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  1. The widgets and interface during the 3d match are very clunky and unresponsive. Sometimes buttons like the pause don't work as well and players disappear from tactics widgets. Also when you hover over players it shows different ones on the tooltip, On penalties there's no scoreboard. The whole match interface needs a lot of cleaning up, When going to a player screen and coming back the 3D players duplicate as welll....The game is pretty stable so far and smooth everywhere else. Thanks
  2. I hope there are real improvements in whatever is mentioned in the video, This part of the game needs to match the complexity of other areas and realism. AI squad building, Board behaviour,Transfer policy and realistic negotiations are an important part of the game that could improve immersion and longevity.
  3. Football Manager TV: Matchday

    Looks really good Loving the new camera views flexibility and the single player cam put the ginger legend in the game as a journalist or something , kudos! keep up the good work
  4. Great progress on this part of the game Now I need to find friends LOL
  5. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    Thanks for you reply During the match your team will be following the ball, man marking instructions forward runs and so on. But in a training mode you can just demonstrate the movement and covering and maybe your attacking direction runs. Anyways it was just a little idea to fulfill our fantasy of designing a gameplan/tactic and seeing it pay off on the pitch! I'm also worried about adding more mental minigames when the original features are largely untouched for years and still pretty underwhelming and vague so far IMHO.
  6. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    SI could hit the jackpot by integrating tactics and training in a way that would address all these concerns. You go into the tactical training set up for example and run a session using your designed tactic and see for yourself how your team is positioned, how they move, press and cover. A bit like a live wibble wobble but through an actual visual training session, You could then add your own touches with instructions to the players and assistant feedback. This way the manager has done his work on the training pitch and will have more control and understanding of all these generic roles that actually look identical once you look at the match engine.
  7. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    Good additions to the tactics part of the game, Since the awful boxes are gone, Next time please listen to the community instead of being stubborn. Also the guys who usually blindly defend SI must be gutted to see the boxes gone after praising their inclusion last year eh?....Hopefully manager pictures will be back as well! If the team talks,Press conferences and the general human interaction module is untouched this year then all these new additions will mean nothing. Just like if the ME can't illustrate different types of roles makes adding new roles with fancy names just fluff, In the end whatever you do you'll concede the same repetitive goals over and over again. Don't mean to be negative it's early days, Just a heads up. As for the actual video, I like a lot of the stuff presented and the tactics interface are definetely better this year, The player links and the more set pieces options are a step in the right direction and a very welcome addition. We need a visual representation of how the team and players will move during transitions though, And how different roles behave with regard to covering space, pressing style and area of attack support, Things are still vague IMHO.
  8. Had a look at the video Couple of the new features shown are ripped from the extinct fifa manager series, like team dynamics, scouting packages aren't revolutionary in management games but are a good addition, Might as well look at their team talk module which was interesting as well. Medical center, New tactics screen look promising as well. My wish from a personal point of view would be the news module which has stopped us from getting updates in our inbox , And the social media feature which has made it difficult to get immersed in the game world. Also I would be glad if the game gets a visual overhaul like stadiums, match of the day goals reports and maybe watch some training activities. Too early to make a judgment so good luck to SI and can't wait for Release date!
  9. German licensing

    Great news Keep up the good work !
  10. It can be done in a way that allows you to save your career money and buy a small club and become an unsackable chairman with full control. Or a consortioum nominating you after readhing legendary mode. You can hire and fire managers as well as have a say in transfers and financial decisions and media as well. This could save the game from being a chore after winning everything
  11. Is FM2017 the best ever?

    The AI has improved in dealing with the game situation and you get to see changes in formation and roles. The problem is that its a lifeless and rigid representation of football, Perhaps to keep the bugs under control, But I feel that there are limited sequences happening regardless of the quality of the players or the division standard. No variation and no WOW factor that we had in the older games where a striker would do something sensational. Still see the "he didn't mean it" cross shot highlight. Cricket scores and Cross-fests are gone this year thankgod. Have a Look at the ME highlights from you tubers and judge for yourself, I think it's just a patching up of FM 2015
  12. Is FM2017 the best ever?

    It's the most balanced and bug free to date, But isn't fun to play due to the weak ME and the poor AI of opposing clubs.
  13. Media overhaul required...

    Or why I'm not playing a foreign player in a competition that is for domestic players only :s
  14. Great thread as this is an issue that has made a lot of FMers fall out of love for the game. The dire state of the ME and the lack of solid feedback or documentation from SI is driving people nuts, They're making assumptions because it's better than having no answer to how things work. On the other hand people defending the game are also making false assumptions because they too have no proof that things work this way or another. So many things are being claimed as THE answer then when proven wrong we are asked to report them as bugs, Which is not good enough if we don't get a transparent answer to things. For example it was claimed that competition draws are decided before the actual date of the draw, Yet When I reload the day of the draw I do get different outcomes each time! Also there's a tendency to see early goals when watching a full match compared to other highlight modes. Unfortnately the tactical roles and duties has made it harder for the user to communicate with the ME, thus making it very confusing and unrealistic in some cases. Probably introducing the prozone analysis tool has forced SI to give us a more rigid and structured approach to tactics. Good luck understanding Rigid and structured lol