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  1. For Belgium, Eric Gerets, Jean-Marie Pfaff For Bolivia, Marco Antonio Etcheverry, Erwin Romero, Víctor Agustín Ugarte, Erwin Sánchez, Ramiro Castillo, Milton Melgar, Ovidio Messa, Juan Manuel Peña, Marcelo Martins, Pablo Escobar For Bulgaria, Krasimir Balakov, Emil Kostadinov, Trifon Ivanov, Iordan Letchkov, Hristo Bonev, Lubo Penev, Stilian Petrov, Petar Zhekov, Borislav Mikhailov Scout: Dimitar Penev For Colombia, Faustino Asprilla For Hungary, László Kubala, Sándor Kocsis, Zoltán Czibor, Gyula Grosics, Jeno Buzánszky, Mihály Lantos, József Bozsik, Józsez Zakariás, Lázló Budai, Nándor Hidegkuti, Ferenc Szusza For Finland, Jari Litmanen For Sweden, Zlatan Ibrahimovic For Swiss, Stéphane Chapuisat, Robert Ballaman, Roger Vonlanthen, Josef Hügi, Xherdan Shakiri, Johann Vogel, Alain Geiger, Heinz Hermann, Stephan Lichtsteiner, Alexander Frei, Kubilay Türkyilmaz, Max Abegglen, Gökhan Inler, Hakan Yakin For Turkey, Ali Rıza Sergen Yalçın, Can Bartu, Tugay Kerimoğlu, Metin Oktay, Tanju Çolak, Lefter Küçükandonyadis For Uruguay, Enzo Francescoli @MichaelNevo I created an excel database with the current legend counter, 373. I put all the nations that have players and the total number of players for each one. With a comment on each counter (with players from each nation there is) Legends Football Data Base.ods
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matthias_Sammer Ballon d'Or in 1996. Extraordinary defender. Germany legend Matthias Sammer playing in Dynamo Dresden.
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elías_Figueroa He was also awarded the South American Footballer of the Year three times in a row by Venezuelan newspaper El Mundo in 1974, 1975 and 1976. He was named Best Player in Uruguay in 1967 and 1968, and Best Player in Chile in 1977 and 1978 After retiring, he was named one of the world's 125 best living football players by Pelé in 2004, and was also voted 8th best South American Don Elías Figueroa Regarded by many as one of the greatest defenders in the history of the game The best soccer player of all time in Chilean soccer
  4. @MichaelNevo Fantastic Work Sir. Amazing!! I don't know if you will have them on the list of players to play, but Spain is missing some legendary players who were fundamental for their teams and for Spanish football. For example Luis Suarez, the only Spanish player to win the Ballon d'Or, or Santillana, even Amancio among others. I'll give you a link with some of them and their information in case it helps you. A player who I think should be in Deportivo is Francisco Javier González Pérez (known as Fran, captain and leader of Super Deportivo de la Coruña, from the years when it was one of the greats of Spanish football, with players from the the likes of Bebeto (Romario's close friend), or Mauro Silva, Donato or the Cameroonian Songo'o, or even Djalminha, a baseball genius, who came to Coruña when Barça bought Rivaldo from Deportivo de la Coruña) A hug and a cordial greeting. Anything, happy to help you gentleman https://as.com/futbol/2020/08/26/reportajes/1598424778_933766.html https://www.esquire.com/es/actualidad/g36636935/mejores-futbolistas-espanoles-historia/
  5. Thanks a lot. In any case, I will start a new game taking advantage of all the new features of the DB My most sincere thanks to the entire SI team for the hard work, passion and desire you put into it.
  6. Hello! For those of us who play with salaries annually, does this option work? I know that the game has predefined weekly salary values, the question is the following: If I change to 'annual salaries' in preferences, will the change be made correctly? Or do I have to get used to having weekly salaries using this .fmf file?
  7. Hello, thank you very much Waiting for news of a possible solution, I take this opportunity to send you my greetings and my congratulations for the work done.
