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  1. You've summarised all the issues I'm seeing quite nicely. The defending is especially badly represented - constant standing off even with a 'get stuck in' instruction. Not game breaking (yet), but may have to switch to 2D again to enjoy it eventually.
  2. Into which folder do F12 screenshots go? I can see that it's been captured in the bottom right and I have a screenshots folder, but nothing in it?
  3. Apparently 103 pens in the EPL last season. If my maths is correct, that works out as 1 every 7.38 games. 81.55% conversion rate.
  4. I had a ridiculous amount of pens preseason, nothing to do with tactics ffs (or if it is it needs fixing) most of them looked like decent tackles on the match engine. My first league game a number of similar tackles occurred with no pen being given. Obviously need a bigger sample size but it seems it could be something to do with the standard of refereeing.
  5. Didn't play 19 much, but Gomez almost scored a wonderful curling effort - hit the post.
  6. So you cant toggle it off and on? That's a bit rubbish. Thanks for the tip though
  7. Can anyone tell me if you can watch matches without the purple/blue bar at the top. Gets in the way when the play is switched. Initial feedback (still in pre-season) Negatives - Too many pens (about 7 or 8 in 4 or 5 friendlies) - Pens awarded for seemingly good challenges - Red cards given for nothing challenges - Silly selection of friendlies for a big club (playing as Liverpool and going to real lower tier teams - won one friendly with mostly reserves 13-0) - Fullbacks still shooting too often and from silly positions (despite setting to shoot less often and cross more) - Low-level teams still capable of tiki-taka/keep possession incredibly well Positives - Some gorgeous goals - Animations much better - The ball finally bends! - Best initial skin for some years
  8. How do you get rid of it, takes up way too much space!
  9. How do you assign a scout to a new project? Can't for the life of me work it out! Also, slightly off-topic, but is there a way to assign/generate a regen face to people you add in the pre-game editor?
  10. Just imagining the year 3000 - robotic footballers - Messi T1000 didn't pass it through to Ronaldo T1000, despite being clean through, he passed it to Ronaldinho T1000 on the left wing, 50 yards away - Messi T1000's programming is bugged, sort it out SI! (Also picturing Miles' head in a Futurama-esque preservation jar ) Come to think of it, isn't there a train of scientific thought that all brain pattern is nothing more than extremely complex algorithm? It wont be long before the lines are so blurred we won't be able to tell the difference!
  11. How do we get this beta beta? Note, I haven't purchased the original beta yet, but like what I'm hearing about the beta beta!
  12. It's probably nothing to do with the game if you find it boring. Try playing CM01/02 today, a game that I would literally spend days at a time on (to the detriment of my education!). I give up just as quickly as I do with FM19. The game just doesn't interest me anymore, despite being vastly better than 01/02. That's more down to me than the game, and I suspect the same is happening to you. I also suspect that if the game looked and played like FIFA, you'd still get bored of it.
  13. Won't be buying this year. My game time since 2015 is as follows: 2015: 304 hours 2016: 387 hours 2017: 405 hours 2018: 393 hours 2019: 94 hours Probably due to lifestyle/job that it's dropped off so much this year, but just couldn't get into it at all. My wife is also due on 25 October so probably will have even less time to play (though that 2 week paternity leave could pose as a bit of an opportunity!) Edit - just seen it's out on 19 November, so will probably be elbows deep in **** by then, literally!
  14. I think most people expect way too much. I'd like nicer graphics - I still think the regens/faces etc are horrible but the animations on pitch will (and have tbf) undoubtedly improve year on year. I'd also like better interactions but the tech just isn't there yet. Be thankful your defenders dont do this: https://reddit.app.link/VCrUO1xS8Z Come to think of it, has FIFA or PES improved at all since about 2014?
  15. It's good that it's in, but it's not a feature in my eyes. Plus, I still have to use the name fix because of the Brazil problems. Also, what's so special about Danny Blind?
  16. Given the headline "features" were terribly underwhelming, is it even worth getting excited about this extra one? Agree with pretty much everything @akm.91 has said. Just keep releasing tweaked versions of the previous year's iteration with upgrades to the ME. Can only reinvent the wheel for so long before something actually new is brought in.
  17. Shaun Bartlett once scored a premier league hat trick for Charlton against Liverpool. He is turd.
  18. It would be nice to have an option to turn them off completely. My main gripe is that you don't even get asked relevant questions most of the time. Win a cuo and get asked about a reserve player on loan etc. Won't happen though, probably takes loads of coding to have a disable feature.
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