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  1. I play an attacking 4-2-3-1 with Dortmund on an online save with my friends and i managed to take it all the way to mid February without losing in season 2 yet in recent months games have become progressively harder and i eventually lost to the rather easy champions league draw in the first leg 3-2 and i got off very lightly. It was total domination, players of mine where complacent while losing and drawing (is that a bug where they hadn't realised the importance of the match?) and i was very lucky to get away goals. I will attach my tactic that i used. It has been so domiant but has recently become weaker and weaker to the point where i am scraping results. My players were not defending at all and were just completely letting them attack and then ignoring my tiki taka tactics by just punting the ball away instantly. Any ideas of what i can improve? i switch to the 4-4-2 in times of need and it normally serves me well, but not today.
  2. AI highlight will show my players diving t the ground intochallenges trying to give awayt apenalty and it is predictable that in that game I will 100% give away a penalty
  3. I can predict games in which i will give away penaltys
  4. Every time I take my tactic to "frequent time wasting" from the default "sometimes" I concede more chances and concede every time. I turned time wasting on in a match today and the AI player scored a crazy goal in the 90th minute from the wing where my keeper did nothing and the shot had crazy curl and power. It was intentional and it feels like the game cheated to punish me for a tactical decision rather than actually let it take effect. Im certain it tried to make them score, never seen a goal like it and it was immediately after kick off.
  5. Man city on my save get unbelievable amounts of set pieces and nothing fouls even after I have turned anything off that could be inciting fouls. I have played them 4 times this season and i have won once however every single one of their goals is either a penalty or direct freekick. Every single one. Not only is this unrealistic for a side like this but it is more that "play for set pieces" I have never seen anything like it. No matter what they get fouls that are near the goal and it feels like cheating at this point.
  6. They wanted some crazy fee after ages of back on forth that was basically saying "we wont let him go" yet he had rejected them and was negotiating with other clubs.
  7. I couldn't talk to a player when other clubs could, this is not the issue as I believe that is some loan rule however the club didn't want to resign his contract and he was talking to ther clubs for free yet they wouldnt even accept over 1,000,000 pounds for him as a 200k value player and he was already talking to other clubs. Stupid AI decision that would get them 1 million pounds and also cost me a player.
  8. As a team that started the day in 4th i have played for hours today with my only win coming from an aoto resolve in the cup. I am honestly starting to think its scripted. Xgs of over 2 in about half the games ive played and yet i barely score and my defence and goalkeeper are genuinely giving the ball away on purpose. It won't let me win. I will cooncede in the 90th minute if im winning or sometimes drawing evry time. The game is tring to make me lose and im sure of itnow.
  9. I can't sign any players after two back to back promotions asthey all say they want to play at a higher level than mine but I am a league above in some cases.
  10. I would like to thank SI for fixing the broken game saves however the match engine has changed some things i hate. Long throws even with the best sort of long throwers like Mckennie are horrendous and wont even make the box once in a match. Goalkeepers are incredulous. They just stand there as a long ball loops right there in front of them and they do absolutely nothing. I don't score goals anymore and since coming back after a hiatus i have won one match whilst being second in the league, even in games where my Xg is 2+ we don't score anymore. This is sudden differnce and the AI have no problem scoring the same long ball goal everytime.
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