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  1. @forameussWith all due respect, A guru of FM like Rashidi who has been advocating the understanding of the game and it's intricacies has just made a strong statement about ignoring a KEY part of the experience of being a manager, This should alarm you more than insulting my intelligence and resorting to unfunny sarcasm. What a joke
  2. No they just deem any feature as not important or ignorable in order to defend the game. Might as well not use the match engine as it has too many long shots eh?
  3. The casuals should use touch and mobile to win everything in sight, The hardcore bunch would naturally play in classic mode. The problem with classic mode is that it’s becoming so shallow with the AI weaknesses and the simplistic ME, Which shoul’ve been prioratized over other off the pitch features IMHO.
  4. You can watch the full match and understand the difference. Oh wait...You can't coz the match engine is just repetitive sequences of weird behavior that has nothing to do with all these roles or duties. Watch a game in the premie league then a game in the conference and they'll all play the same way as well...Ridiculous!!
  5. One of my biggest gripes with the game, The world cup is going on and you don't get nothing in your inbox and it takes 25 clicks to subscribe or set it as a screen flow....TEDIOUS
  6. Agree with everything mentioned. Same goals over and over again Tedious UI Buzz words for different positions when the match engine still can't replicate most of basics football tactics, And I'm talking 2D mode!
  7. Good first season and Icardi’s money should help you build a better all round squad, The AI won’t be able to properly replace the Juve ageing stars like Buffon,Chiellini and Dybala will probably depart as well. Good luck!
  8. Commentary isn’t as detailed as before and has been neglected sadly, Same lines for different actions Also it would be nice to be able to get the commentary to display as a large bar in the middle of the match screen like the good old days
  9. Agreed with the above posts The game has regressed badly and the match engine has no resemblence to real football with the same highlights over and over again, AI is dumb and repetitive, UI is unnecessarily clunky and ugly. Very difficult to follow the in game news and subscribe through mailbox. The team talk,press and twitter features are the same for years now.
  10. I can post a video of a goalkeeper bringing a player down and getting sent off, Which doesn't happen in the game but does happen in real life. Sort it out SI!!
  11. There is an option of “prevent clubs with managers to be managed” when setting up the game, Uncheck this
  12. I’m saving this post for when SI announce stadium building, Sponsors and kit designing as a marquee feature in 2021
  13. Fifa Manager had some great ideas, Most of them SI are adding to the game now as a new feature which is poor IMHO. team dynamics, more varied team talks,3d stadium editor,kit editor, scouting packages, analysis tools,Have your own son,Specialised staff and some other impressive visualisation styles. all these were present 6 and 7 years ago, FM still has a way to go to be honest specially that the match engine is just not representative of a the game of football and is lacking in variation and excitement. By the way Fifa manager failed because the match engine was as poor as FM’s by the end.
  14. Unfortunately this has been my experience so far.. i am 2-0 down on the 60th minute managing a top team, I try to find a clue of why Im losing and get the following: Player ratings are all above 6.8 and fitness is ok stats are in my favor body language and performance are all nothing to note and normal assistant feedback is the same two sentences, X is isolated and the space between mid and atk is bla bla I try watching the full match and it's a couple of repetitive sequences and crosses that weren’t meant to be as shots, Can’t see from the 3d who is playing well, who is controlling the game or which player is dominating the other. The core of the game is rotting away while we keep adding unnecessary features and extra UI screens.
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