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  1. The Bosman Rule only applies in the EU doesn't it?
  2. You are able to tell yourself if a player will get a WP. If he doesn't meet the criteria, he won't get one, no matter his potential (I think).
  3. Youth caps don't count.
  4. Without them you'd run out of players
  5. Just to clarify: you can't choose which regens appear in your squad but you can choose to sign others on 'regen days'. To the OP, there is no list of great regens. Each game produces random ones. I look for decent physical stats and then tailor the other attributes depending on what position I'm looking for. Determination, technique, work rate, passing and first touch are all ones I look out for.
  6. The game automatically generates an influx of regens every year for every team, around March (in England), if the team has sufficient youth facilities (all EPL/Championship teams generally have sufficient youth facilities, no sure about teams below that). You can try to poach other teams' regens before they sign a pre contract, but most of them tend to want to stay I've found. If you go to 'World', 'Transfers', then change the drop down to 'Youth Intake', you will see all newgens for the selected month. I never leave it to HYD, and always scout all of the top EPL/Championship clubs' players. I do the same for the foreign clubs too.
  7. I think I've worked out the problem - instead of choosing "selection" from the drop down menu under "mentality", it was set as "copy of international selection". So I think you were right, it must have been showing international morale. Still not sure why using the editor it showed two different values, but meh, thanks for your help.
  8. I have done just that, @Seb Wassell 👍 The title is a bit ambiguous sorry, just called 'Morale'.
  9. I wonder if there has been some cross-over from when I was also England manager? I don't think I've added international morale on the tactics screen but will double check. Even so, if that is reflected on the player profile screen then that's an issue in itself. I have raised as a bug so watch this space. It's seemingly only happening to Richie Bazoer and Mahrez, both of whom are internationals. I know the latter was 'devistated at missing out on the ACON squad', so the international thing might have some merit. Can't say I've noticed Bazoer being affected internationally though, although he did come to me asking for more game time (to which I agreed and made good on my promise).
  10. I will check that @Cougar2010. It shouldn't be showing on his profile though should it? I've even used the editor to check his actual morale and it coincides with the graphical representation - one minute 14/20, the next 4/20. So I'm a bit baffled!
  11. I don't have a custom skin. I've raised it as a bug so will see what SI say. He plays well enough regardless so it's all good!
  12. info requested

    Can somebody look at this please? Morale seems to be all over the place for certain players - one minute I click on them and it is good, then I select them for the match squad, click on their profile again and it is poor? The above link shows what I mean with Riyad Mahrez. I will upload save if necessary when I get home
  13. Is there an issue with morale? I keep clicking on players and note they have good or very good morale, then I put them in the team and it's showing poor or very poor? This is happening without proceeding through the game, i.e. it's happening on the same day:
  14. That's why I suggested he play a different formation. His response suggests it goes further than 442.
  15. Can't say I've ever been too bothered by it with 2 wide in a 433 type system. Probably because I'm rubbish at analysing games mate me