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  1. I think most people expect way too much. I'd like nicer graphics - I still think the regens/faces etc are horrible but the animations on pitch will (and have tbf) undoubtedly improve year on year. I'd also like better interactions but the tech just isn't there yet. Be thankful your defenders dont do this: https://reddit.app.link/VCrUO1xS8Z Come to think of it, has FIFA or PES improved at all since about 2014?
  2. It's good that it's in, but it's not a feature in my eyes. Plus, I still have to use the name fix because of the Brazil problems. Also, what's so special about Danny Blind?
  3. Given the headline "features" were terribly underwhelming, is it even worth getting excited about this extra one? Agree with pretty much everything @akm.91 has said. Just keep releasing tweaked versions of the previous year's iteration with upgrades to the ME. Can only reinvent the wheel for so long before something actually new is brought in.
  4. Shaun Bartlett once scored a premier league hat trick for Charlton against Liverpool. He is turd.
  5. It would be nice to have an option to turn them off completely. My main gripe is that you don't even get asked relevant questions most of the time. Win a cuo and get asked about a reserve player on loan etc. Won't happen though, probably takes loads of coding to have a disable feature.
  6. Yes, really. Introduction to chairman - same. Introduction to team - same. First press conference - same. Tactics - virtually the same but with presets but now no ability to change fluidity manually. Transfer/scout centre - same. Training - leave to AM. Briefings - leave to AM. Match day experience - same. Graphics - same Match engine - not played 18 for some time but nothing struck me as massively improved or different (appreciate I only played one friendly). Probably just grown out of it tbh but absolutely nothing made me think, "I really want to keep playing this."
  7. Caved in and bought it. Essentially found it exactly the same. Turned it off.
  8. Thanks @westy8chimp Not sure minor tweaks will do it for me this year, I'll certainly be trying the demo first. All of the things listed are pretty much game breakers for me.
  9. So, can anyone tell me if the following has been addressed: Are interactions still formulaic and repetitive? Do teams from League 2 still pass it about like Barca? Does the ME show players beating others with skill, or just knock it past and run? Does the AM's advice bear any resemblance to what you are trying to achieve? (I.e. if I want to play 442, does the AM still try to impose his favoured formation?) Does the AI still offer pathetically low for your best players? Is it materially any better than 18?
  10. I suspect it'll be Friday. However, it'll be announced on here when it has been released. I'd keep an eye out from Thursday evening.
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