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  1. Good first season and Icardi’s money should help you build a better all round squad, The AI won’t be able to properly replace the Juve ageing stars like Buffon,Chiellini and Dybala will probably depart as well. Good luck!
  2. Commentary isn’t as detailed as before and has been neglected sadly, Same lines for different actions Also it would be nice to be able to get the commentary to display as a large bar in the middle of the match screen like the good old days
  3. FM 18 - Worth it?

    Agreed with the above posts The game has regressed badly and the match engine has no resemblence to real football with the same highlights over and over again, AI is dumb and repetitive, UI is unnecessarily clunky and ugly. Very difficult to follow the in game news and subscribe through mailbox. The team talk,press and twitter features are the same for years now.
  4. Christian Eriksen has a pop...

    I can post a video of a goalkeeper bringing a player down and getting sent off, Which doesn't happen in the game but does happen in real life. Sort it out SI!!
  5. How to manage a club!?

    There is an option of “prevent clubs with managers to be managed” when setting up the game, Uncheck this
  6. I’m saving this post for when SI announce stadium building, Sponsors and kit designing as a marquee feature in 2021
  7. Fifa Manager had some great ideas, Most of them SI are adding to the game now as a new feature which is poor IMHO. team dynamics, more varied team talks,3d stadium editor,kit editor, scouting packages, analysis tools,Have your own son,Specialised staff and some other impressive visualisation styles. all these were present 6 and 7 years ago, FM still has a way to go to be honest specially that the match engine is just not representative of a the game of football and is lacking in variation and excitement. By the way Fifa manager failed because the match engine was as poor as FM’s by the end.
  8. Unfortunately this has been my experience so far.. i am 2-0 down on the 60th minute managing a top team, I try to find a clue of why Im losing and get the following: Player ratings are all above 6.8 and fitness is ok stats are in my favor body language and performance are all nothing to note and normal assistant feedback is the same two sentences, X is isolated and the space between mid and atk is bla bla I try watching the full match and it's a couple of repetitive sequences and crosses that weren’t meant to be as shots, Can’t see from the 3d who is playing well, who is controlling the game or which player is dominating the other. The core of the game is rotting away while we keep adding unnecessary features and extra UI screens.
  9. The widgets and interface during the 3d match are very clunky and unresponsive. Sometimes buttons like the pause don't work as well and players disappear from tactics widgets. Also when you hover over players it shows different ones on the tooltip, On penalties there's no scoreboard. The whole match interface needs a lot of cleaning up, When going to a player screen and coming back the 3D players duplicate as welll....The game is pretty stable so far and smooth everywhere else. Thanks
  10. I hope there are real improvements in whatever is mentioned in the video, This part of the game needs to match the complexity of other areas and realism. AI squad building, Board behaviour,Transfer policy and realistic negotiations are an important part of the game that could improve immersion and longevity.
  11. Football Manager TV: Matchday

    Looks really good Loving the new camera views flexibility and the single player cam put the ginger legend in the game as a journalist or something , kudos! keep up the good work
  12. Great progress on this part of the game Now I need to find friends LOL
  13. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    Thanks for you reply During the match your team will be following the ball, man marking instructions forward runs and so on. But in a training mode you can just demonstrate the movement and covering and maybe your attacking direction runs. Anyways it was just a little idea to fulfill our fantasy of designing a gameplan/tactic and seeing it pay off on the pitch! I'm also worried about adding more mental minigames when the original features are largely untouched for years and still pretty underwhelming and vague so far IMHO.
  14. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    SI could hit the jackpot by integrating tactics and training in a way that would address all these concerns. You go into the tactical training set up for example and run a session using your designed tactic and see for yourself how your team is positioned, how they move, press and cover. A bit like a live wibble wobble but through an actual visual training session, You could then add your own touches with instructions to the players and assistant feedback. This way the manager has done his work on the training pitch and will have more control and understanding of all these generic roles that actually look identical once you look at the match engine.