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  1. Cheers mate, could all change this season though!
  2. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants Pre-Season 2022-23 League Preview We are heading into our first season in the third division, where there are 2 promotions split between 5 leagues. The top team in each region (N,S,E,W,C) go into a 5 team league at the end of the season. We are going into a season without being odds on favourite to win a chance to go into the promotion group, our real challenge will be Sibenik 2, whose first team finished 5th in the first division last year. Transfers Heading into the off season, both Teo Kardum and Jozsef Kanta hung up their boots, meaning we are in desperate need of a AMR and DLP. We have gone in an bought some players in from 1st and 2nd division sides in hope that two of them can fill the hole left by our two retirees. Also had some youth intake players from the first season leave, as they were never going to cut it in the first team. Results Some easy wins for morale boosters mainly against 5th division sides, a late flurry of goals from Dragovoljac saving a 3-3 draw in the middle though. Other News
  3. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants Season Review/Debrief Another successful season. Still undefeated in this save, with a 91% win percentage (P46 W42 D4 L0). Possibly will be our easiest season due to the lack of financial issues and limited number of games played during the league. Some of our older players may be looking at retirement, but looking to keep a few old heads in to help with their experience. Moving into the 3rd tier will be interesting, I am finally able to offer wages on part time deals, so hopefully can build a team within the wage budget given, but will need a slight overhaul in the squad due to the jump in quality from the 4th division. Our wage budget is roughly £1k bigger than when we were a 5th division club, so may have to utilize some non-contracts for the squad players. Player Stats Players used - 20 Top Goalscorer - Jurica Buljat/Teo Kardum (5 goals (16/11(4) games) Most Assists - Jozsef Kanta (11 assists (16 games)) Highest avg. rating - Jurica Buljat (7.46 (16 games))
  4. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants Results/Final League Table A wobbly end to the season, in the penultimate game, we were down by 2 going into the 72nd minute, only 2 goals from a debuting Stupar saved us from our first defeat of the save. Followed up by another game where we looked to be loosing our unbeaten start. In the end the league was wrapped up during the first game in March, the rest of the games were simply a formality. Finances Still loosing money by the match, our only saving grace was the 16 game season, otherwise, we would have been in big trouble again, but the £26k and the sell on percentage really saving our financial situation. Youth Intake A much better youth intake this season, with all but 4 players (m-p) signing youth contracts with the club, again, disapointing that they wont be able to play until they turn 17, by which time they probably wont make the cut.
  5. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants November 2021 - February 2022 Transfers For the first time in a long time I have brought in some transfers over the winter period just to bolster the squad, especially with some important players being poached. Ceko comes in on a permanent transfer after being recalled from his loan spell due to sitting on the bench too much. Stupar comes in as a first choice left winger and the other two come in to mainly sit on the bench. Some outgoings include Milan Simpson, who is now playing in the second division. The Tommy Stevens experiment did not work, and he was just sitting in the under 19s. The other two were solid bench players, which I was not happy to let go. Results and League Table Typical FM cheese stopped us from continuing our winning run in the league, hopefully not a sign of more to come, but sitting 11 points clear with 4 games to go, this wont keep me up at night. Finances Despite being in the red, the board will continue to fund coaching courses for me and other members of staff, clearly they are confident in our future achievements Other News We have had an interview offer from a team in the second division, where I could be working with our old HoYD, who was pinched from Solin in our first season at the club. Of course I have turned this down, hopefully we can play them in 2 seasons time and show them what they are missing. Youth Intake After last season's 'Golden Generation' I don't hold imagine any massive prospects will come through this year. Hopefully I am proved wrong though.
  6. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants August - October 2021 Results and League Table An unreal start to the league, I thought it would be a lot of 2-1s, and a few draws scattered in here and there. But 6 games in and still unbeaten in the save bodes well for us leaving the busiest period of the season, so at least if we do drop points, or even loose, moral can be easily fixed with some friendlies. This league doesn't use goal difference, I believe it uses alphabetical, so we need to make sure we finish in top spot and with points to spare, I refuse to play more than 1 season in this division. Finances Nothing new to report in terms of income, ticket prices still being outweighed by match day expenditure. I have managed to start on my National A though, meaning I can spend more time at training when we go full time eventually. Other News We have our first current international. Alla is a player in the under-19s, and most likely will never play for the 1st team, but I doubt anyone else in the division can say they have a current international in their ranks.
