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  1. Going on holiday just to buy FM? That's serious devotion!
  2. When trying to scroll through the news items, the up and down arrows don't seem to work all the time, or at all.
  3. I have an i3 with 4gb and intel graphics. Runs acceptably with the 3D ME on medium detail with all features (crowd, sky etc.)
  4. Probably out of options elsewhere, I.e 'it's your tactics'.
  5. What always annoys me about FM is that when you start a new game, your players are incredibly out of shape, seemingly resulting in many preseason injuries. However, come preseason in your second and subsequent seasons, they never drop below 75-80% match sharpness, fitter players in the mid-80%s. The same for tactical familiarity. Season 1 = I've never played football in my life, subsequent seasons = I am familiar with pretty much any formation. Why is season 1 so much more difficult in terms of fitness and tactical familiarity?
  6. OP = Over powered I believe. Another cut back resulting in a goal. Looking good so far the ME.
  7. Less than 1mb/s - COME ON Now 200kb/s - FFS
  8. I voted yes, as it clearly divides opinion (much like the thing itself!). I am, however, glad for its inclusion, think it'll be awesome.
  9. I suspect this feature is more revolution than evolution! Give the demo a go, you might love it, which would be a shame if you just choose not to buy it on this basis.
  10. Now who's being obtuse? Plenty of people see this as exciting, it's completely subjective.
  11. It is possible that your existing players will be given dispensation, so it's not necessarily the case that hard Brexit = fire sale.
  12. Seems like you're cutting your nose off to spite your face there Tony. FM has always had scenarios which are miles away from real life, just manage a team in Europe if you hate the idea so much and it happens in your game. I don't expect it will impact U.K. managers.
  13. Existing EU players will get special dispensation it seems:
  14. Deep breath lads!!
  15. That's pretty cool. It will be really tough in England if hard Brexit happens. It's definitely a possibility though, so adds another level to the game. I didn't read the entire article but it would be nice if you could choose to disable it though. Some people might really hate it.