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  1. Bortom line is that this is not a very good simulator of football on the pitch in its current stare
  2. haha, no, not one shooting traits, i though something big had happened to my game
  3. Fati scored 3 one on One´s in the same game, i dont know what happened. I havent touched my tactic, so i Went here to see if there was a fix released but it hasnt. Its all very strange. I suspect that they might have sneaked out a fix in secrecy .
  4. I would like to see someone post a screenshot with full "A`s" on there Club vision. If someone succeded thats a nice achievement, i guess it depends on what club you manage but it seems absurdley hard, maybe even bugged(or in need of adjustment atleast).
  5. It will either be your tactics or you players ambitious attribute, if his ambitous attribute is high enough he probably want to go full ego on the opportunity himself. In all seriousness, it has baffled me since the first beta and i dont have a clue other then there will be some kind of excuses.
  6. That is an Amazing Wolves team btw, there was no way i could get Dias and Luis interested to come to Wolves. I will try with Ajer and see how it goes.
  7. Depends on budget and what i aleready have, IF i manage Notts co or Barcelona. But i have discovered Vinegre (sp) at left back, cutrone at ST, Bruno Fernandez at cm all 3 are players i would sign againg given the right circumstances
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. Isnt Ajer more of a Dm than a CB or will he hold against the best as a CB also? Does Upamecano gets good in this iteration of FM? I dont think his attributes look that impressing. I play as Wolves but in My second save im in My second year. I will have a look at Savic and Tah and see if they might want to join. Gimenez is probably too exoensive
  9. Playing my second save and having the same problem again now, cant find many really good CB`s that are attainable. So who are they? how much can you get them for? Where do they play? (Ruben Dias doesnt Count , but on his level)
  10. Some of the stuff mentolens are so blatently obvious that it should have been picked up by SI staff feedback thread or no feedback thread. They are very fast to hail the ME as the second coming and dont notice these stuff that are obvious to an outsider 2 games in. Makes you wonder how much they actually play the game as the player is and how much of tunnel vision that is compronising Their view of the ME. Maybe next year they could chill with the ME boasting a bit.
  11. I agree, why not let the player get to be part of the design? Maybe as a reward if you have done well enough ( and want to of course). Would be cool.
  12. Really stupid question, when you get to expand or build a new stadium do you as a player get to involved in design of IT?
  13. The ME changed since beta which made alot of tactics working duting beta now is obsolete. You need to scrap or adjust the tactic you have. Or do you mean that your team gets results but your player ratings are too low?
  14. Atleast we dont have to pay out any juicy goal scoring bonuses to our forwards , guess thats something 😀 On a serious note, i rather have the first beta ME back than this...Atleast The forwards scored ( although not one on one ) Jimenez for over 30 in a season..now its doubtful IF Messi scores 20 without penalties
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