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  1. I had a request to build a new stadium accepted, it took two years to plan if I remember correctly and the building phase is due to be completed at the end of this season which began three years ago. So all in all I think around five, without any delays that is.
  2. I always take the "golden generation" comment with a pinch of salt. I've had the odd promising guy come through the intake, but never a group that seemed highly talented.
  3. My Chairman agreed to my request of building a new stadium and decided to name it after himself!
  4. I think on FM 17 or something like that I created the American Samoan league structure and has a few seasons managing there in their top flight.
  5. I've had a few job offers in my save with Real Zaragoza, I think it has been Bilbao, Real Madrid and Porto who have offered me jobs and weirdly I was never linked with the jobs just outright offered the job.
  6. I'm in my fifth season with Real Zaragoza and I had a message we had poached a player from a team in Nigeria (I think) I don't have the world's best Youth Facilities etc...but it still happened. It's not going to happen every season but it does happen. I always haven't had any of my youth players poached...yet!!
  7. Signed an ageing Juan Mata for Real Zaragoza, managed to chip in with a fair few goals and assists in his only season with us where we not only managed to survive relegation but secure a comfortable top half finish just missing out on Europe. I managed to get him for around €30k per week, but when it came to renew he wanted double and wouldn't budge!
  8. At the moment nobody has any idea what is going to happen, when things become clearer SI can begin to implement those outcomes into the game. Sadly I think if clubs do go bankrupt they will be removed from the game just like Bury in this season's edition of FM. But lets not try to think about that, lets try to be positive and enjoy this years FM. It allows us a chance to escape reality and enter the world for Football Manager.
  9. Yeah, but like most not sure what factors come into play. I'm in La Liga with Zaragoza and in my second season the B Team was promoted to the Second DIvision B
  10. I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but I've recently bought FM2020 (PC Touch Version) I'm always losing my talented youngsters (according to my HoYD) to bigger clubs, I'm aware this is kinda realistic, but there must be a way of me keeping hold of some of them? What happens is, I get the Youth Intake and I offer a Youth Contract to the ones that looks like they could develop well or simply add some depth to my B Team. However, as soon as the agree to the Youth Contract a bigger club (eg. A. Bilbao) come in an offer him a contract, they always agree. Is there a way of me attempting to keep hold of them?
  11. I used to enjoy the Czech League until (I think FM18) the format was changed to incorpate a Championship Playoff, I normally start in the Spanish 2nd Division or 2B
  12. Most likely will delay the release of the next FM, but I'm happy with that rather than a member of the SI Staff becoming infected due to having to commute to work to work on this release. In terms of how the next series will begin, who knows because no one has a clue what is going to happen at the moment.
  13. I'm living in Spain and purchased FM2020 just help me get through this two week lockdown, probably would've lost my mind otherwise!! In game if a play ever has an illness I always send them home.
  14. Probably about ten, dread to think what it was like back in the CM 01/02 days!
  15. I could be being daft, but I don't see that much of a difference in the style between this and FM18.
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