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  1. Thanks @westy8chimp Not sure minor tweaks will do it for me this year, I'll certainly be trying the demo first. All of the things listed are pretty much game breakers for me.
  2. So, can anyone tell me if the following has been addressed: Are interactions still formulaic and repetitive? Do teams from League 2 still pass it about like Barca? Does the ME show players beating others with skill, or just knock it past and run? Does the AM's advice bear any resemblance to what you are trying to achieve? (I.e. if I want to play 442, does the AM still try to impose his favoured formation?) Does the AI still offer pathetically low for your best players? Is it materially any better than 18?
  3. My god it's giddier than Christmas eve in here!
  4. martplfc1

    Can not download Beta>

    I suspect it'll be Friday. However, it'll be announced on here when it has been released. I'd keep an eye out from Thursday evening.
  5. martplfc1

    Can not download Beta>

    Beta hasn't been released yet.
  6. Looks too similar to FM18. Until personal interactions get a huge overhaul, I won't be buying except at significant reduction from RRP.
  7. Overall agree with the OP. I don't really care about any of those new features, and it doesn't look like an overhaul to me. All it looks like is more things for me to ask my AM to do. Was looking forward to the announcement but this has confirmed that I will wait for the demo this year.
  8. You're going to be disappointed I imagine if you're expecting console-issue football game graphics from within the last 5 years. Fifa 2014? Come on, as if. It's already been explained how hard it is to code a 90 minute match that is new every time and doesn't end up 50-45. It's just not going to happen.
  9. martplfc1

    I'm Spineless!

    Balanced. Far from the truth
  10. martplfc1

    Stroppy Kids

    I tried to release an average regen who did this but was told by the board he we too valuable to free transfer
  11. Interaction is way short of what it could be and at present is so shallow it wouldn't bother me if it were removed, but if the game is going to get more immersive it needs a complete overhaul. Not sure how likely that is with current technology though. Player and staff interaction is rubbish: so rigid and frustrating. The fact you can't have a conversation with a player the day after having an earlier one, or if he's unhappy until he is no longer unhappy, is ridiculous. Team interaction is just as bad: one win away from the title and they all feel pressurised and lose morale if you try to push them over the line (even though you're 10 points clear and playing bottom of the league at home). It's a huge part of real life and I hope we get massive improvements this year but, as I say, having a human conversation with a computer may not be achievable yet. Press conferences just need to be better linked to the situation and again, much less rigid if possible. More should be made of big moments in the season - sometimes you get like two questions after winning the CL semi final, one of which might be to do with a youngster on loan. Come on, it really is bad sometimes.
  12. For my sins I'll buy it. I don't particularly enjoy it anymore, not like I used to. Says more about my empty life than the standard of the game though
  13. Since updating, I seem to have bits and pieces of the interface missing (such as default team badges, the little 'dolls' which represent each member of staff, the "ability" and "potential" stars going from 5 to 1 or none at all). Twice I have tried to delete cache and reload skin, but get a crash dump when doing so. Please advise if you require anything further. FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.08.17 12.16.08).dmp FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.08.19 12.52.10).dmp
  14. I've updated my graphics drivers and seemingly sorted.
  15. Tl;Dr: normal tactics don't work, too many attack-heavy tactics do. I agree with the latter, but also that it is possible to be successful with standard tactics. It's tough, but if you read the guides in the tactics forum it starts to make sense. Try reading those, or there are plenty of regular, well thought-out tactics in the forum. Anyway, 19 will be out soon, will be interesting to see what changes that brings about.
  16. martplfc1

    How to find PA and CA?

    Yep, but doesn't let you amend anything (except suspend players, oddly). Great for finding the best regens (also shows their potential stats) but that gets boring after a while.
  17. martplfc1

    Direct Free Kick and Finishing

    I would doubt it. Think Ian Rush or Michael Owen - both exceptional finishers but probably never scored or taken a free kick in their lives.
  18. I'm almost certain you won't need to spend anywhere near that to run FM19 in all its glory.
  19. I still watch in 2D classic, with goal replays in 3D; it's much more enjoyable for me as I would probably still use text only were it not so bad. More interested in the game being good and enjoyable than having Fifa like graphics.
  20. And the selling team never lets a youngster go for less than 30% sell on it seems, especially if the fee isn't right first time around! I've been stung a few times letting the champions league squad be picked automatically without inspecting it properly and also when negotiating new contracts, missing a sneaky minimum fee release clause
  21. martplfc1

    I gave up

    Play narrow, inverted full backs on attack and every player to "shoot less often", "tackle harder" and "close down much more". That's always my starting point and have decent success by watching how it plays out. I must add I usually play with Liverpool.
  22. martplfc1

    AI manager experiment

    Football isn't fixed? Any number of things could have affected results.