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  1. Portugal are pretty average. Wales going all the way!
  2. Unbelievable scenes!!! What a great header, Savage is gone :D
  3. You're sure this ref isn't Welsh??
  4. Wow! Just fantastic!! Hate to agree with Savage but if Messi/Ronaldo does that its goal of the tournament.
  5. Haha ****ing brilliant.
  6. That list so uninspiring!
  7. Didn't even congratulate Iceland. Honourable? My arse.
  8. Haha I maintain what I said...had we not instantly conceded from a ****ing long throw
  9. Hahahahahahahahahaha
  10. Kane **** off you gormless looking ****
  11. EIGHT ****ing minutes. This is unreal.
  12. Rooney, Sturridge, Wilshere, Vardy. All out of position. All Roy's fault.
  13. Are you Bale in disguise
  14. We'd get absolutely d***ed by France. I'd rather go out to Iceland.