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  1. Thanks for clearing that up, however it seems like it isn't going to be the same FM Touch/Classic that I have been used to since it was launched as an alternative to the full game. I think a lot of FM Touch players feel hard done by considering the previous posts from SI employees saying that this version wasn't going anywhere and then this news was dropped. It seems like people already knew, they just didn't want to say it. I don't think I'll be buying the Xbox Version for PC, and I'm sure I won't be the only one. Which is a massive shame as there is no alternative to FM Touch.
  2. I am extremely disapppointed with this news, FM Touch on PC was the only form I played and I have zero interest in subscribing to GamePass and paying a monthly fee just for one game. The news is really annoying as about a month ago one of the SI Staff stated that FM Touch was going nowhere and now for me it's dead. I have been a loyal customer since 00/01
  3. My main fear from FMT is that it will end up with a little too much data/micro management and I'll eventually fall out of love with the FM series. I like to be able to quick fire my way to success (or at times failure)
  4. Klopp tends to end up at Real Madrid for me and I've seen Carlo Ancelotti at Barcelona a couple of times too.
  5. Nothing in there really got me excited for this version of FM, maybe it's because I solely play FM Touch.
  6. The longest recent one I can remember was about 25 years, I made the mistake of moving clubs and the game just didn't feel the same and I lost interest in it.
  7. Your club can grow, I experienced this playing in the Czech Second Division with Brno. Our ticket prices became the second most expensive in the Czech Rep. once we became the top side in the League. As mentioned above it could be down to the area the club is from, I may have had success due to the fact Brno is the second biggest city in the Czech Rep.
  8. Like othes have mentioned I do hope FM Touch stays, I only play this version of FM as the Full Version just has too much detail for me nowadays and playing that side really takes the fun out of FM for me.
  9. Isn't the reason FM has never been released for the start of the season due to Transfer Windows still being open? If I recall correctly not many (if any) football games are released in August, even FIFA gets an end of September release.
  10. One of my personal favourites was Kennedy Bakircioglü. I think it waa on CM 01/02 when all the Swedes were amazing,
  11. I would say I have mixed feelings, taking a team to the top and winning everything there is is no doubt very satisfying, however a little sense of sadness that the save has come to an end. Had a great save with Brno became the most dominant force in the Czech Rep. and winning a couple of CL titles was greating, but not losing a domestic game in three years became rather dull.
  12. Yeah, I generally like to play with the original squads at the beginning of the season.
  13. Out of those I'd choice "None of the above" simply because moral and player reputation does have an impact on games and player selection, however, I do wonder it would be possible to reduce the impact of those. Maybe a hidden attribute could be added that is something along the lines of "Likes to play high rep. players" (not sure if something already exists) It could even be an attribute from the Owner/Chairmen who likes to see the World Stars players and if you don't play them it can affect the Board Confidence/Performance Criteria, again not sure if something already exists have played FM21 that much.
  14. I guess the only way you could prevent it is by using the Pre-game or In-game editor and changing the stats of your Chairman ie. Adjust his Loyalty to 20, Controversy to 1 and make him a Supporter of the club (There might be some other changes you need to make) It's not a guarantee but means the Chairman would be less likely to sell the club in the near future.
  15. I hope so because I'm playing FM Touch at the moment and not being able to move players from the B Team has caused me to stop my save until the bug is fixed. I know they usually release the next one after the Jan Window but I feel there are more than enough bugs floating around that are effecting the game well enough to require a patch/hotfix before the usually Feb/March update
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