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  1. I've had that. Bothers me so much. Just because a manager is banned from the touchline doesn't mean that he'd not pick the team to play. And it's always picking players who aren't fully fit who I was intentionally resting for the next game, or playing a player that I'd specifically taken out of the team for a reason and had no intention of playing again (just not had anyone buy them off me).
  2. Blessing in disguise. However if I had won said match and it crashed... which has happened before, I will play that game over and over again until I get my win back because how dare the game deny me the win that I had!
  3. Can't say I've seen it... but then I can't say I go looking. But it would be cool if it happened more often because there are so many. Newcastle have the Longstaff brothers. Lukaku has a left back as a brother. I think Chelsea still have some players that are brothers (or they did... they had Hazards brother, didn't they?). They're really popular really.
  4. Would be nice to be able to specify the level of upgrade that we want. My youth facilities were awful, and it's taken a few seasons to get them to good. My club has plenty of money. Would be good to say "lets spend this much on it and see what level the facilities are"... because I have the money to make them great, but it takes years to get to that with each little update. Whereas in reality, if a team makes it to the Premiership and establishes itself there, they wouldn't do it a small bit at a time. You'd say "we want excellent facilities, it'll cost this much which we have in the bank so l
  5. I think it was FM14, but I had a Faroe Islands striker that turned into a beast. He tore the league up for a few seasons until the next game was released. The only disappointing part was that his national performance was incredibly disappointing. Something like 80+ games and 6 goals. I was playing in the Dutch league as Den Haag and he was scoring over 30 a season every year. Ball got to him in the box and you'd be celebrating a goal almost every time. Just a shame about his international career... but I guess he couldn't do it all on his own. One of the most impressive players I've ever signe
  6. Almost the same for me. Over 9.5 and I praise them. That's close to a perfect training week. Less than 6.75 I criticise.
  7. So a player becomes unhappy that you've rejected a bid, even though it wasn't enough to consider selling for. You manage to negotiate a reasonable value that you'd accept if someone came in with it. Will they become unhappy if they come back and bid that amount in instalments or based on certain events? The bid I rejected was made up of values based on goals scored, after x amount of games, etc. I'd want that money up front for a replacement as I'm a fairly small team, so I'm weary now on whether said player will be annoyed if they come back and it's not all up front. Anyone know? I've never r
  8. Not at all. Never said that there wouldn't be, just not to hold out hope for any more since there were already loads.
  9. Hoping for updated squads? I'd say that's a given. You wouldn't buy a new game for this season with last seasons squads. Wouldn't hold out for more leagues either. Think it's been said before than there won't be any more leagues added. There's loads as there is. Better international management would be good - particularly when it comes to player selection. Hate it when I get messages about leaving players out that are on good form, when they've played 5 games all season compared to a guy that's played all season and has better average rating. So frustrating, even though it overly doe
  10. FM is one of the few games that I'll pre-order, and do so each year. New features or not, the game is pre-ordered. It's just wrong not to have the latest version. I know I'm going to get it anyway so it's no issue for me at all.
  11. If a site is built a certain way, there is no desktop and mobile version. It's all the same and scales down. That way the site looks good, fitting everything horizontally so you don't have to scroll sideways or zoom in. Show desktop version only works when someone has a different site entirely for mobile versions, which you can usually see by the URL being m.domain.com instead of www.domain.com. Much better when a site is responsive like this is now - I can chuck it half screen and still read everything perfectly for instance. Also means that developers only have to work on one version, not tw
  12. IF a player complains about squad depth, tell them that it's none of their concern. I've found that when they start complaining about squad depth, it's not easy to make them happy again unless you splash the cash on a few players, which isn't easy at small clubs.
  13. Not a problem for me, but on all versions of FM I've always played with wingers and overlapping full backs. I see plenty of goals through the middle of the pitch and even a good portion of mine aren't scored through crosses, even though I'm set up to have my wide players smashing the ball into the box from the wing.
  14. Finishing as runners up in the League by a goal difference of 2. Lost my title by 2 goals.
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