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  1. Save uploaded as Stephen Appiah.fm Stephen Appiah is the latest example. Was signed by Real Salt Lake in December from their academy, then waived at registration. He should have been moved to Real Monarchs
  2. I just don’t get how a team full of wonder kids can win champions league without folding under pressure without a veteran presence on the pitch…
  3. Those are great. One thing that is missing and will add to the game is experienced players ability to keep other players on the pitch composed. Especially players that are young and don’t like big games. I rather have a veteran in the starting 11 than having to micro manage body language all game.
  4. I just wish that Hispanic Americans come with Americanized names instead of a name you would see in Mexico with special characterizations. It should be Jose Guzman instead of José Guzmán
  5. Not at the moment but it’s happening in my save frequently so i can definitely upload a save when it happens again. I also recently seen the AI waive a player that they just drafted with the 3rd overall pick. I’m currently in the month of May. So he was a player that the AI felt wasn’t good enough to register. Granted the team in question didn’t have a reserve team or any affiliations but overall I think that the AI should be more aggressive with loaning out their youth players. This could be a side effect of not having lower leagues loaded but since the game doesn’t come with them, this problem should probably be addressed regardless of having USL loaded or not.
  6. Loving this skin and the Las test update. I don’t know if this have been mentioned but playing with the NoPA version, the PA can be viewed on the squad depth screen. Is there a way for that to be removed as well?
  7. Currently playing through a MLS save right now and one thing that I noticed going on a lot during the season is that teams with a II|B team will tend to unregister and waiver list players who aren’t good enough for the first team (usually young players on the main roster) instead of moving them over to the B|II teams. This fix would also help squad building for AI.
  8. Just noticing this reply. But I haven’t seen any concrete rule statement about the contracts given but there are a pattern of Super draft and academy players spending at least 3 seasons with their original team before entering the waiver or re-entry draft. As of now, these players rarely are given any optional contract extensions in the game. Only a few players in the super draft receive these and I don’t think I’ve ever seen the AI give one to an academy player. Majority of players are given 1 year contracts which results in AI losing young players and the waiver draft being unrealistically bloated with talent. In real life, the waiver draft isn’t that active. the waiver draft and are-entry draft states that players who had their option decline (and meet the age & service requirements) suggest that these young players more than likely have an option in there first MLS contract.
  9. I just hope with this addition, attributes will actually matter more. Having a world class player should feel like driving a world class sports car compared to a non league player let alone woman’s division.
  10. I don’t remember this being a thing in the game but it would be cool to try to sway a player to declare for your country but doing the same thing you would do to get a non interested transfer target to gain interest in signing with you which is declaring interest, make enquiries about declaring and watching their games.
  11. I would like to see this matter a little bit more in the game. Currently, if you are known for signing young players, teams that are looking into the future will interview you but it will be cool to see this expanded to where your media handling will have an influence of jobs as well as hand ons approach. Managing financial and discipline should also have an effect on jobs you are offered. Players should consider how you handle team discipline, if you’re loyal to players or have any domestic bias before deciding to sign with your team. Tactical consistently should also play a factor on getting jobs or a player signing as well. This would add more immersion to the game IMO.
  12. A different opinion of yours isn’t a negative reaction, in fact I’ve said the idea was cool. You have an agenda. It’s not even about me not wanting woman being in the game as that seem to be your beef. I said i wasn’t around the game when touch was introduced nor was I around for the draft and online stuff. I’m sure those things received “negative” reactions as well.
  13. I don’t really see where you are getting at considering that this would be the biggest addition to the game in some time. Everything else have been upgrades to existing features…I took a break from the game around the time things like touch and online drafts were introduced..
  14. Track record says otherwise. Do they or do they not prioritize features, fixes and additions? Yes or no? one minute people treat it as if it’s just another loaded league then next minute people treat it as it’s own entity…
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