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  1. New brought in players that feel they are out of the team while rotated one game. New players thinking they earn a new contract while they have been out on a loan for one year and once back just is back in the team and not showed anything yet Players wanting to go to lesser teams after winning champions League and the League, because reasons...?
  2. How? if i remember correctly you only got a couple of 100 k in transfer kitty and no wage budget first summer? did sales generate that much to cover for thoose 4?
  3. Cant get motivated with this years FM, every game looks the same, follows the same formula no matter the opponent, it feels more work than play even though its my beloved Liverpool. Havent noticed any ME changes in game but OTOH i dont know if the game has updated, do you know if you do that manually or if it happens automatically?
  4. Quick question, is it possible to learn a player to "green" in a new position or is accomplished "brow-reddish" max? probably discussed thousand of times, nbut anyway. Coutinho for instance can he he ever become more than Brown in any a new cm role?
  5. I Agree with ravenation, maybe i just have been unlucky but stats and reputation of your youth coaches havent matter at all when IT comes to traits and positionaltraining which is hugely dissappoing. Mentoring works differently this year so i dont think this would be possible without our involvement? I tried to switcher coaches but didnt notice Any change. In general i would say that leaving training to the ai is a catastrophic idea. IT Will lead to either player complaints or alot of injuries.
  6. I wouldent recomend this to anyone that didnt had alot of extra time to spend in forums, watching videos etc. Its not really for the casual gamer or atleast not for anyone that hasnt an almost fanatic interest in football.
  7. Urs new players that you you just signed too, been training with the club for a couple of weeks, when: start to think he needs a new contract soon. Wtf? Hasnt played one game for the club yet. Lol
  8. Save before every player interaction because i dont want to have a broken game because of a unrealistic conversational system
  9. No its not just your tactics, its a general problem with strikers in the box. Watch a full game and see how they react in the box they are lethargic. IF the ball isnt directly directed to them then they dont move. Thats not your Fault. I have Suarez, someone that in real life goes on everything. Here he just doesnt move. Its a ME issue.
  10. It has nothing to do with this but sort of has , in a way, it was a British journalist asking Pep after the 6-1 win over Southampton if he now thought that Sterling was the best player in the World, and i have seen this Before. There is something about unconsciously downplaying other nations league´s or players when something good or unusually good happens in the PL. Anyway, Pep looked liked had swallowed a lemon, "the best player in the World"'?
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