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  1. Where did I ever say that I didn’t use it? in fact, I’ve been one of the main testers... For your reference
  2. Pretty much this. Currently any attacking based tactic that have a high press intensity will give you a better chance at scoring tons of goals and winning more games than not, unfortunately the downside of playing such tactic (especially with lower tier players) isn’t replicated well in the game. Even though I do not buy or loan my own players, avoiding features in the game in hopes of not exploiting it is equivalent to only playing a defensive tactic in hopes of not exploiting the game by out scoring teams...
  3. You said yourself that you don’t have a good sample size and haven’t dived deep into a save yet...
  4. Because it’s beast if a dead horse especially since all of the related bug threads have minimal feedback from devs despite providing them with everything.
  5. You literally don’t have to do anything of those things to be successful because of the problems the guy listed makes it already easy. Headline feature for FM22 would probably be “smarter AI” because of these threads. If not, then Shame on SI...
  6. When a game is “quick sim” which it would be if the league isn’t set to full detail, reputation will play a role in the result. Full sim don’t take rep into the equation just pure results. In short, you’ll probably see more diversity in the UEFA league instead of the same teams winning all the time if you had Europe set to full detail.
  7. I don’t think anyone have the time because history says no...
  8. It doesn’t. If the fix was that simple I’m sure CJ wouldn’t have said what he said. Also the mod only adjust ratings of managers and most of them aren’t in the lower leagues which I frequent.
  9. I would like to see the effects of morale toned down and the effects of team cohesion bumped up. Reward us for keeping players around.
  10. I'd be more impress if this was with a high pressing & attacking tactic. The effectiveness of that against some passive AI formations is the biggest issue out of everything else.
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