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  1. One the ME.... The game 10-15 years ago didn’t have the amount of input that goes into a match on a matchday, So some key attributes were always the deciding factor in the final results and player performances. The match probably took into account players stats/fitness/form and made it’s calculation. player traits,player Team and league reputations, morale and body language elements, match sharpness,player roles and duties, new revamped tactics module, shouts, Data analysis and soooo many elements came into play. Now the frustrating thing is the new additions since those days haven’t helped improve our confidence in what happens during the match, And we still can’t understand why stuff keeps happening and breaking the engine year after year. i can easily make a couple of experiments and add player traits that should make the matches behave in a certain way, Or change a manager’s tendency to do certain things. And I assure you every game will play through the same on rails controlled environment that is frankly boring and is devaluing the game in general. Even players who are aggressive/dirty or rebellious have been toned down, Now if you set the OP instructions to hard tackling the whole team gets booked and other global effects. Playing with text only and imagining things is more rewarding unfortunately, I can’t get into a game that shows identical highlights for 65 games a season, and depending on the version we get a crosses fest,set pieces party or long shots rocketing in. One last point,for a game called football manager shouldn’t the first thing ot can do is mirror manager’s styles? Why do all managers feel the same, play the same tactic and make the same subs? What’s the point of giving them tendencies and traits? For the transfer system and squad building? It’s a weak part of the game as well so a lot needs to be invested on that part of the game. The frustration is justified as we speak, And i’m afraid the same people who are telling us to wait for a fix, will tell us to wait for next year when the patches fail to deliver what the community want (just like every year). thx
  2. Just as a general comment, I think SI have been doing a great job in interacting with the community and moving the game forward in a direction that is mainly satisfactory to the majority of people. The UI this year is very good and so many great features have been added to the game that are frankly amazing in depth and in incorporating user feedback through the years. Now the issue with the ME is that we have different expectations, We need to come to common grounds on the fundamentals of a football simulation representation, Stuff like hitting the woodwork 6 times every game, identical goals scored or world class players missing 15 chances a game are stuff that need to be addressed and not argued about and compared to real life. This is a game and frankly I believe it’s impossible for it to reflect real life because football has a certain randomness to it, But there are boundaries for freakish or abnormal behaviour of course. To me I think the game should reflect at least top teams,managers and top players’ style just to give us confidence that it’s on the right track. When I watch Barca or Liverpool on ME I want to see them do what their attributes and tactics suggest they are all about! We need to all calm down, And trust that we are getting very close to a very good ME complimenting a great fm game, Our feedback is important as well and it does make a difference. I do notice some individuals who try to deny anything wrong about the game, You get these types of people in every walk of life and as long as they don’t ridicule or distort anyone trying to fix things, No problem at all.
  3. Played a season with Milan on classic , And unfortunately the ME is just not good enough. It seems like the burden on the ME to deliver is getting too much, as most of the bloated tactical and morale features are too complicated for it's own good. Here are some major gripes: -Every game I watch on key or extended highlights has an average of 2 goals and 10 shots in the first 30 mins, AI v AI or international fixtures as well,Cricket scores galore. - There is a weird obsession with shooting into the side netting, Very repetitive and frankly immersion breaker - Top 4 teams in the leagutable have had 15+ penalties in the league, My team had 17 and Napoli had 19! ( Also all VAR reviews ended up as a penalty in my case) - Very repetitive sequences of attacks, Teams from all levels pass the ball the same way and it's very difficult to distinguish between teams and players while watching the ME. Won't even repeat the well documented issues which I hope are being looked at by SI, You can't just keep adding tactical options and roles while your representation is out of Commodore 64 era Not good enough
  4. @forameussWith all due respect, A guru of FM like Rashidi who has been advocating the understanding of the game and it's intricacies has just made a strong statement about ignoring a KEY part of the experience of being a manager, This should alarm you more than insulting my intelligence and resorting to unfunny sarcasm. What a joke
  5. No they just deem any feature as not important or ignorable in order to defend the game. Might as well not use the match engine as it has too many long shots eh?
  6. The casuals should use touch and mobile to win everything in sight, The hardcore bunch would naturally play in classic mode. The problem with classic mode is that it’s becoming so shallow with the AI weaknesses and the simplistic ME, Which shoul’ve been prioratized over other off the pitch features IMHO.
  7. You can watch the full match and understand the difference. Oh wait...You can't coz the match engine is just repetitive sequences of weird behavior that has nothing to do with all these roles or duties. Watch a game in the premie league then a game in the conference and they'll all play the same way as well...Ridiculous!!
  8. One of my biggest gripes with the game, The world cup is going on and you don't get nothing in your inbox and it takes 25 clicks to subscribe or set it as a screen flow....TEDIOUS
  9. Agree with everything mentioned. Same goals over and over again Tedious UI Buzz words for different positions when the match engine still can't replicate most of basics football tactics, And I'm talking 2D mode!
  10. Good first season and Icardi’s money should help you build a better all round squad, The AI won’t be able to properly replace the Juve ageing stars like Buffon,Chiellini and Dybala will probably depart as well. Good luck!
  11. Commentary isn’t as detailed as before and has been neglected sadly, Same lines for different actions Also it would be nice to be able to get the commentary to display as a large bar in the middle of the match screen like the good old days
  12. Agreed with the above posts The game has regressed badly and the match engine has no resemblence to real football with the same highlights over and over again, AI is dumb and repetitive, UI is unnecessarily clunky and ugly. Very difficult to follow the in game news and subscribe through mailbox. The team talk,press and twitter features are the same for years now.
  13. I can post a video of a goalkeeper bringing a player down and getting sent off, Which doesn't happen in the game but does happen in real life. Sort it out SI!!
  14. There is an option of “prevent clubs with managers to be managed” when setting up the game, Uncheck this
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