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  1. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants September 2024 Results/League Table Perfect month. 0 conceded and not really looking troubled at the back, a couple of games where they didnt even get a shot on goal. Leaves us top, but Uskok and newly promoted Imotski are hot on our tails, both still undefeated.
  2. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants August 2024 Transfers Rajcic leaving after a few years with us. Another bench player leaving for a club in the 3rd tier, can only be a good sign if they are being signed to be regular starters. Results/League Table Really good start, although there are still quite a few teams that have also started well. Ribicic having a blinding start also, he is becoming a real gem. We were unlucky to only draw against Hrvace. Other News Another player from our golden generation, really good to see players starting to get called up for international duty.
  3. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants 2024-25 Pre-Season Transfers First thing is to get rid of dead wood. Unfortunately we have had 4 players retire, luckily bit part players at best, so no need to rush to panic stations yet. Have continued to loan out a load of the youth team to get some match experience in the 4th or 5th division, I dont think any of these players will make it in the 1st team, so mainly this is just to not overload staff with training ect. Some players moving in, mainly to play as bench players or reserves on non contracts in case of emergency. Results Really promising, narrowly loosing 1-0 to Dinamo 2, beating Rudes in the second division 4-1, and thumping the team that got relegated into our division for the coming season 5-2. Season Preview Other News A new administration has taken the helm. Not sure how I feel about this, as they have said they are not looking to make any investments and have taken a loan to help balance the books. I am trying to stay optimistic though, despite the fact we might need to actually keep a closer eye on finances unlike before.
  4. Fingers crossed. I think we only need a couple of extra players to make it count next season, as in our first two seasons we have been really unlucky not to finish top.
  5. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants 2023-24 Season Review Another season missing out to Primorac who finish in top spot. This time around, we can obviously pinpoint a few games where it went wrong, but at the end of the day, getting 72 points and not going up is a record in this division, coupled with the fact that last season Primorac won the league on 62 points, we can be considered very unlucky not to get a shot at the promotion group. Hopefully next year is our year. Player Stats Players Used - 25 Top Scorer - Dzemal Ibishi (32 goals (32 apps)) Most Assists - Novak Zagmester (9 assists (13(2) apps)) Highest Avg. Rating - Dzemal Ibishi (7.62 - 32 goals/6 assists (32 apps)) Team of the Season/Player Awards
  6. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants April 2024 Results/League Table Despite a winning end to the season, Primorac just haven't stopped winning. We lost the league by 4 points, looking back, there are positives but obviously again, we were not enough.
  7. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants March 2024 Transfers Again, just one of note. McEachran leaving to join the national league. He was a reserve player, bench player at best, so am happy to see him go. Results/League Table After a loss to Hrvace, pretty much making the league now out of our hands, we suddenly decided that we know how to play football, with a 5-0 and then a 7-0 win. With 2 games left we need a miracle to clinch the title, the one positive would be the goal difference being much higher than Primorac. Youth Intake Not really expecting much from this group. Have only signed 4a, hopefully he can reach his potential, but if not, the world will not crumble. Other News Youth intake player gets international call up!
  8. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants February 2024 Transfers Just one transfer of note, Martinovic leaving on a free. Was helpless to stop this one going through, but disapointing non the less, as he has been brilliant this season. Results/League Table Nice bit of cheese at the end of the month to see us drop down to 2nd. Primorac are looking unbeatable at the minute, lets hope that this doesn't stick for the last few games of the season.
  9. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants January 2024 Results/League Table We finish the month looking like we are getting back into the swing of winning games after dropping points in our first two. We are riding our luck going into the business end of the season, with Primorac hot on our tails. Hopefully they can drop some points and give us some breathing room, but for the last 10 games of the season, we need to win at least 8 to have a chance of winning the league and potentially go into the promotion group.
  10. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants December 2023 Results/League Table Not a good month, but not a bad month. No losses but 6 points dropped in the title race. The one useful draw was the final game of the month against Primorac. Finances/Other News Youth Intake With all of this yellow, I dont see how this can be a golden generation, hopefully at least one player that we can sign.
  11. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants November 2023 Results/League Table Another iffy month, this time only one win coming, but we were convincing in both draws, just didn't get the rub of the green. Results still see us top but by only 2 points. Finances
  12. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants October 2023 Results/League Table First loss of the season, a come from behind victory for Kamen. We bounced back well, with 2 wins against 2 teams that finished up there last season. The draw against Vodice was a nice bit of FM Cheese, hopefully this wont come back to bite us at the end of the season, but at the minute, we are looking good, 4 points clear at the top.
  13. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants September 2023 Results/League Table Really good month, only conceding in the last game of the month, looking like a new team compared to last season, and we have got our striker situation sorted, with Dzemal Ibishi getting the majority of the goals for us so far this season. We are 2 points ahead of last season's rivals Hrvace, and 5 points clear of 3rd, but still early days. Finances
  14. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants August 2023 Transfers Some more youth players going out on loan for the season. Results/League Table Really good start to the league, 2 wins from 2 sees us go 2nd on goal difference. The win against Primorac is promising as they are always up there come the end of the season.
