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  1. To be honest, I just play with my own tweaked version of the same tactic i've been using for years, and it still works. For me its about asymmetric tactics and creating overloads. But then my tactic is basically based on what I think my team should play in real life with the players they have, so I just buy players to replace the ones I have that are similar, with a couple of wild cards for variation. I say stuff the tactics gurus bar some of the best who outline why they do things based on real life. The rest are just match engine exploits that always hit the buffers when the opposition adapts or the ME updates. Simple real life principles always work the best and are much more satisfying to implement.
  2. Now it does it with no skins installed and stops just before the sega logo - I've already uninstalled/reinstalled, cleared cache, removed all graphics etc twice today. I don't know what SI have done with the latest update, but it has screwed my game totally. Wasted hours on this.
  3. Every time I try to start the game with a custom skin I get these error messages followed by a blank screen. With any custom skin - tried about 15 or so. But only in the last few days - despite not downloading any workshop files etc (or any being updated). Had no problems prior to the latest update. Works fine with FM skins And if i try to reload or change skin - even to another FM skin - while the game is loaded - it half loads and I have to use task manager to kill it.
  4. Having exactly the same problem. Any ideas?
  5. Didn't take it as anything bad, don't worry! Just saying that this isn't a god tactic like Diablo...I've not got the time to find all the game exploits that might be out there! ;-)
  6. Not in April yet - and its not just the tactic - its smart recruitment and bulking out the squad with non EPL registerable freebie veterans to take the pressure off the cup fixtures. also, FM never gives Arsenal the '5 injuries in the same position at once' thing, and I bung loads of points into discipline etc as a manager to keep everyone motivated and firing. And obvs, as Eden Hazard has been carrying Chelsea, he's significantly improved my team...
  7. Have to confess the throw in set up is NOT my own. (and influenced the corner set up). The rest is just tweaks to the same tactic I've been spanking FM with for the last few editions now - which is basically how I think Arsenal should play with the squad we have - its basically a more balanced and more efficient way of playing than late Wengerball, with a slight influence from the side 97-2005 side (and the odd specific instruction nod to GG's Arsenal). Funny thing is, you guys have had more time to 'test' it than me - I still haven't even got to April season 1 yet! Though I'm currently at 100% win rate, and in danger of beating my best ever GD record on FM (largely due to that freak 16-0 vs huddersfield!)
  8. Looking at your squad positions, are you using my tactic? ;-)
  9. Glad its working for you! Re Huddersfield, it has to have been a freak result! After all, Arsenal's record win since 1886 is 12-0 - I've never got beyond 10 before!
  10. Downloads fine for me - not at that computer at the mo, but I can try later
  11. Sadly due to a crash due to updating skins, my save got corrupted, so I've started again - a couple of people were asking about my tactics after I listed my first (now defunct) half season. I've tweaked these a little and uploaded them below. My main tactic is a tweak of my FM17 & FM18 tactics, with a slightly greater hint of Unai Emery's influence, which is almost what Emery was playing at the start of the season...Its what I think he would play if the likes of Mustafi and Kolo were as competent defensively in real life as they are in game! The latter is a more possession based version of the tactics employed by Arsenal under George Graham in 1991 and Wenger in 1998. It still needs a bit more tweaking, but it allows 2 up top. I've also attached my 4th EPL home game in my new game with my main tactic...my best ever win on FM by some distance, even if it was just Huddersfield. You'll notice that on my new game I've bought Eden Hazard, and again recruited Assombalonga and Sissoko. Power and pace kids, power and pace! I wasn't intending to buy Hazard, but I gave my backroom more control this time, and Raul whacked in a bid for Hazard, which I tweaked to spread payments. Rather wonderfully, they wouldn't sell without signing a replacement first, and then decided Welbz was that replacement (and wouldn't discuss a renewal). So on deadline day, Hazard came in for £30m +£70m over 3 years, and Welbz left for £48 + £20m over 2 years! So I essentially paid £32m + signing on fees for Hazard and actually increased my short-term transfer budget! Unai.fmf Arsenal 90s.fmf
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