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  1. GG17

    World Cup Betting Thread

    Well I've done just under even over the tournament mainly thanks to Panama losing all 3 games however I have a pre tournament bet of Croatia to win each way to run so whatever happens I've done OK now. Still undecided on what to bet on today. Keeping it real small with the 5 pound bet and 5 pound free bet on Bet365.
  2. GG17

    World Cup Betting Thread

    Perfect thanks.
  3. GG17

    World Cup Betting Thread

    Is there a way of checking the current booking points for Spain?
  4. GG17

    2018 World Cup squads

    Whats the most likely Spanish back line do we think? Alba and Carvahal as full backs?
  5. What did people expect ffs 😂 It'll be his 3rd fight before its even remotely competitive
  6. 2 plodders plodding. Funny that it's box office. Hilarious that I'll probably pay for it on the night.
  7. GG17

    Nintendo Switch Thread - Lets catch them Pokemon

    Birthday coming up, is it worth getting one of these and FM18 touch or not? What's the general vibe about the game on here? Thanks
  8. If we've donated when/how do we get it?
  9. Haha perfect thanks Ummm this wasn't helpful no. Thanks for trying though. Better luck next time. As for tonights game, I'm on Sane to score anytime. TAA is Liverpools weak spot and I'd be shocked if he keeps Sane out twice. People raved about him in the 1st game but City and Sane created chances and could have had goals if it wasn't for tight decisions and as he's bigger odds than sterling and Aguero then I see the best return on him.
  10. I've been tipped buywise for the national. I know its a mess of a race to predict but anyone with any knowledge know if I'm at least on something decent?
  11. Which races are apples shakira and apples jade racing in or do we not know yet? Bet365 showing a few for each one.
  12. Naz went from saying Eubank would come back at world level to telling him to retire in a great 20 minutes 😂
  13. GG17


    Its a bank statement. I can't place the transaction at all, its down as made today and I've done very little. I don't have contactless payment yet and its done as a "card not present" transaction which normally means online.