  8. Absolutly brilliant! I realized that some faces of the megapack did not match the ID. For example Santillana and Roberto Baggio, in which I downloaded the photo of Roberto Baggio had Santillana's ID And I think there were more that crossed paths. Then, as a personal opinion, I think it would be good to separate from the megapack of faces, the faces of those players/employees who are active in the game (even though they are players, managers, coaches, etc.) Because these share IDs (and of course we all have some megapack of faces, whether sortitoutsi or DF11) that come with their faces according to the age they are in reality. In any case, for me it is not a problem, because I make my own faces and configure the configs, and I can do it myself. But I think there are people who would benefit from having it separated, as well as matching the faces of the Legends with the ID they have. Many thanks, mate Take care
  9. Hello, What you propose is very interesting. In Chile you forgot the greatest legend in the history of Chile and South America. One of the best central defenders of all time in the 70s, being awarded 3 consecutive times as the best player in South America at a time when there were real phenomena there. Chosen best South American defense of the 20th century We talk about Elías Figueroa https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elías_Figueroa For the other hand, You forgot for Spain legends like Luis Suarez Paco Gento Telmo Zarra Amancio Amaro Juanito Gómez Santillana Rafael Gordillo Pirri (José Martínez Sánchez) Quini https://as.com/futbol/2020/08/26/reportajes/1598424778_933766.html I attach this link so you can see the most important players in Spanish football from the different decades. EDIT: From Salvador, Mágico González - Cádiz Team https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mágico_González A cordial greeting
  10. Hello, It turns out that if I make changes to the weekly training plan that appears by default for any month to my liking (the weeks in which there is a match), the training plan disappears and the players do not train that week. On the other hand, if there is no game, it lets me make the changes without problems. We all know that semi-professional and amateur clubs can train two full days + the pre-match in one week (while a professional team trains every day). It had never happened to me before that I changed things in training and the game week magically disappeared the entire training week. I attach two example screenshots This has been happening to me since the beginning of the save. When we were in the first season, as an amateur team in the Landesliga (6th division) and now in the Oberliga (5th division, already as a semi-professional team). This is happening to me since the last FM update with 24.2.1 I attach some screenshots Waiting to hear from you, I take this opportunity to send you a cordial greeting. Thank you so much
  11. Hi @SoloTitano I am making the changes manually. Because I don't like to see teams with Text Maxtod names and thousand stadiums named "Comunale" 😅 But I don't understand this about the translations, because using the FM24 external editor and loading the original DB of the game (the most recent to date)... the names already come out wrong. If it were a translation problem, it would only be apparent when starting a new game in the European version of the game or in the language used in said game! I have tried using English and the same thing happened. The problem occurs in the original DB of the FM, which is not wrong in the translations. In any case, thank you very much for the response... as I mentioned at the beginning, I am making the changes manually, it is not that complicated. You look for the official information and correct the names. My best regards
  12. #Mods de SI, this year on FM24 repeat the same problem 48 Italy Teams called Test Maxtod again Furthemore, many Italy club stadiums repeat the same name (comunale) 2268 stadiums in Italy which are called comunale of 3168 team sor that have comunale in part of the name. Yes, it's a pleasure to see this correctly resolved in future updates of the game. Italy is an important country in terms of football. And one of the great leagues in the world. They should take more care of these details. I don't see these problems in the English league. I am not Italian nor do I have family, I am simply a Spaniard who likes to take care of the details. The game is impressive, and we are aware of the difficulty it has. My sincere thanks, kind regards 👏🏻❤️
  13. Hello everyone, I would really appreciate feedback on the MOD from those who have played it, possible bugs, or suggestions. With your opinion I can learn and improve. Thank you so much 🫶😉
  14. I included 3 Andorran clubs in the system. Andorra FC, FC Santa Coloma and Inter Club D'Escaldes (Lliga de Primera Divisió de Catalunya the 3 participate) The Primera Liga Andorrana, as the Segunda Liga is one of the leagues within the Catalan system, as a support to the 4ta División (but it is not an active league), I wanted to do it this way.
  15. @lee50_11 If you want I make the Kits. Blue---> home Green---> away Red----> third ID Team of Mavlon FC its: 2000240443
  16. You have a mega pack of logos, I imagine It is enough to put the normal logo, inside the megapack that you use in the folder that says ' normal ' inside you will see a config, you must add the new line so that the FM identifies the new graphic. To do this you go to the config, right click mousse, click edit and a bunch of lines will open (each one is a graphic) You can add this inside (don't delete anything): <record from='2000240443' to='graphics/pictures/club/2000240443/logo'/> Then make sure to save the config changes. Top left corner, file and save For the small logo, it is the same, you must go to the folder that says small, add the small logo, open the config and enter the following line: <record from='2000240443' to='graphics/pictures/club/2000240443/icon'/>
  17. Hice éste escudo basándome en el original @lee50_11 small En cuanto a las equipaciones, he de buscar como son las originales y hacerlas. En cuanto las tenga, las paso aquí
  18. You're welcome, it's a pleasure. Thank you also for the question. Well no, I'm looking, but I'll keep investigating Here I saw the shield I don't know if it will help you https://m.facebook.com/people/Mavlon-FC/100063665850048/
  19. https://www.bondia.ad/tags/mavlon-football-club The Mavlon Football Club, a newly created club replacing Penya Encarnada d'Andorra, announced on 29/12/2022evening who will be the team's coach: Alejandro Esteve @lee50_11 https://www.bondia.ad/esports/el-penya-encarnada-perd-tota-la-seva-identitat From Penya Encarnada to Mavlon Football Club. The entity founded in 2009 as a cultural association to promote football and also sport in the parish of Andorra la Vella representing part of the Benfica and Portuguese community in the country is disappearing. From now on it will be called Mavlon Football Club. New name, new crest and a new project betting on Nigerian footballers. The first presentation on social networks of the new entity was yesterday with Javier Espí as the new physical trainer and Lolo Ortiz as second coach. Mavlon FC, the original, was registered in Nigeria's first national division. The club is located at Jesus College Otukpo, that is in Benue State, Northern Nigeria. They have an academy, the Mavlon Football Academy. Before ceasing to exist as a club, Penya Encarnada decided to dismiss the technical duo formed by Richard Imbernón and Vicente Muñoz and also dismissed more than eleven players. The first match of this new entity will be on January 15 in the Constitution Cup against the CISA La Massana Real Estate. In fact, this is the ultimate goal of this new club, which considers the Cup competition to be the most feasible to qualify for European competition. In the domestic competition, the now defunct Penya Encarnada of Andorra occupies the penultimate position with 10 points. Nigerian football, like Russian football, already has a place in the country's first division. For this motive I put Mavlon FC😉
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