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  1. Hold that thought. Just had a 5-1 away win and only a single yellow. I'll put it down to the tactic bedding in for now
  2. Started using this with Leeds but getting a lot of red cards and yellows (keep getting fined :D). Any tweaks to reduce this without affecting the tactic too much. The tactic is promising, but im not getting the results as I've had 3 reds in 7 games. Do i need to weak every player back from from the agressive defensive stuff when they are booked (rather than just your midfielders)?
  3. I suspect the only transfer we might make is Subotic in the January window. He can't even get in the squad for Dortmund at the moment. It would allows to drop Lovren forever, which can't be a bad thing
  4. Lucas is rolling back the years if you ask me, it helps that he has a more mobile deep-lying midfielder alongside him now though. I thought there was a lot of positives from yesterday's game. Not entirely sure why the sky is falling in here...
  5. I think Klopp is a big enough name to attract "top, top players" anyway. Especially those currently still at Dortmund. I suspect there is plenty of funds for the new manager too, given our very conservative net spend in the summer.
  6. Seems to be Twitter ******** from what I can tell
  7. With a bit of luck they'll jettison Ian Aure next
  8. He's been out injured for a year fgs. Itll take a while for him to get back to full match fitness.
  9. Carlisle are my local team, so a little bit of split loyalty for me tonight
  10. A journo on Sunday Supplement said that a highly influential person at the club has said that Rodgers performance is due to be reveiwed again in November and a decision about his future may be made at that point.
  11. Our form is pretty terrible stretching back to the Man Utd defeat. No doubt we will embark on another crazy run of results, which will be just enough to paper of the cracks though. This reminds me of the demise of Rafa. He lost the heart of his team (which has certainly happened in the last few years losing Carra, Gerrard, Suarez) and didnt replace them (couldnt give the situation the club was in). He then lost his way tactically and with his team selections. Writing is on the wall I reckon. They probably won't allow him a full season, if results don't pick up drastically. Especially with Ancelotti/Klopp both looking for clubs.
  12. I think his midfield is the problem at the moment. He doesn't know how to get the best out of them. They are so bad in the middle at the moment, I'm almost looking forward to Allen coming back
  13. Absolute horrific performance. What happened to the fast paced high press football and counter attacking team of a couple of years ago. We still have enough pace in the team to do this, but BR is happy to send teams out that are set up not to lose, rather than to take the game to the opposition. This 4-3-3 formation has never fecking worked, ever. Can we go back to 4-4-1-1 please, and start dropping players that are not playing well. On the plus side Ings looked lively
  14. It depends really on our current revenue vs. our current spending. The deal for next season's TV revenue, means the team placed 20th in the Premier League is paid £99m (not sure about this season, but we probably get something like that already). I'm not sure Champions League money has that big an impact as it previously did, given the huge Premier League revenues now. £10m net (let's say £20m due to Milner) seems like not a lot, against the huge transfers fees, huge Tv revenues to me. We recouped much of transfer spend last season too (though not quite as much). If it is going on stadium build, then fair enough, as going forward revenue should go up by around £20-25m per season, but if that's the case the club should probably lower expectations during that period and lower the fans expectations also.
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