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  1. Id like to take Denmark / Iceland / Austria's 12 team system with a split and put it in the Norwegian league system. Is there any easy way of doing this? Like a copy paste thing?
  2. I've been looking to Denmark and Iceland, and I've noticed both using the 12 team system with a split. 22 games, then a split making it a total of 32 games. I really like this system, and I wanted to bring it to Norway, figuring it could make the top flight even more competitive as well with fewer teams in it. But I also wanna copy Denmark by adding it to the 2nd tier. When I opened the Editor and started looking at it, I was like "this is too much". I have no idea where to even begin. Currently running a Norway DB with 14 top flight teams, and enjoying that, but it's not quite what I wanted. Since Eliteserien would go from 16 to 12 teams, and OBOSligaen 16 teams to 12 teams, it means in total 12 teams will be relegated (6 from Eliteserien and 6 from OBOS). Because I kept promotion from 2nd and 3rd tier (16-6=10, + 2=12). Basing it off the 2022 season as Norway start in 2023, this is how the two top divisions would look like. 10 teams are missing and would need to be put into 3rd tier, but I think this would also be a good time to get rid of the 2nd teams, something we're already discussing in Norway as they create somewhat an unfair balance from 3rd tier and below. Anyways, the teams that would need to be put into the 3rd tier are: Sogndal, Ranheim, Mjøndalen, Fredrikstad, Bryne, Raufoss, Åsane, Skeid, Grorud and Stjørdals Blink. Reminder that this is based of the 2022 table, not 2023. If anyone think this would be a doable project Id happily help where I can, but when it comes to the advanced nation rules I'm just clueless, but I can give some inside knownledge to Norwegian football how the 3rd tier should look like etc.
  3. Didnt think it was a virus, but it wouldnt let us download at all. But the github link worked.
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