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  1. We brought it into football. We’re a manly bunch.
  2. That’s a Celtic song by the way. Weird a nation who supposedly hate us steal our songs x
  3. All trolling aside, England did brilliant to reach the stage they did. They have a few really good players in forward areas but lack the quality in midfield and defence to win a major tournament in my opinion. I think this was as good of chance as you’ll have as it was a reasonably easy run to that stage and you lost to both teams that you’d hope to be at least on par with to win a major tournament.
  4. Wouldn’t be hard. You were in a group with pish like us.
  5. I know I’m utterly biased but itv are even worse than me. As are some on here. Mon Colombia.
  6. I do think it was a red. But if a Colombian acted like that the English would be up in arms.
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