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  1. Probably about ten, dread to think what it was like back in the CM 01/02 days!
  2. I could be being daft, but I don't see that much of a difference in the style between this and FM18.
  3. I'll probably end up buying it, same as I do every year, however this time I might only buy the Touch version so I'm hoping it comes with the ability to add other leagues (via an editor) but I'm dubious to be honest.
  4. Probably been mentioned a fair few times already, but I would like to have the Editor just simply to make non-playable Nations playable. I play FM Touch because I can't be bothered with the depth of FM anymore and FM Touch is a simple alternative for me.
  5. Can't exactly remember but I'd guess it would be Charity Shield with Man Utd on CM 00-01, that was my first CM/FM game.
  6. Chesters86

    Map of Clubs

    Same, FM and CM taught me random cities in various countries but I have no clue of their location in their respective countries!!
  7. Chesters86

    Map of Clubs

    I like this idea, it's always nice to learn about where football clubs are located especially when managing in countries you're not too familiar with.
  8. On my save, Fort William (just promoted to Ladbrokes League Two) sacked their manager after 42 days, lost four Betfred Cup games and one League game!! Thought that was harsh!!
  9. On FM16 I took Slavia Praha to back-to-back Europa League wins and became the dominant team in the Czech Rep, spent about ten seasons on that save. Was hard to stop my top players getting poached by the top top European sides. On this FM I've just spent seven seasons with Cowdenbeath and took the to the Championship and finances meant I struggled to take the team to the Premier League, it was hard to get any decent fees for my Key Players when they were getting snapped up by the top teams and it's hard to keep replacing them. Sadly resigned and moved to Russia.
  10. I've noticed a few decent one appearing from the Czech Rep, can usually grab them at a decent price, also Portugal is always good.
  11. If you wanted to use a variety of tactics you can save your tactic and create a new one and then easily switch between them when you feel it's needed. It's not a problem in FM because familiarity with a tactics isn't on FMT.
  12. I've seen Wales win the 2022 World Cup, beating Burkina Faso in the Second Round, England in the Quarter Finals, Portugal in the Semi Final then Germany in the Final!
  13. It seems to still not be working, substitutions only work when using one of the match plans from the drop down menu. Hopefully it's fixed soon.
  14. There is an unlockable for this, if you can go undefeated in a season you will unlock it and it removes all the non-eu/player restrictions.
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