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  1. Nice, curious to see how this changes the MLS as it's teams have trouble building a full roster
  2. There is not much variety with African newgen faces. Most of them look the same and have the same facial hair. Not to mention that their eyes look crazy lol
  3. Yea this year I turned them off. They were that horrible. Especially African newgens and the amount of European newgens with receding hairlines...
  4. 3D is what happened. I like the old faces...
  5. This was a bust if it’s not corrected. Hopefully they let us make these changes in the pre game editor next year... international play is already boring with the lack of features and changes and with the lack of talent coming in for national teams because of dual nationalities, it’s pretty much hard to enjoy playing with national teams.
  6. That’s not really a Union thing (I’m from Philly and am a Union fan) it’s an ongoing MLS trend.
  7. Will it be complicated for me to remove the NCAA and just have the draft from USL 2? Its kind of redundant to have both NCAA & USL 2 since they share players and this is impossible to replicate in FM.
  8. Yes, this area is in need of some major updating. Considering that the World Cup is only a few years away, it would be best to start improving the game in this area very soon...
  9. Just turn “newgen” faces off...That’s what I did and now they will only have black default pics
  10. We all get that youth intake where we let the garbage go unsigned, well I’ve noticed that these players do not exist for AI teams. Users get a certain number of players to chose from but when looking at AI’s intake their number of players fluctuate. I assuming that the players that aren’t good enough for the AI to give a youth contract are deleted from the game. This make sense for balancing the game but not so much for lower league play. Premier league academy players who aren’t good enough to play for a premier league U18 squad should be signing with lower league U18 teams. It’s currently way too easy to dominate low tier leagues because it’s so easy to sign players from a Premier League U18 clubs who didn’t get a pro contract once they are 19 when it reality it shouldn’t be easy as a 10 tier club to sign such a player. A Man U youth player who wasn’t good enough for their U18 club and wasn't given a youth contract makes way more sense here.
  11. newgens across the game seem to be over powered. I personally use a file in the editor forum that tame this problem. Now newgens are at the same levels as the default database players
  12. 4. Set possible second nationalities for newgens
  13. Here the video of the exploit. an non-league team should find it nearly impossible to get a very large or even a large reputation team to play them in a friendly (at home at that) unless its an affiliate... Went from having 780k to 2million...
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