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  1. GG17

    World Cup Betting Thread

    Well I've done just under even over the tournament mainly thanks to Panama losing all 3 games however I have a pre tournament bet of Croatia to win each way to run so whatever happens I've done OK now. Still undecided on what to bet on today. Keeping it real small with the 5 pound bet and 5 pound free bet on Bet365.
  2. GG17

    World Cup Betting Thread

    Perfect thanks.
  3. GG17

    World Cup Betting Thread

    Is there a way of checking the current booking points for Spain?
  4. GG17

    2018 World Cup squads

    Whats the most likely Spanish back line do we think? Alba and Carvahal as full backs?
  5. If we've donated when/how do we get it?
  6. GG17

    The Sun Euro 2016 Dream Team League

    I think I won this tonight!? Are we doing a Premier League one next season?
  7. GG17

    Euro 2016 Betting Thread - Tales of Woe Guaranteed

    Get in there! Combined with smashing my friends 30 team fantasy league I have bagged a cool £500 tonight.
  8. GG17

    Euro 2016 Betting Thread - Tales of Woe Guaranteed

    Clatts is the referee for the final. Confirmed last night after Wales lost.
  9. GG17

    Semi Final 1 - Portugal VS Wales #PORWAL

    Not getting beat = final.
  10. GG17

    Hodgson Steps Down

    Pellegrini and Hiddink at 25/1 have to be good bet rights now.
  11. Rumours are that Saints might be trying to hijack that deal
  12. GG17

    Next England manager?

    Love the idea of Howe sacking of a premier league club job for England U21's and Hoddle being given the job keeping the public happy
  13. Whatever 11 is put out for England is pretty similar. The game had drab draw written all over it from the start of the group and I cleaned up on it at the bookies. Happy days.
  14. GG17

    Italy - Euro 2016

    What do you think you will do defence wise?