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  1. United are an interesting case study as their domestic results have been very strong on the whole, but they are spectacularly reliant on a few individuals for a club of their size and a squad so laden with talent and so expensively assembled. United under Fergie were a machine, but one that also played breathtaking football at times and totally dominated games. This United team still play great football at times, but without the talent in the final third are bang average (though credit to Shaw for recovering from being Mourinho'd). I think I've genuinely been impressed by Utd about 5 times thi
  2. His attributes are probably accurate, but the weighting of those attributes in game and how they impact on performance is inaccurate. the FM engine is slightly skewed in favour of the type of football that suits him. In the same way the engine simply can't replicate the amount of utter moron moments by Arsenal defenders/midfielders in recent seasons. Its literally impossible to create a Mustafi in FM (a player that should be good, for 90% of 75% of games looks quality, but the rest of the time is a disaster zone)
  3. No but as long as he gets playing time and the team does reasonably well can always sell him in the summer of '21 for good money
  4. Never had it quite so bad - even on my first save where I won every game in every competition. Had 4 in a week once but that is mental. Rotation tastic!
  5. Its the goals vs xG that is so impressive. I had Laca get 38 goals in 30 games in the EPL in season 1, but that was pretty much on equal xG
  6. Szoboszlai is SO GOOD for me. Season 1 - 18 starts & 7 sub appearances - 18 goals 21 assists 8.17 av
  7. All depends on who they are, and what their level of ability is. Characters like Luiz will kick off if not treated they way they perceive to be fair in real life, whereas for all Mustafi being a nightmare, he's never caused any commotion. Likewise, Xhaka, both in game and in life is prone to getting emotional about stuff, and can be unhelpful, but if you get him onside he will be a good soldier in his own way. I signed a few freebies to bolster numbers for cup competitions and then promised to trim the squad, and no-one seemed to care either way. But then they didn't care when I forced o
  8. First save I had I picked up Danny Rose from spurs for £2.5m Near the end of the first transfer window there should be some decent options listed as a few players with contracts expiring are LBs
  9. Same as before - in all games at home or expecting to win a 4-2-3-1 and all tricky away games a 2-3-2-2-1 Gegenpress. Lots of counter-pressing, extremely high tempo, higher line of enagement etc. Found bringing Ibra in as an option to be a TM or DLF for games against deep blocks made a big difference. Meant I could always just up the crossing onto his bonce. Poor old Leicester. As well as getting relegated on GD in the end, they then lost 7-0 to me in the EL final 3 days later, with a hatrick for Martinelli filling in for the injured Auba....ouch. Nketiah got 24 in the EL, setting a new
  10. Biting off of hands? ;-) Maybe your mate had some funky clauses, or the club's finances were not great? There should be an agreed % somewhere..
  11. Or at least a large percentage of it - 70-90% - don't know if this applies to deferred payments or if the budget increases are also deferred.
  12. a little. Which is why after a first season on FM I always set myself different challenges. To be honest, this years FM seems too easy though. My only signings of note were Zlatan in first window (and Wilshere on a Bosman), and then Stones for £13m & and unsettled Szoboszlai in Jan (having sold Mustafi, Ozil, Socrates). Boosted the squad for cup games with a few Bosmans, and only really Liverpool Away, Utd Away, City Away & Juventus Away were games I didn't totally deserve to win. But I always try to max out season 1 to give me more flexibility after that. More board patience, more
  13. My Favourite result on any FM/CM. Penultimate game of first season (I started again because I wanted to try a couple of data updates and buy Zlatan! (Started brill, but tailed off, but is the captain who OWNS the dressing room). 7-2 away win at WHL. 4 home grown kids on the scoresheet. Keeps my 100% EPL record. Sends Spurs down. Nice!
  14. My less offensive tactic was just the first thing I put in without any thought to be honest. Gegenpressing 23221 with IF/A on each flank, PF up front, DLP (D), MEZ (A) and either DLP (S) or BBM in midfield, with a WB (A) on the right and WB (S) on the left. Then just tweaked for the strengths of individuals - so if hector at RWB - cross from byline, if Cedric - cross from deep. Took me about 5 mins My more offensive formation is a 4-2-3-1, with WB(s) at full back, DLP (S) & BBM in midfield, one flank has a winger the other an IF/A or IW/A depending on who's picked. AM-A. CF is ju
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