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  1. He’s had absolutely zero service. Give him something and he’ll score. Miles better than Higuain, who has also gone 10 without scoring.
  2. Aguero dropped despite being their most dangerous player and only goal scorer. You almost want them to lose.
  3. I was getting annoyed with the amount of crap teams parking the bus/the diving/playacting but since then it’s been great, and like others I’ve been glued to the screen, watching on my phone in work where possible! I like VAR, it could be great but refs need to start making logical decisions. Looking forward to seeing if Messi can finally step up tonight. I don’t want to say Belgium or Croatia to win, but I think they actually might.
  4. That ‘defending’ on Kane Horrible these. Maguire did quite well to stay calm there.
  5. 4th time now ffs Even the main commentator took the ****.
  6. Yeah, everything seems really disjointed. I can’t think of ONE good passage of play outside of Spain/Portugal. Get Dybala on, go 4-3-3. They kinda need to win this Argentina.
  7. Is it me or is international football just the worst? Every tournament I’m mega excited and every tournament the quality is unbelievably poor save for the occasional match. Second day in a row we’re looking at 3 1-0 results is it? Crap. Ah, I see Denmark Oz finished 1-1, still crap.
  8. Otamendi truly is rubbish. Like watching a pub defender.
  9. Love that the screen split into 3 without showing the incident on any of them
  10. Ooof, that was bloody close! if Iran win this Spain are out right? 😂 Ah..
  11. I’m not mad at Iran per se, I’m sick of every international tournament turning into a complete snooze fest due to park bus tactics.
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