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  1. No particular manager but I play the good old 442 fast direct football. actually liked the way spurs played when Harry Redknapp used Bale/Lennon as wingers and Defoe/Crouch as small and big strikers.. Just the sad thing it’s just hard to find typical natural hit and run wingers in FM as most players tend to be inverters wingers..
  2. This is the where i started my journey in 1993 as a 15 year old chap.. Classic.. I still can remember your star player will be expected to move abroad at the end of the season.. good old days
  3. This is my full time score but the average position of my team shows the players played for the first 45 min and not average position of players played in the 2nd half. Is this a bug?
  4. Can anyone advice how can i able to set international games included in my team schedule. Sometimes when i set friendlies for from my club, it clashes with the international games as internationals are not shown in my calendar or events. Only competitions I'm involved and under 18/23 games are reflected in schedules.
  5. 7-8 matches seems pretty alot. I'm trying 5-6 matches and each match spaced out between 5-6 days unless its a tour or cup friendly.
  6. Can anyone advice what is the appropriate number of friendlies to arrange during pre season to get match sharpness. I usually let my 1st eleven have a match time of 45-60 min and rotate other players similarly in subsequent friendlies. This way i have to arrange 6-7 friendlies at minimum to get match sharpness and i find the number unrealistic. I do not often see clubs in real life playing 7 friendlies in pre season especially top flight clubs. Furthermore in FM it is possible to arrange friendlies at the last minute not considering the distance or travelling time which is a bit unrealis
  7. The reputation for 3.5 stars shows fairly good and okay for 2 different staffs which is inconsistent.
  8. i have a u23 head coach available in my team however he is not in the dropdown if i want to delegate team selection advice to my u23 head coach.
  9. I cannot decrease or increase the price in the unwanted list dialogue box. The only way the price can be adjusted if i assess the transfer status page of the player.
  10. I've uploaded the the save game and it is named Tottenham.fm I did check again the duplicate is no longer there. Not sure it happens if the friendly is set the first time.
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