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  1. Player ratings have really gone to dust. While the new hotfix 'seems' to have fixed the player ratings, its far from it. Looks like the ratings problem has simply been transferred from the defensive players to the offensive players. These were the ratings i got in a 0-1 loss to leicester. Prior to any of the patches, i lost 0-3 to leicester and ratings are about the same as a 0-1 loss in the new patch. I dream of the day I can get such ratings in a 1-0 victory once again
  2. Hi FrazT, i did notice the improvement in player ratings but also a sharp decline in the match engine. Thanks!
  3. Really glad that the player ratings bug has been fixed! Kudos to SI for their prompt action in doing so. But one thing that makes me really disappointed is the match engine. I would like to praise SI for making it way better than last year's, great striker movement, perfectly measured through balls to play them in, culminating in composed 1 on 1 finishing was a dream and all of these were lacking in last years edition. However, since the patch, this seems to have dissolved. This is most stark in the below 2 situations: 1. Prior to the patch, when the opponents have a deep defence lin
  4. Thanks for acknowledging the existence of this issue! I do think the player values are hugely affected though, player ratings are correlated with player performance which directly impacts development. I've had my full backs and strikers suffering attribute and value drops due to these 'poor performances'. I have had to stop playing the game for fear of my players development being further stunted as i await, hopefully, a hotfix.
  5. Never faced this issue before, in last year's iteration, we had many high ratings for full backs which was abnormal but bearable. Prior to the latest patch, i felt this year's ratings were accurate and ratings were good all round, even if a player didnt score or grab an assist - which used to be a pre-requisite for good ratings - the player could get a good rating. Post-patch, ratings have been entirely messed up, losing a game 1-0 can see more than 5 of my players with ratings 6.4 and below. I have never been able to discipline so many players for poor performance after one game. Th
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