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  1. Also, I've just had my request for an increased transfer budget accepted. They so very kindly increased my budget to £0. Is that a bug??
  2. I'd rather have anything than a direct free kick against me. A post of mine a couple of pages back shows a centre half with a free kicking rating of 9 scoring two direct against me. And then theres a screenshot of a player hitting the woodwork from six free kicks against me! If thats not a bug I don't know what is.
  3. Can someone please share with me how they set their team up for free kicks and corners? Two games in a row I've conceded three goals from corners. Ball comes in, opposition player header, keeper saves falls to opposition in goals for empty goal finish. I've set my team up and I've set them all to default but almost every game I concede from a corner. Free kicks just as bad.
  4. Not overly annoyed about this as it was against me but Panathanaikos' cristiano hit the post six times all from direct free kicks.
  5. Is anyone else conceding ridiculous amounts of goals to set pieces. I'm 99% sure it must be my tactis but I concede at least one goal almost every game from a corner or a free kick that hits the post and falls to the opposition. Sometimes it's two and three a game. My other issue is one I think may be a bug. I just played a league match where the oppositions centre half with a free kick rating of 9 scored 2 direct free kicks :o
  6. It's cool pal, got an infraction. Justice has prevailed.
  7. Your first piece of advice was that the way I play the game is flawed. We then got deeper into it and I told you it takes too much time to analyse and creating new tactics constantly feels like a job to which you replied "it doesn't and it isn't". Surely if you were advising me on something you'd have told me then why it doesnt take so long and why it isnt like a job, then maybe I'd have understood better.
  8. Thats all I'm getting though mate, all I have to do is this, it's easy. It won't take ages 'cause it's easy.
  9. . No ones playing a sympathy card here, you're just so narrow minded that you can't for a second think how others might be struggling playing this 'game' because you find it so delightfully easy. For a moderator your attitude is abysmal, instead of defusing a situation you've been condescending and patronising. Your last paragraph was perhaps your best of the night. Maybe if you'd started with that and trying to find what I was really having the issue with in terms of stats etc rather than trying to impose your superiority we'd have gotten there sooner and in more ammicable circumstances.
  10. Not at all. You really haven't read. I came on to find out if people were having problems not using full backs. I wasn't reading back through 600 comments. I was dragged into arguments by self righteous people telling me how to play the game. Yourself included. Really would have rather not reveal this as I don't want the usual sympathy **** that comes with it but I'm dyslexic. Big surprise considering how unarticulated and non sensicle my posts have been huh? Actually, it's more if not solely now only with numbers. If i'd to have a proper sit down and analyse the stats of a match, I'd be there for hours. Believe me I've tried, hence why I lost patience and need a save where i can just click and go. So maybe you're right, perhaps FM isn't for me anymore.
  11. Every match is definitely extreme, I was exaggerating there. But still, every two or three matches is still something I just don't have time for just now. This wasn't even what I had an issue with as I understand it's what the people want and what a simulator should be. I'm just saying that I don't have time to do it the 'proper' way and I imagine so many people both adults and especially kids won't have the time and/or patience to play anymore. I guess it feels like half of us are being left behind and given FM07 (classic mode) to keep us shoosht.
  12. No, lets. I can assure you, they are no more poorly articulated than anything you or anyone else has wrote so we can scratch that option. If, in your opinion, they are poor arguments then so be it but you either read them or you don't. Making assumptions on arguments you haven't read might get one into trouble on a forum. Again, if you revert back to my earlier comments I never once demanded that I should be winning. I have made it clear I came on to see if people were struggling in the same manner as myself, I was offering my own feedback to this feedback thread. I've in no way implied the whole game needs recoding. Sorry, I thought we were assuming things. You may be able to find stats and analyse them quickly, many others cannot. There seems to be a surplus of people on here who think because they can do something quickly and efficiently then everyone else should be able to do just as well.
  13. Not really sure what I'm supposed to take from that. It seems you just want everyone to know how good you are at the game and you jump at the chance to inform those who aren't doing so well that you are and it's their fault they aren't as good as you? Yeah, I did and to be quite honest I wish I hadn't. I'm all for things being realistic... if you have the time. Can you imagine being ten (the age I first got FM) and realising that you have to analyse stats create a different tactic every match so as to exploit your opponents weaknesses whilst also overcoming the ME?
  14. I'm under no illusions that it's something I'm doing. I 've not implied it's down to a bug once. I came to this feedback thread to offer feedback in the hope that I could clarify with others that it is indeed something I am or am not doing. Again, I think like a couple of others you haven't fully read my arguments. The way I approached my two Spurs saves were flawed, purely down to the fact they weren't serious saves (a pre release fiddle and an easy save when I was stuck with my serious save). I won't sit here and say I sit and study tactics and stats for ages 'cause I don't. I work six days a week, I'm at uni five days a week and in amongst all that I have people to see and places to be so i'm looking for a fun game for when I've got a spare hour not a job. Too imply that is a 'flawed' way to play the game is silly. Isn't it my game? If I wanted to save and replay, couldn't I? Surely the way you wish to play the game you paid for is your perogative and in no way flawed?