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  1. I’m personally not looking to play some sort of challenge mode. I’m not interested in an alternative setup. That’s not what I buy FM for.
  2. I find it even easier managing non league teams... It makes sense logically but the statement just isn’t true. Maybe if you were a small team in a top division but even then you can finished top halve easily.
  3. If Soulja Boy can get a win on his first try barely doing anything. Then yea the game is easy lol.
  4. Way too easy, it’s time to fix match engine exploits and bring in some sort of adaptive AI who doesn’t only adjust to your team’s reputation.
  5. They are currently playing. Atleast in the first year of the save. Some 16 year olds that were bought from USL academy teams
  6. Is anyone else having a problem with NCAA playing guys that are U19? I’m seeing a lot of 16 year olds being signed from the academies. I’m only in year 1 so maybe this will sort itself out?
  7. I think a way to resolve the Hoarding of draft pick problem is to lower the value of them. Every year the super draft gets more and more phased out with teams now focusing on academies. In the game, you can still trade a first round pick for someone that's valued over 1 million dollars and that's just not happening that much nowadays. The estimated values in the game are outdated. the game says a 1st round pick is worth $650k - $1.2m but today it's more like $300k - $650k based on studies, which would be equivalent to a 2nd round pick in the game.
  8. Same thing happening to me. Anyone know how to fix?
  9. You should probably bring this up in the USA Database section.
  10. For some reason Nashville is a big culprit of stock piling draft picks even if you sim 10 years into the future.
  11. The AI teams not removing healthy players from the DL6 after the 6 games is still a problem.
  12. Btw thanks for some of the fixes. I havent played the game in months but it’s good to see that the B team problem is taken care of as with the DL6 problem for AI teams. good to see a mix of foreigners and players with second Nationalities (although there should be way more players from Africa and the Caribbean) now if only the trading of draft pick issue can get toned down along with some of the TAM/GAM issues, MLS would be a great experience.
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