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  1. martplfc1

    World Cup nostalgia thread

    1994. I would have been 11. I remember our street doing a sweepstake (when communities actually existed). I picked out Italy. Roberto Baggio in his prime. I would have won a whole FIVE pounds! Full of optimism, I was entirely gripped. In many respects it was Baggio’s World Cup. He dragged Italy to the final with some beautiful football and brilliant goals. I was certain he’d lift the trophy and win me my fiver. I was a little bit in love with him tbh. So of course he went and broke my heart I will never forget that penalty miss. His face, the hopes of the nation (and mine) plummeting from his slumped shoulders. Devastation. I cried myself to sleep that night.
  2. martplfc1

    The hot girls and guys thread!

    Maaan, no need for how gorgeous she is
  3. I get the feeling he wouldn’t be great anywhere else, which is strange. Just a great fit for LFC.
  4. Salah, Firmino, Coutinho and Trent AA (if he gets a game). Outside of Liverpool, I think Jesus will score loads (assuming he’s a starter for Brazil?) and always Messi and Argentina.
  5. martplfc1

    Help needed adding a face to a custom skin

    Update - It seems the original PNG was too small (16kb). I replaced it with a larger file and it has worked.
  6. Hi guys, Hoping you can assist. I downloaded a small facepack and am using a skin called Wannachup. The faces from the pack work with the skin, but it was missing Ben Woodburn, so I found a picture from the internet, conveniently from another facepack, seemingly (1st attachment). I have edited the config file in the facepack folder to include his unique ID, as per 2nd attachment. However, his profile is as per the 3rd attachment, whereas the other players are as per the 4th. Do I have to edit anything in the skin files to make this work or am I doing something wrong? Cheers.
  7. The highest in my first season across the EPL was 2.
  8. martplfc1

    Horrible set pieces defend

    Seconded @Daniel Barrett
  9. Can you set up defensive set pieces which mark the edge of the box yet? If so, how?
  10. Scouts list a player as extremely interested in joining, but when offering the player a contract he says he's only just signed a new contract so not interested:
  11. No matter how good or bad your AM, the effect is so minor it won't make a difference.
  12. martplfc1

    Comprehensive highlights

    True, it's always Icardi for me (18/19 OTB). Think I remember from some editions ago it affected players who have the 'beats the offside trap' trait. May raise it as a bug.
  13. martplfc1

    Comprehensive highlights

    I think it's there to demonstrate that your tactic isn't working or your striker has terrible movement. Perhaps adjust the tactic by making your forward deeper, it's giving you the chance to amend something that's not working.