking at current game not for me) is there any game like TOCA (currently have the F1 game but want something a little different) Suggestions please?
  9. lhinchliffe

    Festive Drinks

    Gløgg Has to be my stand alone favourite Christmas drink!
  10. lhinchliffe

    Anyone work in HR?

    Ha! I thought so! Indeed - on Wednesday we had to finish teaching at midday and then we had to occupy our time in meetings/marking/planning/parents evening! :-p
  11. lhinchliffe

    Anyone work in HR?

    Well, that depends on how you take it as a joke?
  12. lhinchliffe

    Anyone work in HR?

    Cheers for the link. I understand your point and will consider it as for the pay cut - I already took one from teaching so it wouldn't hurt me really
  13. lhinchliffe

    Anyone work in HR?

    Cheers - haven't ever used LinkedIn - but have registered and will do all that :-) I know its probably better to go with a bigger company (but my job is a little too easy to give up without moving into the correct sector, I think) Do you know of any HR Qualifications? Cheers
  14. lhinchliffe

    Anyone work in HR?

    Hello, Had no where else to really put this so thought there might be someone out there! So after 8 years of being a 6th form lecturer in Psychology and being head of department for 2 years, I left to address the work life balance that affects all teachers. Currently an office manager for a small business (turnover £300k per annum) 4 employees. Took a largish pay cut as I work standard hours and the job is easy. Brought in new IT system for efficiency, cut debt from £45k to £30k, improved the admin side - contracts/dislplincary procedures etc. Anyway, no where to go promotion wise and only a small increase in pay realistic. Want to get back into something that has progression and salary increases. And was thinking I really like Eduction and I'm pretty good at HR stuff (current job and was union rep at 6th form college). So does anyone know about how to get into HR? Or HR in the education setting? Any advice is grand! Many thanks
  15. lhinchliffe

    FIFA18 - Ladder competition

    A spanking 4-2!