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  1. hopefully FM 22 will see less people massively overachieving effortlessly, otherwise stuff like this will happen.
  2. Yea, I just went into the editor and switched the feeder league back to USL2 and it worked fine after that.
  3. MLS Super Draft doesn’t seem to work. There’s no players to pick from.
  4. One thing I’ve notice is that a lot of young players are let go. The cause seem to be that a lot of young players don’t have team options. Majority of players that are drafted or signed from academy usually always come with atleast a 1 year team option. The contracts for drafted and academy players fluctuate but players usually are under team control for 4 years. some get 1 year contracts with 3 team options, others get 2 year contracts with 2 year options and some even get 3 years with 1 year team options. A lot of the young players in the game only get 1-2 years wi
  5. So you was on top most of the season then lost 4 and a few cups??? lol ok.
  6. They prefer a play style, the key word here is “watch”. You’re winning so it’s not like you’re going to get fired for it. I win with Possession Football, the fans don’t like it though. The board adapted it and now prefer that we play that way but the fans says it’s boring.
  7. Seem like most of the players don’t have a contract add that to the fact there isn’t any interest in them from other lower tier teams, they will probably just sit on the roster. Maybe go into the editor and make it so that the lower tier players require some sort of contract. That way they’ll be released. Another way is to set an age limit for the teams. (Not for registration l) They’ll be released once they’ve hit that limit.
  8. Sounds like too many players for those small leagues and the players can’t go play for anyone else because of no interest. Are there lower leagues for those countries?
  9. 3D full match but key highlights if I want to get through games faster. Comprehensive if I want to watch a “full” match but get done faster.
  10. I feel like if MLS was setup like the rest of the leagues in the game where teams have a U18 and U23 team, this problem wouldn’t exist in the first place. Hopefully this will be the case going forward since MLS is planning a reserve U23 league and currently with MLS Next. I know academy clubs aren’t run by the parent clubs but this is a case of convenience over realism IMO
  11. Agreed, I only recruit players that my staff scouted. I have a rule of only one trial at a time and I can only offer trials to players that have been scouted before and they must be without a team. I use it as a way to quickly get full knowledge for specific players. Gaining a player’s interest to move to your team is also fairly easy. Especially for a low rep team. I shouldn’t be able to easily get a former EPL youth player at level 7-10 non league team. That player should be favoring National League or League two teams.
  12. I use that and it helps but it doesn’t really put injuries to 100% (SI admitted that injuries are only 80% of real life rate) besides, what if the creator decided not to do mod one day? It happens all the time with mods.
  13. When it comes to difficulty levels, i think it should be a natural thing and nothing really artificial that would seem like the AI is “cheating” options like: Increasing injuries Morale effects Cohession rate Tactical familiarity rate Difficulty of increasing a player’s interest in your team. Settings like that could make the game more difficult for players who would like added difficulty. With that said, Inwould also love the ability to attend a game (to scout and increase interest from a player) without actually having to watch the game.
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