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  1. I would actually say taking 100 penalties in training is more important than 1 in a friendly.
  2. You should also know that a friendly and a penalty shootout are nothing alike 🤷‍♂️
  3. Taking pens in a friendly against Romania is nothing like taking one in a real penalty shootout.
  4. I have absolutely no problem with anybody doing what he did in a friendly. It might have, you know, gotten a monkey off his back which is affecting him when playing for England. He looked a mug for missing it yeah, but I don't see a reason to beat him up about it.
  5. I think they get enough practice outside of the match. Also, the two are not remotely the same situation.
  6. The amount of abuse and outrage for what he did is ridiculous though.
  7. Taking a penalty in a friendly had no relevance to a penalty shootout. It should show, if anything, that he shouldn't take a penalty if a shootout arises.
  8. Hendo's never scored for England, that's why he took it. It's a friendly, calm down. Not like he'd have taken it off Kane in a real game ffs.
  9. Thanks @Lucas. Shame but doesn't detract from what is a great translation. Loving it so far. I had been put off due to mixed reviews as to the controls/UI, but it's actually pretty good with the mix of shortcut buttons and the left stick as a mouse.
  10. Probably an obvious answer (i.e. "no") but I just wanted to check there was no way of editing the data on Switcg, either pre- or in-game?
  11. Also, if the game favours players with pace, that's a match engine problem that should be looked at.
  12. I get that it contributes to a player's overall game but I don't agree with the concept that a player has to have achieved a certain current ability level to maximise any physical attribute, not just pace, nor that if you want to allow improvement in one area, it has to be taken from the total 'pool' of attributes available, e.g. pace has to be reduced for others to go up. In my view physical attributes should be fixed depending on age, injuries and other factors which affect such attributes, which includes the mental attributes to some extent - professionalism, determination etc. A
  13. Pace shouldn't depend on anything. You either have it or you don't (with shades of grey in between). I don't really get why it's linked to anything else. It's an important 'attribute' in football, but not a component of 'ability' in my view. Particularly, I don't get why it has to be weighted depending on current ability. You can still be fast or not, regardless of other ability factors.
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