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  1. Hi..not sure if this this is the correct thread for this issue. I recently updated my AMD Radeon R5 M430 graphics to its latest driver and ever since the update, my screen turns black when switch to window mode. This does not happen when in full screen mode. I've not experienced this before and i can easily play in windowed mode prior to updating my graphics card. However there is no issue in windowed mode when i disabled my Radeon graphics and use my integrated intel graphics. When i enable my Radeon back and start back the game, the window mode is blacked out. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Radeon and it is not working. I've also uninstalled, cleared cache, and reinstall the game but no effect. I've provided the driver version in the attached screenshot and DxDiag file full screen mode black screen when window mode selected AMD Radeon driver version DxDiag.txt
  2. Not a game stopper but when i select a position for a player it is not reflecting in the list and vice versa.
  3. The stadium still doesn't show up in 2D when i set my graphics level higher. My graphics has been always set to low as it is not a high end graphics. But i do not get this issue playing FM19. Medium Graphic - 2D and 3D High Graphic - 2D and 3D
  4. I've attached the DxDiag file. Well my concern wasn't on why the ad boards are black in 3D but why the stadium is not shown in 2D. Its just some grey background surrounding the pitch in 2D. DxDiag.txt
  5. The Stadium and ad boards are missing in 2D but can be seen in 3D. Is it meant to be like that in FM20 where the stadium not shown in 2D mode? I remember the stadium can be seen in the 2D mode in FM19 3D 2D
  6. Sadly this is a management game where we don't have any control to decide how a goal should be scored or how interesting the goal should be scored. Choose your tactics, select your players and there you go. Maybe FIFA is better option for you where u could do wonders with the control and score some spectacular goals.
  7. Hmm.. definition of a wonderkid these days.. an exceptional player under 21 who possess a good CA for his age and has the potential to take on the world. But I've seen wonderkids fail and not reaching potential. So I assume the given CA for his age.
  8. 38. Playing since 1993. Guess it's cm2 when I first started
  9. If that's the case then why is there a wingback and a complete wingback role. Can't we just set assign the defend support attack to a wingback and set up his instructions. I do admit there are text descriptions which are clear enough to understand but that those descriptions don't seem to reflect on players playing according to their role. Many a times i've seen a winger attacker attacking towards goal and making my fullbacks providing crosses no matter how many times i tweak my tactics. Here is a suggestion to include a out and out winger role which clearly defines the what is an 'out and out' role for a winger which is in the similar scenario of the wingback and complete wingback.
  10. I think there's isn't any changes to player's role in FM16 however i feel SI should include a new role of an 'out and out' winger or the traditional winger. i think a classic example would be Gareth Bale when he was playing at spurs under Harry Rednapp. The game against Inter where his dribbling down the left flank and providing crosses was a classic example of an traditional winger of the 80s and 90s. I think in the current FM we have to train a winger to have PPMs that can him play like a traditional winger instead of giving instructions. I strongly feel the inclusion of an 'out and out' winger role would useful for those who prefer the old school wing play especially in the traditional 442 formation.
  11. Apologies if anyone has asked this question before. What is exactly the instruction 'Get Further Forward'? Does it instruct a player move into an attacking space vertically or does it means making attacking runs to seek a through ball? And what effect does it have on a attack and support duty player?
  12. The question is.. Does all the roles have a clear description of the player movements and contributions. we are only visualising the player's roles with the description given. our understanding and perception can go wrong.
  13. When we look at the term trequartista, there is no specific definition for such role. It's a term used in Italy and wen I google its a term used for a player behind the striker. He is just a attacking mid or a playmaker. There is no specific meaning to it. It was much more simpler when we had to choose who will be our playmaker in previous FM. There isn't a need to confuse us with these roles when they have similar meaning. Even an Enganche is a term used in South America which is also a playmaker and of coz in FM enganche role restrict his movements. it is much simpler to choose a player who has the attributes to be a playmaker and we set up his instructions on his movements and contributions.
  14. Instructions are clear but it's the definition of roles that separates these instructions. If you look at the advanced forward and a poacher, they have almost similar default instruction and all I have to do is to select one or two instructions to make it similar between these two roles. So that means both roles have different definition but similar movement and contributions?
  15. Yes maybe those instructions are the same to what a poacher means. But if we look at Defoe, he is a natural poacher who gets the ball, run with it and blast it towards goal. But there are times that you can see him dropping deep instead of sitting at shoulder of the last defender and yet he still perform the duty of a poacher. Yes if I want him to drop deep I could assign him deep lying forward. But the idea is I just want him to be the main goal getter but just drop deeper instead of sitting at shoulder of the last defender. There are roles which enables to drop deep but each roles have different definition and these definitions gives us a different perception of how the player will move and contribute and not the way I want him to.
  16. Yes I do agree. But then again your lone striker movement is a secondary objective according to your game plan. Naturally every manager expects their striker to find the net so in that sense i'm telling the primary objective of a forward is to score goals. What i'm trying to highlight is instead of the specific roles, we instruct the players on their movements and contribution. I do not see much of a difference between a deep lying forward and a F9. Both roles start as a up front and then drop deep. Both roles have the ability to pull away the defenders and I can almost set similar instructions to both roles. Only the definition of the roles are different but during the match the movements are almost the same and maybe a slight difference due to the ability of the players.
