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  1. I took a holiday in the game and came back to see some level of success. top 4 in Pl when I usually end 6th the tactics my asst manageR had gone with were highest level of pressing, v high LoE and DL. but hold shape when possession won. So rather than winning the ball high and immediately countering I assume we won the ball high and immediately passed the ball backwards. counter intuitive???
  2. You didn’t say it’s mostly chance and luck fair enough :-) . But you did allude to the fact that luck is so important that it makes rules less important. I play FMT so don’t get to manipulate players through interaction. Tactics are everything. So I need perfect, or near perfect stats, hmmmmmmm. I also need a reasonably good idea why we lost or won and, yes sometimes it’s down to luck. I don’t think the game provides enough reasoning and doesn’t explain itself well enough through manuals. Hence why I said I understand every rule in chess but it’s still a massive challenge. I don’t underst
  3. There are some pretty strict rules in football. If chance and luck played such a big role Seria A and the German league would have had at least one different winner over past 10 years. If it’s mostly chance and luck the managerial job would be irrelevant and this game defunct. So it’s not mostly chance and luck is it.... secondly.....I do understand some of the time. But there’s one key difference. I’m not actually in the dressing room and I’m not the manager. What did Pep see when spurs beat them 2-0 earlier this year. I don’t know. But he saw something cos he’s the manager. He then refi
  4. Haha. I do want to know the exact reason why I lost a game. In chess I always know why I lose (v often). It’s no secret. But it’s the greatest strategy game of all time. the more you learn the harder the opponent you play against and again you learn. Knowing why you lost allows you to change and develop. Otherwise it’s guesswork. If understanding the rules, parameters and mechanics of a game makes it too easy there’s a problem with the game....especially with the AI which the developers may fear is too easily overrun. So keep us guessing, create debates etc but never give us the full arm
  5. This is great and really appreciated. I’m also sorry to hear how your last few weeks have been. I think one of the biggest issues is the lack of definition or clarification from SI. which means we rely on the good will of the likes of yourself. lack of clarification means; mentality. I don’t think it’s logical to pair cautious mentality with creativity. If you’re cautious you’ll be playing the safe pass surely. Tight marking in opp instructions. Where, When and what does it actually mean. If I tightly mark an opposition FB cos he’s good at crossing...where does that marki
  6. Hahaha. Hello mate. I think I referenced multiple times how helpful the tactics forum was. Even in this thread. thanks for your help everyone. Freakiie not sure why you’re so angry. This thread would be better off without you.
  7. Good point but I’m also trying to relate to the game in general, not Just the city match. My assistant advised me to tightly mark stones. Does that mean Harry Kane will be marking him at CB? it is a relevant question
  8. Love to but I play FMT on iPad. Can’t do that:-( I posted on this forum as it’s same ME and tactics which is where my post was focusing on. And this forum gets a lot more attention and assistance
  9. Interesting and great advice, but if I’m tight marking eg Silva does that mean I’ll drag my FB out of position if he suddenly pops up in a deeper postion? And if it basically is a mechanism for stopping the dangerous players why not tightly mark all of them in every game? and sorry to be annoying but why not tightly mark and close down every creative player all over the pitch? I’m asking because you’re offering valuable help!
  10. It’s fine :-). I’m sure it is repetitive but that probably tells a story! just easier for me to relate to my own example than trawl through forum tbh, and it’s got a discussion going so definitely a good topic.
  11. Appreciate the advice. I asked about closing down and tight marking in tactics forum but seems like can of worms. does tight marking mean they’ll be marked all over the pitch, which would destroy my shape? Someone in the tactics forum said I should hardly use any instructions and trust your players to mark someone in your box. Hmmmmmmm m. The ambiguity comes from SI. I need to really understand what tight marking and closing down means. Where it happens. When best to use it
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