  7. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants Pre-Season 2021/22 Transfers We have had 7 of our regular 20 from last season swiped from under us. Looks like we will have to spend a few hours scouting and trailing this summer. Although with the reputation that the club has being in the 4th tier, I don't think we will get many players in from the 1st division released list. We went in and signed a few replacement players. 3 that stand out are Denes Szakaly, Josh McEachran, and Jozsef Kanta, all 3 are central midfielders, and will be in the 1st team squad straight away. We also signed a 15 year old from the 5th tier, who is only 15, therefore not allowed to play in the league but has some incredible attributes. Results I decided to test ourselves against Dinamo 2, playing in the second division to get an estimate on how far away our squad is. And despite the 3-0 loss, they beat other teams in their division by more than that, so I have hope. The rest of the pre-season was against teams in the 3rd/4th/5th tier, very promising with the season just around the corner. Finances Apparently one of the better keepers in the world played his first season with us back in the glory days. We have received £129k from a sell on fee, which should cover player wages for at least one maybe even two seasons. The board also giving another £26k over, which will allow for coaching courses and staff wages. League Preview Looking good for this season, will go in hoping for a straightforward one. There are only 16 games in the league, so probably will be playing more friendlies than actual league games. Will only post a few times this season as the games are so spread out.
  8. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants Season Review/Debrief Pretty good first season at the club, although I didn't expect an unbeaten season, I did expect us to go up from this league pretty quickly given the stature and history of the club, the fact that the club retained a few players even from the 1st/2nd division days were also a plus. Looking forward to the next season, the 4th tier is split into 6 divisions by area, we have been added to East - North East, and will only play 16 games, this will be fantastic for our finances as all players will now be on non contracts, so hopefully the main expenditure will be staff costs. Player Stats Players used: 24 Top Goalscorer: Zvonimir Eres - 20 (16(10) Apps) Most Assists: Teo Kardum - 17 (30 Apps) Highest avg. rating: Teo Kardum - 7.52 (16 goals/17 assists (30 Apps)) Pre-season updates to follow.
  9. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants April/May 2021 Results and Final League Table With the league secured, it was just a matter of getting through the last 2 games unscathed to complete an undefeated season. And we did it! P30 W28 D2 L0. Team of the Season/Best XI Finances The board have more than doubled our wage budget for the upcoming season! Hopefully this will allow us to keep hold of some of our better contracted players.
  10. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants February/March 2021 Transfers Finally added some firepower to spearhead our attack, two players coming in from free agent offers, one with an eye to the future if we start playing with a two striker system, Josip Ivic being a typical big target man, but currently sitting in the under-19s to get some fitness and stat boosts. Milan Simpson came into the first team after 2 goals on his debut coming off the bench for Eres. Some bad news for next season as our best player has been poached on a pre contract transfer. I tried to offer him a deal as clubs were sniffing around but he wouldn't even discuss terms with us, clearly a player playing out of his league. Fixtures and League Table Going into the month in a strong position to win the title. We won our first game to set up a title decider against 2nd place at home. Going into the match a draw would have been enough to mathematically win the league. We started quickly with new man Simpson opening the scoring on 8 minutes, followed up with goals in the 29th and 32nd minute, but conceding in the 40th, - insert footballing pun here - 'making my half time team talk a bit harder' Coming out in the second half, looking for a quick response, a goal in the 51st minute putting the result beyond any doubt and followed up with another goal by Simpson sealing the league for us. The rest of the month went the same way. Winning the rest of the games in the 2 month period. Finances Maybe due to the league success, the board has sent another £35k our way. I deleted the screenshot and can't be bothered to go into the recycling bin to find it. Finances are now looking as close to being in the black as we ever have been. Youth Intake Our 'Golden Generation' has turned out to be a pile of poo. I am only signing 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, and 1i out of sympathy, hoping that they can go on to play a bit part role when they turn 17, and luckily enough, they are only on £2p/w, so wont bankrupt the club. If anyone wants to see screenshots of these players please let me know but none of them are anything to call home about. Will be hoping for slightly better next intake.
  11. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants January 2021 Another 4 wins out of 4. The league is pretty much wrapped up now, only waiting for a few wins before its confirmed. Again, our lack of firepower is worrying for next season, even though we came through the month with a +11 goal difference. Also slightly worrying that nobody on a contract is willing to discuss a new deal yet, maybe looking for a big turnover of players in the summer. The board are still throwing money at us, but this will have to be a monthly thing, as we are perforating money in this division and I don't think that will change until we get into the 3rd tier. We now have enough money to fund a first coaching course for me. After the success of the season so far, we have also been offered a new contract, I have taken a pay cut from £450p/w to £300p/w to help with the clubs financial position, but have included a 2 year extension if we get promoted, effectively signing a deal through to the end of the 2024-25 season, hopefully when we are looking to get into the 2nd or even 1st division, depending how the next season goes. I will be posting updates for February/March and April/May as there are only 2 games a month going forward.
