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  1. This also should happen in reverse. The garbage from top clubs (I.E. players not given youth contracts) should get poached by smaller club’s DOF/HOYD...
  2. Yes i hope this is fixed. It makes international team play even more uneventful considering good players will be hard to come by from some nations that don’t have a great youth system. like a Jamaican training at an American academy but decided to play for Jamaica. it should also be noted that players without a second nationality but moved to a foreign country to train is lacking as well.
  3. Top Clubs shouldn't = Easy. Otherwise Man U would be 1st IRL...
  4. I love playing with attribute masking but I also have a slight case of OCD and seeing numbers like "11-14" really bothers me lol... At this point its probably unlikely that attribute bars will make a return so I am suggesting a Letter Grade option. Where a range of "16-20" would be considered an "A+" for example...
  5. The amount of money is the least thing that makes it easy. Sure a lower league team would be “harder” but it’s still easy to move them up the ladder in no time because of the exploits that exist in the game. things that make the game easy includes... lack of injuries ability to poach newgens usage of over powered tactics already knowing which players to go after being able to easily obtain those players. these are just to name a few
  6. One would say this is finally fixed and it wasn’t working right back in FM15 lol
  7. In the same vein as HOYD poaching good players from small clubs and if it’s not already a thing, it would be cool to see HOYD bring in youth players from bigger clubs who did not sign a youth contract at their original club. Recent example: Dwight McNeil
  8. BTW, I don't want to savescum these players, it would be great if our HOYD brought in these players similar to how they bring in players from lower league teams.
  9. I agree, you have to manage a TEAM not your top 11 players...
  10. Example of This would be Burnley's Dwight McNeil... He was not given a youth contract by Man U but left to play for Burnley's Youth & U18 team.
  11. Some of those big clubs shouldn't even be accepting unless there was a affiliate agreement TBH. This kind of defeat the purpose of getting an affiliate to come play you at home.
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