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  1. They tried changing their name this summer to Brighton City - rather an awkward ground to get to!
  2. In Fm11, I had 25 countries loaded and many more leagues (some from the lowest available ie BSN/BSS) . It seems to be running fine, i'm into 2017/2018 season. I have a Mac, 2.26GHz, 4 GB memory - by no means a top end laptop. The setting up took a while but seasons don't take too long (for me anyway) to get through.
  3. Even better PRO TIP - When playing matches, at least score one more than the opposition. This will allow you to win more games.
  4. I've seen your problem.......it's your tactics! AND Andy Carroll.
  5. No, debt involves the magic thing called interest does it not? So you may have paid £2 million - but not all of this would be off the debt, I would guess 2/5ths would be interest at least?
  6. I would say Villa, as said above less money so it wouldn't be too easy, however why not try bolton? or another run of the mill team
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