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  1. Not aging so well this....Though Fati may be a better prospect...
  2. I used to have a blog called 'Edge of the Area' and then joined the team at dailycannon.com specialising in long form articles, club history etc, and used to have a weekly column until work made it impossible to commit to. I still do the odd thing, but mostly just do the daily cannon weekly podcast which I host and produce. If I'm being honest its not as good as the Arsenal Vision podcast has become, and doesn't get as many good guests as Arseblog, but I guess we have about 1k to 2k listeners every episode with the odd spike into the tens of thousands. A couple of years ago we had bigger numbe
  3. For me the DLP and BBM are excellent, but I have a lopsided AP ahead of the DLP, the striker lopsided ahead of the BBM, the IF on Attack, an advanced WB on the left, and quite a few more team instructions. The AI teams are set up to counter standard formations, Going lopsided and oddly balanced gives them more problems. The general philosophy is based on the best elements of the later Wenger teams, with elements of the earlier ones to combine it with Emery style intensity. (need to rotate lots though, so stock up on those good u21 players for more options!)
  4. Have you tried the tactic I uploaded a few pages back? It works wonders for me, and I've noticed a few others have had success with it. I have no idea if I can make a tactic work with another very different team, but as an Arsenal blogger, podcaster and amateur tactical analyst, I know this club backwards and every year come up with a FM spanking tactic for Arsenal. I guess its partly because Wenger's bizarre squad building has left with a squad where standard tactical set ups are less effective than tailored ones. I often find things that run contrary to online FM tactic gurus work
  5. Having this same problem - to the degree that it crashes when re-loading skin even without any graphics files installed. Not even changing skin, just re-loading. Then I get the following error messages. I've uninstalled and re-installed, deleted caches, preferences etc, verified game files etc etc Its just happened today. Prior to that no problems for 5 months. Any suggestions?
  6. Glad to see after you asked, my lopsided tactic is again doing the biz for you. When it gets on a roll it's very potent!
  7. Its about working out which formation will work best against specific opponents (of the two), making ingame tweaks where necessary, ensuring any signings either fit or improve the system (a pacey dribbling wide man on either flank with duty changed accordingly works well) and ROTATION (as I've said before I pick up cheap or free players for the early rounds of the cups, who, when they inevitably complain about lack of game time, get sold off to boost the coffers). Don't get me wrong, it doesn't work all the time, and I've had a few cup upsets...and I've not played enough into the future t
  8. Its two or three pages back. 2 tactics a lop sided 4-2-3-1 and an old school 4-4-2 lopsided.
  9. People are complaining about Spacewe's sales being unrealistic or being amazed by his performances, but bar a couple of his sales being inflated by being spread over monthly installments, its entirely consistent with my own experience. I've recently started a new save after a long time away, but in that one I had running before (where I posted my tactic - which is similar to my previous tactics on previous versions in terms of fundamentals - and beat Huddersfield 16-0!), In season 1 I won every league game and had a goal difference of 180 (signing Hazard in installments helped!). Of cours
  10. To be honest, I just play with my own tweaked version of the same tactic i've been using for years, and it still works. For me its about asymmetric tactics and creating overloads. But then my tactic is basically based on what I think my team should play in real life with the players they have, so I just buy players to replace the ones I have that are similar, with a couple of wild cards for variation. I say stuff the tactics gurus bar some of the best who outline why they do things based on real life. The rest are just match engine exploits that always hit the buffers when the opposition adapt
  11. Now it does it with no skins installed and stops just before the sega logo - I've already uninstalled/reinstalled, cleared cache, removed all graphics etc twice today. I don't know what SI have done with the latest update, but it has screwed my game totally. Wasted hours on this.
  12. Every time I try to start the game with a custom skin I get these error messages followed by a blank screen. With any custom skin - tried about 15 or so. But only in the last few days - despite not downloading any workshop files etc (or any being updated). Had no problems prior to the latest update. Works fine with FM skins And if i try to reload or change skin - even to another FM skin - while the game is loaded - it half loads and I have to use task manager to kill it.
  13. Didn't take it as anything bad, don't worry! Just saying that this isn't a god tactic like Diablo...I've not got the time to find all the game exploits that might be out there! ;-)
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