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  1. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants 2025-26 Season Review Gutted to miss out on the title with a wobbly last 2 months of the season, you can hand pick any game in that run in and said that we should really have won it, but this team has history of bottling title challenges. But like I said in the above post, coming second in our first season in the division is nothing to be sniffed at, especially with a wins against 2nd teams and fully pro teams. Player Stats Players Used - 26 Top Goalscorer - Marko Bibic (25 Goals (30 (3) apps)) Most Assists - Ante Bender (21 Assists (34 (1) apps)) Highest Avg. Rating - Marko Bibic (7.30/25 goals/2 assists (30(3) apps)) Team of the Season/Player Awards Other News Bibic was beaten to top goalscorer by a Brazilian who I tried to sign in pre-season, if we had signed him, I think we would have won the league. Season-by-Season
  2. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants May 2026 Transfers Just one signing, have bought in a winger, mainly to be a first team player/utility sub, but a good signing by all accounts. Run-in If we look at the run in, I would say that the league is ours to lose, but Mladost do have a slightly easier run in, due to the game between us and Kustosija. Results/League Table Great. Another season bottled. But there are some positives to take out of the season, and we have to remember that this is our first season in the second division, with the lowest reputation and one of the lowest wage bills.
  3. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants April 2026 Results/League Table A very iffy month going into the final 5 games of the season, the one shining light was the 4-2 demolition of Mladost, but Kustosija have made an unbelievable recovery, bringing them right back into the title race. Could this be our year, and the return of the back to back promotions.
  4. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants March 2026 Results/League Table A perfect month, 4 wins from 4 and 0 goals conceded! Despite this, Mladost are keeping the pace with us, and still sit level on points with us, but Kustosija have dropped off the pace slightly, hopefully this rich vein of form will continue for us. Other News After a few months of getting either runner up or 3rd place, we finally get our first manager award, I think that even if we finish 2nd or 3rd this season, we should be good for manager of the season. Youth Intake A better intake than usual, with most of these players on my radar for signing.
  5. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants February 2026 Transfers Just one outgoing, another youth prospect poached from us, this time on a pre-contract, tried to offer out a long contract when the bid came in, but in the end I was powerless to stop him from leaving. Results/League Table A tough loss against a newly promoted team, followed up by 2 defensivley solid performances see us go top of the league with our superior goal difference. Am confident saying that this is now a 3 horse race to get promotion, but weirder things have happened so far in this career.
  6. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants January 2026 No league matches in January, as there is a month break from the league. League games returning in Feb update. News One huge bit of news is that Ribicic has been sold to Napoli! Imagine if we could have kept hold of him.
  7. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants December 2025 Results/League Table Last games of the calendar season, there is a break throughout January, which will be filled with some friendlies against 5th tier sides. Again though, more dropped points against teams towards the bottom of the division is becoming a real achillies heel for us. Sitting 2nd going into the break with a good few points between us and 5th is a good sign though. Other News Another member of staff has been poached by a club in and around us, this time to be the manager of a team in the third teir. Youth Intake Pretty average looking year, judging by previous intake previews. I think this is the last chance for our HoYD to produce a semi-decent player before we look at replacing him.
  8. Hope this thread continues, a very good read so far!
  9. Cheers mate, looking good for a top 3 finish judging on current league form, which is more than ideal for a first season.
  10. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants November 2025 Results/League Table An solid if not spectacular month in terms of results. Should really have beaten 17th place Dragovoljac but could only muster a 1-1 draw. Results elsewhere see us, Rudes and Mladost opening up a gap at the top, could our final promotion (hopefully) beckon?
  11. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants October 2025 Results/League Table Our first defeat of the season, disappointing as we were 1-0 up for a while too. We also had a slip up against split in the cup, we went 3-0 down before half an hour, so I made 4 subs and we bought it back to 3-3, and were unlucky to lose out on penalties. We are looking comfortable in this league though, which is promising.
  12. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants September 2025 Results/League Table Another good month, winning in the first round of the cup quite comfortably, and remaining unbeaten in the league, beating all 2nd teams from the top division!
  13. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants August 2025 Results/League Table Very solid start to the league, as well as a win in our first ever match in the Croatian cup, which at the minute is our only ticket into Europe if we pull of a miracle win. New signings doing well, and the emergence of Novak Zagmester continuing his form from last season is making him a key player in the squad.
  14. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants 2025-2026 Pre-Season Transfers Have been busy getting rid of some deadwood from the side, as well as bringing in some new blood to have a consolidation season in the second division. As referenced in the post above, I have tried to loan some youth players from bigger clubs in the first division, but our reputation is so small, we dont have a hope in hell of signing them. Even clubs like Napoli are sniffing around for Ribicic! Outs First with the outs, nobody of note stands out, mainly backups and players that were sitting in the U-19s and not getting a sniff at the first team. I have continued our loaning policy. Ins I tell a lie, I did bring in a DC from the first division, but mainly as a bench player, will doubt that he will appear much in the coming season. A few players here that will feature in the first team a lot this season, including a 34 year old Gaston Ramirez! Results Pre-Season Odds Not as bad as I would have imagined, but with the 3 second teams with N/A, I imagine that we are around 13th.