  15. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants 2023-24 Pre-Season After the disapointing end to last season, it was clear we needed much more depth if we are going to be in with a shot of promotion next season. The board have given us a little more money to play around with, and since they keep injecting us with money, I wont be scared of taking all the wage budget. Transfers I think the tactic this season is to loan out as many of the under 19s as possible to get them game time in either the regional leagues or the 4th tier, as an alternative to get them in a load of friendlies throughout the season at our club. Have also bought in some muscle for the 1st team, mainly just to bolster the squad numbers. We have had some players demanding moves and 3 retirees. We have also gone ahead and released 9 players who were never going to make the grade. Results Finances Pre-Season Odds Other News Just wanted to point out how good one of the youth academy players from the second season has become, will be playing a big part of how we play this season.
  16. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants 2022-23 Season Review Despite loosing the title on the last day of the season, it was probably good for us as a team to learn to lose as much as we did, rather than wait until higher up the divisions, where it could hurt the club more. Plenty of positives such as 12 clean sheets throughout the season as a newly promoted team. Hopefully with some deeper squad depth next season we can have a real go at the league and promotion group should we get there. The second tier is definitely going to be the hardest league to get out of because of the lack of promotion spots between the 5 leagues. Player Stats Players Used - 26 Top Scorer - Ferenc Tonhaizer (13 goals (24(6) apps)) Most assists - Ivan Martinovic (17 assists (24(4) apps)) Highest avg. rating - Ivan Martinovic (7 goals/17 assists (24(4) apps))
  17. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants April 2023 Match vs Neretvanac Last game of the season League Table
  18. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants March 2023 Results/League Table Very good run going into the last 2 games of the season, with one game in hand over 2nd and 3rd. Only have to play bottom of the table and 11th. We go into the game against bottom needing a win to secure the title. Season Run In This was a screenshot from the start of the month. We have the easiest run in by far, with most teams playing each other at some point. I think that the title is ours to loose at the minute! Finances Another £50k into the bank, but still perferating money. It doesnt look like there is any competition money in the database, so will have to wait until we get into Europe or sell a player to make any proper money. Other News Other clubs are sniffing about, mainly in the Hungarian and Slovenian first divisions. Youth Intake Nothing good this year. Completely forgot to screenshot the intake, but only 4 players signed (by accident). Doubt any of them will sniff near the first team changing room.
  19. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants February 2023 Transfers Managed to bring some back up in for the first team as well as Stupar coming back in on a free as he was not getting game time in the second division. Results/League Table Picking up from last month, still not brilliant with a 50/50 record, hopefully can go well into the last 5 games of the season.
  20. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants January 2023 Results/League Table Damn, 3 points from a possible 12. Somehow still top of the table but hoping that this form ends here and it is just a bit of a wobble. Luckily enough, everyone else around us is dropping points like flies too (despite us playing 2nd and 3rd this month) Transfers Only one transfer so far during the season, Zsedely wanting to leave for more first team football, which I couldn't get him due to the quality in our midfield at the moment. He leaves for a £1,000 fee.
  21. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants December 2022 Results/League Table Another good month with a small wobble, ending our home unbeaten start to the save. We have also got our goals back, with Sugic popping up from midfield more and more as the season goes on. 7 points clear going into January, we have to be favourites to get a chance in the promotion group. Finances Other News Have bought in Teo Kardum in as a scout, has decent attributes, but mainly did it as we are not paying him and he is a fan favourite. It coming home? Youth Intake Very doubtful that this intake will be as good as last years, but hoping that one or two players can be of use within the next few seasons.
  22. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants November 2022 Results/League Table Looking good going into December and the halfway point of the season, 4 points clear at the top and in some very good form. Hopefully we can continue this into December and beyond. Finances
  23. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants October 2022 Results and League Table Another defeat, this time to the team who has come up through the leagues with us. They are all on full time contracts at their club, obviously putting us at a disadvantage, and they played us off the park in the second half, scoring 4 without reply. The rest of the month was good, although we are scoring less goals than our last couple of seasons, but while we are still winning I cant complain. Finances We have sent Jerbic on a coaching course, trying to get him staying on as a member of staff when he eventually retires. We made £32,265 from transfer clauses, but nothing for this showed up in the inbox, so can only assume that its from the old Zadar club.
  24. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants September 2022 Results/League Table Our first defeat of the save . Managed to get 50 games unbeaten, which is nothing to sniff at and I personally have never had a run like that in recent versions of the game, the league remains close, back in 2nd by 2 points. Finances
  25. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants August 2022 Transfers Only one sale this month, unfortunately star winger Stupar chose to move to the second division instead of giving another season with us a shot, only played 4 games in total for us, but scored 4 goals. Results/League Table Very good start to the league, not conceeding until we played last seasons league winners. A saved penalty in the 94th minute secured a draw, but we outplayed them for most of the game, which is encouraging. These results see us joint top of the table on goal difference. Finances
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