  12. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants December 2020 Another month, another unbeaten few games. This time, 4 wins from 4. This month we have conceded 3 goals in 4, yet the defence is still getting tested little and often, hopefully its just a blip in that side of our game and it will all even out soon. Completely forgot to screenshot the league table before the next batch of games, but we are still top and more importantly still unbeaten. No input financially from the board this month, we are nearly in the black but loosing a few grand a month due to ticket prices only being £1 per ticket, which if we get less than 400 in attendance, wont cover our highest paid player for the week. Youth Intake Update We have received our first youth intake preview! Apparently a golden generation is coming through, but due to league rules around no under 17s allowed to play, it could be a while before this class gets near the 1st team.
  13. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants November 2020 We have had our first wobble of the save, dropping 4 points during the month, which is probably due to our lack of firepower up front. Attacking wise, we looked poor for the majority of the month, our xG being much higher than 7 in the 4 games played. Defensively we looked solid though, and apart from the 2 goals conceded, never looking at threat at the back. I will attach screenshots of the 2 games we drew to prove both points. We still look good for promotion despite the wobble. The board are again digging deep and have sent another £26k our way.
  14. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants October 2020 Continuing our fantastic start to the season, another 5 wins with only 1 goal conceded for the month. Possibly looking at a winning season. First ten games leaves us top of the table, and 6 points clear. Hopefully we get our wobble when the league is already a forgone conclusion. League Table The board have continued splashing the cash and have injected another £45k into the club, finances are looking more manageable now. One signing was made. Tommy Stevens in from England as they haven't left the EU yet, so he doesn't count towards to non-EU rule in the league. He has been brilliant on other lower league saves I have played, but only comes in as a 1.5 star ability so we will see.
  15. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants September 2020 Unreal start to the league, 5 games, 5 wins and top of the league. Nothing in terms of transfers as the window closed around 5 days into the season, but obviously no need to make any changes until next season now. Also the board has continued pumping money into the club, leaving the club in a lot more of a stable condition. Long may it continue.
  16. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants Pre-Season Fantastic results, all against teams in our step of the pyramid, looking good going into the first game of the season In terms of transfers, only 2 transfers out with some new faces coming in on non-contracts. Anic being our original MC going out of the club. The board has also injected £156k into the club, so hopefully this can keep coming throughout the season to keep the club afloat.
  17. Cheers mate, hopefully will last a while and stay fresh, as I have never managed in Croatia.
  18. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants First Day on the job First impressions of the club are that it is in a strong position to achieve a promotion in its first season as a new club. The league has 16 teams in and only has one promotion spot available. Obviously with the finances down the pan, wage control will play a huge part in the first few seasons in the save. The squad in game is very strong but there is almost no wiggle room in the budget of £1,400ish a week, with one player earning £400 a week, immediately crippling the flexibility in terms of transfers. Will be making some changes, but as the season preview shows, we are extreme favourites to win the league this season. First look at the squad A very strong squad, where most of the top earners will be crucial to the first team this season unless some amazing players will come for peanuts, which I doubt will happen this low on the footballing ladder. A very defensively solid squad, but little to offer in terms of attack. Best 3 players will be shown below. Luckily enough, Jurica Buljat is on an amateur contract, but how long it will be before bigger teams come sniffing remains a mystery.
  19. HNK Zadar - Fallen Giants A brief history of HNK Zadar Created in July 2020 as a successor of NK Zadar, a club previously playing in the Croatian First Division as recently as the 2014-15 season, but later dropping down to the 3rd Division due to financial issues. The new club has been placed into the 5th tier of Croatian football - in the Zadar regional league. The club play their football at the Stadion Stanovi in Zadar, with a capacity of 5,860 (2,860 seated). The goal of this thread is to get Zadar back into the top division of Croatian football and start competing in European competition. The 2020-21 will be the first season in which the reformed club will be competing in. NK Zadar within Croatia Clive English has taken the reins at HNK Zadar with the following ambitions from the board Clive English has taken over at HNK Zadar to take the club marching up the leagues again, hopefully ending in the club being at the pinnacle of Croatian football. And with the following facilities/finance
  20. First season is finished, romped the league, and despite playing a few attacking style, conceded the least amount of goals in the league, but very few clean sheets for the season. Operated on a pretty shoestring side of around 16-18 players at the club at any one time. Tommy Stevens being one of the main reasons that we scored 112 goals in the league, with 56 goals and 10 assists. Even signed a 39 year old Paul Konchesky to operate as an full back to cross from deep. Flopped in the QF of the cup to a team that finished 4th in the league, and looking to build on next year with at least the double. Also had a notification saying that we are renting another ground due to league restrictions in the league above, so Buckhurst Hill FC only playing one season in Buckhurst Hill and moving to Romford. Am also studying for National C Licence, which will give the stats a nice boost.
  21. Only just upgraded from FM19, and came across this thread. Luckily enough, my local team are in Tier 11, so thought I would give it a go.
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