  15. Thanks for the suggestion. I have tried to get some good young players back including our 2 scarlets, but a lot of players wont come due to our reputation still being the worst in the league by a long shot. Currently around 100th highest reputation in Croatia and still half a star.
  16. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants 2024-25 Season Review Finally promotion to the second division! 3rd time was a charm. I dont think we will have to do a lot to the squad to get a stable finish next season, maybe one or two players to replace some older players, but very happy overall. Next season, I am hoping for a mid-table finish and then promotion the year after, depending on the strength of teams coming down from the first division. An issue may be that we are now in a division mixed with both full and part time teams, so could be a stumbling block. Player Stats Players Used - 29 Top Goalscorer - Dzemal Ibishi (38 goals (40 (1) apps)) Most Assists - Novak Zagmester/Duro Simic (11 assists (41 apps)) Highest Avg. Rating - Dzemal Ibishi (7.42 - 38 goals/3 assists (40 (1) apps)) Team of the Season/Player Awards Other News Some positives and negatives. Signed a new 2 year deal, but due to the board not investing, there is no way we can get our facilities back until we hit Europe. Season-by-Season
  17. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants April/May - Promotion Group Aaaaaaannnddddd its liveeeee Going into this group I dont hold high hopes, due to the Souths inability to finish anywhere other than 5th or 4th over the past few years. On paper we go into 8 tough fixtures. First game I think this will be a very tough group if this luck continues. 2 missed penalties and domination in the game still leading to a loss, hopefully this wont continue. 7 Games in After a draw with Marsonia, I thought we were done for and another season in the 3rd division loomed, but then 4 wins on the bounce only conceding 1 goal in that run gave us a great shot of promotion going into the last game, with 3 teams still in the run in, and we play the bottom side, with a draw being enough to win promotion. Final Game What a final game. With our history of bottling big games, I thought this would be a similar story, but another dominating performance ensured us to go up in top spot of the group! Second division here we come!
  18. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants April 2025 Results/League Table With the league won, the last two games were nothing apart from continuing our form going into the promotion group. 2 wins from 2 is a job well done.
  19. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants March 2025 Results/League Table Yet another successful month coupled with dropped points from everyone around us means we have been crowned champions of the south division with 4 games to spare (Last 2 games are in April.) All questions about the midfield have been answered by the emergence of Ante Bender and Josip Mijatovic, Bender also with a 16 for free kicks. There will be an April post with the last games of the regular season, and thinking of a separate post for the promotion league campaign. Other News Such a shame. The fans are not happy with the current administration due to the sale of Brodaric and Ribicic, which is perfectly understandable. Youth Intake Again, nothing much from this intake. A,B,C, and D have all been signed but I only really have hope for Tomislav Butorovic. I am running out of patience with this HoYD, 1 more shoddy intake and I might look to replace him.
  20. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants February 2025 Results/League Table Looking like a big wobble is coming due to the board. If we do not win this league, we only have one person to blame, the new chairman. All of our goals have dried up, only scoring 3, and 2 of them coming from penalties.
  21. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants January 2025 Transfers I was right to be upset about the board takeover. Not only are they not investing any money into the club. But I will let the below screenshots do the talking. What a disaster. I'm angry and upset by this. I think this will take longer to heal than the Euros Final. Why the board would want to sell the two best players in the league for a combined £16.5k is absolutely beyond belief, especially with our season going so well. Results/League Table Another good month in the league, ending with what could be the start of a very bad spell with Brodaric and Ribicic leaving us shortly after the Jadran game. Imotski have fallen off a cliff, loosing their last 5 games, putting us firmly in the driving seat for the last 10 games of the season.
  22. Cheers mate, so far so good this season
  23. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants December 2024 Results/League Table Another superb month, with the only hiccup coming against our old rivals Primorac. We also exacted revenge on Uskok with a 4-0 thumping. Looking like this season will now be a 2 horse race between us and Imotski. 14 games left an only 3 points between the two sides. Other News Finally have all the badges, hopefully this means that the coaching level at the club will be dramatically increased. Also with the reputation boost, young players may be enticed to come and play under me. Youth Intake Another year of a meh looking intake. Again, hoping there may be one or two players that come through who can have a future at the club.
  24. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants November 2024 Results/League Table Another superb run month in the league, this time, the goals are pouring in. One concern is newly promoted Imotski are currently toe to toe with us, and haven't looked like loosing all season, including a win against us. This all changed on the last game of the month though, their first defeat in 38, nearly as good as us! Other News Our long serving player turned coach Buljat has moved on to pastures new, picking up a managers job in the bottom half of the 3rd league central, this is probably the last we see of him unless his new team have a resurgance and meet us in the playoffs next year if we cant get up this season.
  25. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants October 2024 Results/League Table Some valuable points dropped in the title race, including a 1-0 loss against Uskok to see them jump ahead of us on goal difference, despite the wobble, we have still only conceded 4 goals in 11 games, so still a lot of positives to take.
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