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  1. Player ratings are merciless in the latest update, the difference is really huge in comparison to how it was before the update. but thats probably already adressed
  2. Thats great to hear and how it should be for once, thanks
  3. How good is Pedri in game? i feel that he should be around top three prospects in the world, is that reflected in FM 21?
  4. No, next time around i will be more cautious and read comments Before buying and not just rush in head first because Miles is hyping the game.
  5. Really surprised that so many like the FM20 match engine
  6. This one you probably all have experienced regurlarly , i now had 5 full potetienal youth player being poached at 15 behind the scenes by Bournemouth of all teams. The most frustrating thing about it is i cant do anything about it, or can i? if so what? And, i cant do the same to other teams? or can i? if so how? Losing two yout players each season this way is not fun if you have no way of controlling it at all, then i rather not have the message telling me about it.
  7. Manchester United is the overpowered team , you look at it completley wrong they are way better than they are in real Life. Liverpool should walk this league
  8. haha yes, i saw that there was Another thread on the sam subject, and now i understand that it is within the same club...haha
  9. Ah rats, started a thread about this Before i saw this one, i thought the regen could end up anywhere so i was looking through all regens with the same last name as me. dont i look stupid now haha
  10. **** i should have choosed a more exotic last name then...:) , so i have to go through them all i guess ..
  11. If you get a Son ingame, how do you know? is there a way to search for it or will it be displayed on my managerpage? At what age do you get a son if you get one?
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