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  1. Your inspirational words suggest genders think as one. Strange then that I find everything you say to be complete rubbish, despite the fact we’re both male and therefore identical.
  2. For Gods sake take your prejudice back to Twitter/ insta etc etc. It’s not welcome here. FM represents many lower leagues that don’t play technically brilliant football but doubt you’ve ever complained about that. Women’s football is accelerating at pace and it’s great that FM are looking to acknowledge that. as for deaf leagues and gay leagues why even post that? Shows how unpleasant you are.
  3. So this time it’s completely broken instructions on swapping positions. Which continues after instructions cancelled and ignores the designated role regularly. what happened this year guys?? Underfunded? Overworked? Just CBAd?? So many gaps, holes, issues. So much removed. So much dilution of quality with updates after first version. you’ll never acknowledge which is fair enough. Can’t admit to bringing out a broken game but really must do much much much better.
  4. I play FMT on iPad but same ME and tactics etc so full fat opinion welcome. ive had about 15 saves with Spurs. Kane and Son rarely score. I’ve played a full range of tactics and still we lose regularly. My most recent (under tactical advice from a friendly forum poster) I was bottom with 1 win after 15 games and Kane with 1 goal. my defence is abject. Dier, Lloris and Alderweiled often giving the ball away. attack toothless. My mf pairing of ndombele and holjberg got overrun by those giants of football, Fulham, in my last game. im not posting my tactics, generally 4231 w
  5. For all the 21 love here I can counter with several great things about 17. animations far superior, creativity far superior, crossing far superior, lighting. Far superior etc etc. bottom line is that a game 4 years newer should be significantly better. In many ways it’s not. How does a studio balls that up? and yes it’s about opinions and mine isn’t right or wrong, and neither are yours. But you have to admit there is a big fan base for 17 and you have to ask why. It’s not just cos it’s easy 😂. Just been beaten by Man U and I loved it. Could easily identify the structural problems and
  6. OMG just downloaded 17 again. It looks and feels like a football match in a way SI have never replicated! anyone got a player update file? whatever SI did between 17 and 18 was a bad decision I have to say. Only just getting back to near those levels. crosses not permanently blocked, inventive play, great movement, last ditch tackles. And it looks fab. Not perfect ofc but the closest they got! It’s actually football.
  7. And I’ve got no dispute with you enjoying it. Happy to hear tbh. I think the ME is significantly better but the gameplay and impact of decisions seems bad. I’ve been told a lot of this is related to my tactics. However im playing v similar tactics to what I’ve always done (pretty successful history) and much weaker teams seem to destroy mine. Vicious circle losing runs are frequent and yes you assman does pop up twice a year to offer boosts to morale but they’re rare and pretty weak interventions. 19 and 20 had awful repetitive MEs. I can’t accuse 21 of this. I just think it’s losing its
  8. Yh there are some serious issues with Touch this year. It matches the full ME but as that develops it needs more tools to impact the match which aren’t available in FMT. I’ve gone on some ridiculous losing streaks (9 games lost in a row with Spurs, after a good start to season ). It places a lot of importance around morale but it’s something you can’t really change on FMT. the game is so poor this year that some people on the forum have privately messaged me to suggest the developers have deliberately made it rubbish so it doesn’t canabalise full fat sales. I don’t agree with that but the
  9. My best save to date was pre jan transfer Window where Spurs had some cash and I bought 2 CBs- it certainly is a big problem area for us IRL and in the game. it’s good advice again. I think my aim has to be get thru first season, try to win Euro league and then build. kane and son are woefully underpowered but I have to get through it. CHEERS!
  10. I was just trying random things. I understand the attacking points but defensively, despite more caution, we’re still conceding what I think is an utterly unrealistic number of chances. I think there is a serious flaw on the FMT ME this year. As I have mentioned above. I know my tactics are sometimes flawed but it feels like very average teams can tear you apart in quite an unrealistic way. I think this is mitigated on full fat but really exposed on FM Touch
  11. Spot on. He’s injured. As is bale. For some reason this year in multiple saves and tactics I’ve really struggled to get Kane and son scoring. Kane misses loads of pens and seems to rarely get chances. Other versions were much more generous with him, although his attributes are world class. funnily enough in my very first league match of my first save on 21 (before any updates). I beat WBA 11-0 with Son scoring 8 goals, mostly assisted by Kane. I posted it on the forum saying I love the new game haha. I think the developers realised (I’m sure without my input) they were overpowered but hav
  12. That’s great to read. Interesting. A lot of advice just to completely drop TIs. Spurs definitely are a tough proposition. Hence why we can’t find a new manager 😂 I know it’s not real life but a simulation of that. To me, on iPad, the game felt more real a few years ago. It’s important to stress that tablet FMT is not FM mobile. The ME is identical to full fat. But I do think the tablet version is struggling to keep pace. To genuinely prepare for a match so much input is required which FM touch doesn’t provide
  13. How do you do with Spurs? When you say 1 dimensional in what respect? Should I set position swaps? in terms of 3 defenders against 1 striker IRL I’ve seen plenty of goals from the lone man. It’s not some instant goal prevention system. All he needs is movement and strong finishing. IRL Kane obviously has that in buckets.
  14. Went wing play preset. nah it just ain’t happening. This result isn’t in isolation. Even when Ive played with neutral tactics wins are sporadic and inconsistent. I’ve rarely seen a version with such a lack of nuance IMO. if one team is better on the day they seem to be much better and vice versa. No way should mousset be beating up my defence. Maybe nick a goal but not rip us to shreds. again I really appreciate your attempts to help an old fart out of his depth but FMT on iPad isn’t flowing. I think it replicates the ME but with all the full fat inputs missing (tactical prep etc) FMT
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