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  1. I'm back! This happened in 2025/26(i.e. the 6th season). In the first 5 I managed to win 5 consecutive domestic league titles, although first year was a miracle run, 28 pts in last 10 games, winning the league by 1 pt, and last season the margin was once again 1 pt. I'm already a club legend and there's a new stadium going(club attendance went up from 5k in season 1 to maxing out the 10k capacity stadium, to maxing out the expanded 15k one), which will probably be named after me. European records are less impressive though, it's as follows: 2020/21 Starting Europa League 3Q- Lost to
  2. I always found it slightly annoying when regardless of the opponent players would never respond positively to a praise when losing by more than 1 goal. I'm managing SønderjyskE(of the Danish league), and lost to Atletico Madrid in a UCL group stage game 0-2 and xG was 0.39-0.62. Should this happen in the real world, any SønderjyskE manager would be happy about the performance (Jan Oblak earns more than my entire wage budget!), but apprenaly FM players doesn't like it.
  3. Made a move to RB Salzburg in my Journeyman save, and found out that they have never played in the Austrian FA cup. Is that normal?
  4. I was managing a side in relegation battles in the Czech Second division, and thrown the bottles while being 04 down at HT against a direct relegation opponent. If I'm losing 04 to, say, Slavia Prague, I'm surely not gonna throw anything. Anyway, thanks a lot for the reply, and you share a lot of my opinions here!
  5. I assume throwing water bottles should be working positively when the team is doing extremely poorly- and can be used even at half time. However, whenever I chose to smash the bottles, even when my team is down 0-4 HT to a team of similar scope, the squad always reacts negatively. When is the right time to smash the bottles? Hopefully someone better at FM than me knows.
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