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  1. If that's the case then why is there a wingback and a complete wingback role. Can't we just set assign the defend support attack to a wingback and set up his instructions. I do admit there are text descriptions which are clear enough to understand but that those descriptions don't seem to reflect on players playing according to their role. Many a times i've seen a winger attacker attacking towards goal and making my fullbacks providing crosses no matter how many times i tweak my tactics. Here is a suggestion to include a out and out winger role which clearly defines the what is an 'out and out' role for a winger which is in the similar scenario of the wingback and complete wingback.
  2. I think there's isn't any changes to player's role in FM16 however i feel SI should include a new role of an 'out and out' winger or the traditional winger. i think a classic example would be Gareth Bale when he was playing at spurs under Harry Rednapp. The game against Inter where his dribbling down the left flank and providing crosses was a classic example of an traditional winger of the 80s and 90s. I think in the current FM we have to train a winger to have PPMs that can him play like a traditional winger instead of giving instructions. I strongly feel the inclusion of an 'out and out' winger role would useful for those who prefer the old school wing play especially in the traditional 442 formation.