  17. This may sound like a like a suggestion or someone may have brought up this before But I’ve got tell this after playing FM, back then called CM for 20 yrs.. 1993 was the year, I gotta be grateful for a not so close friend introducing me this great game about managing a football club.. Overjoyed that I could manage spurs, buy players, sell players, set up your squad and winning the league.. Everything was as simple as abc.. Basic tactics.. Basic positions.. Just plug in your best payers and start the game.. The simple bars and the commentary text is the only way we know whether we are playing well or bad.. No 2D or 3D to check on movement of players when my team was losing. But everything was simple, enjoyable and importantly less stressful. Each year SI upgraded the version of the game with the advancement of technology and the game got harder and more realistic and finally the year came when everyone hoped for a 3D. Tactics too were developed and now each position, players have a role and a duty. This is what everyone wanted, more control of the players and the tactics. And of cause I am one of those fans very happy at work of SI of giving what we wanted. But I got to be honest. I realised tactics and training has become too technical to understand and conceptualise. I guess in real life, managers tell the players of their position and give instructions on his duties on what he has to do on the field. That is what SI has given us in FM14. Getting rid of the traditional sliders and introducing instructions. That’s is how it is done in real life. But the big question is do we need a predefined role and duty for each player and a predefined team mentality and fluidity? If I’m a manager who position my player as striker, I will give him instructions on what he has to do on the field. Not telling my player you going to be my poacher or deep lying forward or F9 or so on. Yes these are roles and they have different pre-set instructions accordingly. But in real life you give instructions to player based on how we want them to play and based on their abilities. For example, there isn’t much difference between deep lying forward and a F9. Both roles have to drop deep and have more or less similar pre-set instructions. Yes both roles have different explanations but from the 2D, their movements are much the pretty same and what difference can we see. Even a complete forward or trequartista drops deep. I believe all primary objective of a forward you are to score goals. Additional instructions should be given for their movement and contribution towards the play. I’m sure if we look at the forum, many FM gamers are still confused on the tactics aspect and wondering why their tactics is not working. Thank god we got some kind souls who take their time and effort contributing some useful articles like the mentality ladder and 12 step guide. But to be frank, those explanations are too technical and just hard to conceptualise. Things should be kept simple. I play two strikers. One striker instructing to be drop deeper or roam and the other to make runs and while staying up. If my striker is not performing well then I should tweak his instructions and not keep experimenting what is the role he will fit into. A manager should instruct on how he wants his players to play base on their attributes and not base on the explanation on those roles and the highlighted attributes. Another thing which I find it very weird in FM14, if I set my team to very fluid and attacking, why is the team instructions such as Be more Disciplined and Much deeper Defensive are not being greyed out. I wondered what will be my players’ mentality if I want them to attack but still able to instruct Much Deeper defensive. It just doesn’t make sense. I feel when you attack and very fluid there are higher chances where u will have high defensive line by default and playing a more open game. Maybe the experts in the SI team knows how a team will play with such instructions but as a normal FA gamer we find it contradicting and hard to conceptualise. Lastly I think the training needs some changes. I love the match training and SI has a done a great job in implementing that. But I am not too sure that I want the players to train one particular aspect the whole week. The only option which is available is the balanced training. But I’m sure that I want my players to train attack and a bit of defend and fitness. The individual training is also a great feature which makes a player train his weaknesses in his attributes. But I suggest training a role should be taken off and make a player train to improve multiple attributes instead of a single attributes. For example I can train my M(L/R) to improve his crossing and passing only and not make him train the whole attributes of a winger. To sum up, this is not a complaint. This is just a suggestion that SI can develop tactics and training easier to conceptualise. What I’m trying to say is that the motive is not to create tactic to guarantee success in every match but to create a tactic how I want it to be played and build on that. Having basic team instruction and more player instructions to tell what they should do in that position, not based on roles and duty. A ball playing defender and a limited defender are able to play as stopper. So what is their movement with the balls and off the balls? Isn’t a stopper is a stopper? In FM that is the main objective of a manger to build a team, train his players and win matches to reach the goals of a club. SI has come this far to bring more realism to the game. At the same time tactics should kept simple and easier for us to conceptualise and not worrying to understand technical details of it.
  18. I'm a big fan of 442 using old school wingers to supply crosses to my strikers. However I'm a bit confused in setting up instructions for the attack and support duty of my wingers in the M L/R position. I've a few doubts and hope to get a few advices from you guys. 1) From what I understand that the important attributes for an attack and support duty is similar, except the Cross from Byline is default activated in support duty. But it is explained that winger with support duty player will get pass his man and get an early cross. Isn't it more logical a support duty player default instruction should be from cross deep and attack duty player cross from the byline?? What if I instruct my winger support to cross from deep even though the default instruction 'Cross from Byline' is already activated, which crossing has more priority? 2) How does the 'Get Further Forward' instruction affect a winger? Does he suppose to position himself from a M L/R to AM L/R or make forward runs to find space? From what it is explained that a player adopts an attacking mentality and make an impact in advance areas. 3) Is it logical for a winger attack to hold his position? The player instructions able to instruct winger attack to hold his position but I couldn't understand the limitations as the 2D s hows the winger still getting into boxes and finding space instead of staying wide. Has anyone tried using to hold the position of winger in a attack duty?
  19. Stadium backgrounds are great. Using them now. However there is a slight problem. Can anyone advice me how to change the highlight colour of the attribute. For example if i choose a particular role of a player's position, the highlighted attributes for that role couldnt be seen properly as it clashes with the dark background. Im using base dark Bg skin. My overlays are 80%.
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