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  1. Thanks @Lucas. Shame but doesn't detract from what is a great translation. Loving it so far. I had been put off due to mixed reviews as to the controls/UI, but it's actually pretty good with the mix of shortcut buttons and the left stick as a mouse.
  2. Probably an obvious answer (i.e. "no") but I just wanted to check there was no way of editing the data on Switcg, either pre- or in-game?
  3. Also, if the game favours players with pace, that's a match engine problem that should be looked at.
  4. I get that it contributes to a player's overall game but I don't agree with the concept that a player has to have achieved a certain current ability level to maximise any physical attribute, not just pace, nor that if you want to allow improvement in one area, it has to be taken from the total 'pool' of attributes available, e.g. pace has to be reduced for others to go up. In my view physical attributes should be fixed depending on age, injuries and other factors which affect such attributes, which includes the mental attributes to some extent - professionalism, determination etc. A
  5. Pace shouldn't depend on anything. You either have it or you don't (with shades of grey in between). I don't really get why it's linked to anything else. It's an important 'attribute' in football, but not a component of 'ability' in my view. Particularly, I don't get why it has to be weighted depending on current ability. You can still be fast or not, regardless of other ability factors.
  6. What i really don't understand is how a player's physical attributes are linked to current ability. For example, you set a player to have 20 for pace in the editor but, because he's 16 you also set his CA to, say, 100. As a result, his pace will be about 10 or 11 when you start, only reaching 20 as his PA maximises. To me, pace etc. should have no bearing on ability. If you're fast, you're fast - probably more so between 16 and 23.
  7. Very early first impressions (from the demo) - it looks great - I look great - annoying that I seemingly have to pick my intra-friendly squad from the news screen. Ended up selecting no subs by accident! - team talks/media stuff is a bit more visually appealing but appears to be the same format at its core - pitch looks lovely. Only watched the first half of the first friendly but saw a couple of nice moves and goals. Alisson also did a "Karius" and kicked it straight into Curtis Jones from about 3 yards away resulting in a goal Now I have to go to stupid work
  8. I assume league one has squad registrations?
  9. Cool, so nothing out of ordinary then. I thought from the initial explanation that his ability would be 100+ with great physical attributes. I'm glad it's more reflective of true ability.
  10. Won't be buying this year. Despite being a Liverpool fan, my love of football has dropped significantly since covid and this has a knock on effect of my desire to play fifa or FM.
  11. Why do pace and acceleration cost so many ability points? You're either fast or not, does that really have anything to do with football ability? Usain Bolt should (in his day) have had 20 for both. He should also have fairly good strength, agility, natiral fitness, stamina and (probably) jumping. Assuming all of those were 14+, what would his minimum CA be? Just seems to me that physical characteristics shouldn't count a great deal towards an 'ability' assessment.
  12. For every great bit of play the ME is capable of, I'm sorry to say there are 4 or 5 things like this: I mean, what is the ME even trying to represent here? Just looks so poor.
  13. That is really bad 😂 Sorry to laugh I know it is infuriating. Save the match and upload the PKM and time of incident in the bugs forum.
  14. I had rotated a little for the start of the match but generally different variations of this. Salah was the IF(A) when he came on.
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