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  1. My favourite time of the year! I always do a save with Celtic first, I’d feel like I was cheating on them otherwise! We had a relatively good window made some interesting additions but more importantly kept a hold of everyone. Not having Forster return was a kick in the teeth but you can’t have it all. Be interesting trying to keep 13 midfielders and 4 strikers happy most of whom will be expecting a lot of first team football. Would imagine second season being a big rebuild job as well as I’d expect to find it very difficult to keep Edouard, Ajer, Ntcham, Christie, McGregor and Fri
  2. My man!!! Can’t wait to get started on this, excellent work mate!!
  3. Definitely sounds good ma man. Know what you mean by imposing sanctions on yourself but I’d just rather you could play the game as normally as you want and feel challenged. I’m at the tail end of my fourth season and going into the split Rangers are 6 points adrift of Dundee Utd! Im really surprised with how few Celtic/SPFL fans seem to be using this forum.
  4. Hi guys, had a search around and couldn’t find anything the same. Apologies in advance if I’ve just overlooked. On 1/3/2021 I (Celtic) had a bid accepted for a player (Douglas Borel), I then offered him an agreed upon contract and the work permit process began. During this process, for some reason or another, I decided I would no longer require his services and withdrew the transfer. Now on the 7/9/22 whilst having a search in the scouting centre I stumbled upon Borel and beside his name it says I’ve bid for him and that he’s awaiting the outcome for his work permit. I also
  5. That sounds absolutely amazing man, great work, can’t wait to get in about it! Getting a bit annoyed with how competitive the Scottish Premier League is. Was excited by the prospect of a strong Rangers challenge and the addition of an extra European competition potentially helping the Hibs and Aberdeen’s of the league kick on. I’ve just started my fourth season and I’ve lost three times domestically (only once in the league). That, incidentally, is not a brag as I am first to admit I’m not at all good at the game. My only notable result in those four seasons being beating Inter Mil
  6. The first thing I did in my Celtic save was bring in the best HOYD I could get my hands on and in three years I’m sad to say I’m in the exact same position as your save, the best I’ve gotten was a 3 star potential centre half with attributes in all the wrong places haha! How have you found your save with Rangers? Do you find the other teams don’t seem to raise it much and make really strange transfers? Been a mixed bag in my save so far, Rangers making some great signings (resigning Weiss was the best he’s been brilliant) but they’ve also made some really questionable signings and lo
  7. Keep an eye on Luca Connell for your midfield three, he’s good enough to play straight away and just keeps improving. I originally wanted to go with 3-5-2 but quickly realised it would be criminal not to play with wingers. MJ and Dembele after a strong season can walk into the better teams in England. After a couple of seasons Dembele can go anywhere. Not to mention you have Forrest and El Younoussi. Edouard is a beast in the advanced forward role with Christie behind him (couldn’t replicate with Rogic no matter what). Eddy went in January of the first season for £70m + to
  8. Note to anyone it may help, NEVER let your board negotiate a contract for your best player Edouard in unbelievable form, numbers I’ve never ever been able to get out of a striker. I decide to offer him a contract to deter the eleven teams circling for him. He’s asking for a bit much but thankfully no release clause. He wants 60 board won’t let me go above 42. I decide to ask them to help out. They do. £18.5m release clause.
  9. Yeah I guess it’s healthy to always have an ‘opportunity’ to improve on so I understand that. The media expecting Celtic to go to Atletico and get a result is a bit unrealistic. I’m getting a little worried about some realism with certain things, it’s December and I’ve just got a mail through to say that the board are increasing our transfer budget to £48.5m (worth noting I’m on a Celtic forum and this has happened with a couple of people) we’ll be lucky if we get £48.5m to spend over the next five years never mind in one season! My director of football has given me a few sugge
  10. @FrazT @HUNT3R @likesiamesefish Thanks for the replies guys, fairing a lot better now! Does anyone else think the expectations are a bit annoying? I know they don’t impact much but I didn’t it really unrealistic. I’m in the first season with Celtic and I’ve just lost 3-2 away to Atletico Madrid in the CL group stages. Afterwards the reporters wee summary said he was expecting it to be a draw so the Celtic fans will be disappointed! My board are also using it as a negative, they’re disappointed by the result
  11. I’ve did a quick search and can’t quite put into words what I’m looking for so not getting anywhere. I know I’m probably being ridiculously stupid so don’t want to start a new thread. I’ve just started my save with Celtic and so have to play 368 qualifiers I don’t like to take control of friendlies and so always delegate to my assman. My problem is no matter what, unless I accept his advice pre match regarding who should play he doesn’t change a single aspect of my team. I feel like in previous years they took control and played a healthy mix and everyone was nice and fit for th
  12. Hi guys just a quick question, is there any way to see a list of the managers in your league? I feel like I’ve tried everything and can’t seem to find the function, if it actually exists. Thanks.
  13. The work you are all doing is absolutely phenomenal. From the guys going through their teams with a fine toothcomb to the guys fixing the issues and creating the data in the first place you are all reasons Why football manager is such an amazing game to play! I don’t have much to input but my god If you make one change take Brendan Rodgers out of the Celtic icon list. If you need any proof as to why I can provide you with copious amounts!
  14. Also, I've just had my request for an increased transfer budget accepted. They so very kindly increased my budget to £0. Is that a bug??
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