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  1. Why speak to a player at all if his morale is good? I only speak to them when it's low. Always start by praising his attitude in training, never had a negative response to that.
  2. You get to play the full game (virtually) two weeks before the game is released by preordering. The demo will come out after the full release. As the vast number of purchasers are long time customers they know what they're getting in the main; doubt the demo will affect sales much tbh. As for the animation, FM isn't scripted like the games you mention. Plus SI doesn't have the development money or power of EA Sports, so it's never gonna look like you want.
  3. Sorry, Sunday! Can a mod change the title accordingly please? Edit - nvm I can do it myself now .
  4. Head over to Twitter then after 3 if you don't want to sign up to 👍
  5. If it runs FM16 ok I'm sure it will be fine for 17.
  6. Portugal are pretty average. Wales going all the way!
  7. Unbelievable scenes!!! What a great header, Savage is gone :D
  8. You're sure this ref isn't Welsh??
  9. Wow! Just fantastic!! Hate to agree with Savage but if Messi/Ronaldo does that its goal of the tournament.
  10. Haha ****ing brilliant.
  11. That list so uninspiring!
  12. Didn't even congratulate Iceland. Honourable? My arse.
  13. Haha I maintain what I said...had we not instantly conceded from a ****ing long throw
  14. Hahahahahahahahahaha
  15. Kane **** off you gormless looking ****