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  1. Not a game stopper but when i select a position for a player it is not reflecting in the list and vice versa.
  2. The stadium still doesn't show up in 2D when i set my graphics level higher. My graphics has been always set to low as it is not a high end graphics. But i do not get this issue playing FM19. Medium Graphic - 2D and 3D High Graphic - 2D and 3D
  3. I've attached the DxDiag file. Well my concern wasn't on why the ad boards are black in 3D but why the stadium is not shown in 2D. Its just some grey background surrounding the pitch in 2D. DxDiag.txt
  4. The Stadium and ad boards are missing in 2D but can be seen in 3D. Is it meant to be like that in FM20 where the stadium not shown in 2D mode? I remember the stadium can be seen in the 2D mode in FM19 3D 2D
  5. Sadly this is a management game where we don't have any control to decide how a goal should be scored or how interesting the goal should be scored. Choose your tactics, select your players and there you go. Maybe FIFA is better option for you where u could do wonders with the control and score some spectacular goals.
  6. Hmm.. definition of a wonderkid these days.. an exceptional player under 21 who possess a good CA for his age and has the potential to take on the world. But I've seen wonderkids fail and not reaching potential. So I assume the given CA for his age.
  7. 38. Playing since 1993. Guess it's cm2 when I first started
  8. If that's the case then why is there a wingback and a complete wingback role. Can't we just set assign the defend support attack to a wingback and set up his instructions. I do admit there are text descriptions which are clear enough to understand but that those descriptions don't seem to reflect on players playing according to their role. Many a times i've seen a winger attacker attacking towards goal and making my fullbacks providing crosses no matter how many times i tweak my tactics. Here is a suggestion to include a out and out winger role which clearly defines the what is an 'out and out' role for a winger which is in the similar scenario of the wingback and complete wingback.
  9. I think there's isn't any changes to player's role in FM16 however i feel SI should include a new role of an 'out and out' winger or the traditional winger. i think a classic example would be Gareth Bale when he was playing at spurs under Harry Rednapp. The game against Inter where his dribbling down the left flank and providing crosses was a classic example of an traditional winger of the 80s and 90s. I think in the current FM we have to train a winger to have PPMs that can him play like a traditional winger instead of giving instructions. I strongly feel the inclusion of an 'out and out' winger role would useful for those who prefer the old school wing play especially in the traditional 442 formation.
  10. Apologies if anyone has asked this question before. What is exactly the instruction 'Get Further Forward'? Does it instruct a player move into an attacking space vertically or does it means making attacking runs to seek a through ball? And what effect does it have on a attack and support duty player?
  11. The question is.. Does all the roles have a clear description of the player movements and contributions. we are only visualising the player's roles with the description given. our understanding and perception can go wrong.
  12. When we look at the term trequartista, there is no specific definition for such role. It's a term used in Italy and wen I google its a term used for a player behind the striker. He is just a attacking mid or a playmaker. There is no specific meaning to it. It was much more simpler when we had to choose who will be our playmaker in previous FM. There isn't a need to confuse us with these roles when they have similar meaning. Even an Enganche is a term used in South America which is also a playmaker and of coz in FM enganche role restrict his movements. it is much simpler to choose a player who has the attributes to be a playmaker and we set up his instructions on his movements and contributions.
  13. Instructions are clear but it's the definition of roles that separates these instructions. If you look at the advanced forward and a poacher, they have almost similar default instruction and all I have to do is to select one or two instructions to make it similar between these two roles. So that means both roles have different definition but similar movement and contributions?
  14. Yes maybe those instructions are the same to what a poacher means. But if we look at Defoe, he is a natural poacher who gets the ball, run with it and blast it towards goal. But there are times that you can see him dropping deep instead of sitting at shoulder of the last defender and yet he still perform the duty of a poacher. Yes if I want him to drop deep I could assign him deep lying forward. But the idea is I just want him to be the main goal getter but just drop deeper instead of sitting at shoulder of the last defender. There are roles which enables to drop deep but each roles have different definition and these definitions gives us a different perception of how the player will move and contribute and not the way I want him to.
  15. Yes I do agree. But then again your lone striker movement is a secondary objective according to your game plan. Naturally every manager expects their striker to find the net so in that sense i'm telling the primary objective of a forward is to score goals. What i'm trying to highlight is instead of the specific roles, we instruct the players on their movements and contribution. I do not see much of a difference between a deep lying forward and a F9. Both roles start as a up front and then drop deep. Both roles have the ability to pull away the defenders and I can almost set similar instructions to both roles. Only the definition of the roles are different but during the match the movements are almost the same and maybe a slight difference due to the ability of the players.
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