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  1. Any fixes and updates for MLS in the winter update?
  2. At ths point I feel like the entire MLS structure within FM needs to be revamped
  3. These two things are very important and have been a problem with MLS for years.
  4. Never understood the logic of someone who doesnt use something wanting it to be non existent...How about give constructive criitism on how it can approve?
  5. FWIW, I think USA should be an option for the 3rd question. The lower leagues in that country are important for player development. As it stands now, MLS is really not that playable for a long term save unless you manually add the other leagues. USL should be activated by default at the very least...That way more loans to those teams will happen and help player development...
  6. Ratings displayed in letter grades instead of numerical. 17-20 could be represented as a A+ for example.
  7. Politics, maybe you sacrifice playing the better player in favor of keeping the team together...How about not trying to go crazy buying new players during the first transfer market...
  8. Cool, I havent had time to check the save out but does NPSL teams now play in US Cup? Also is there a way in the editor to link PDL teams to NCAA teams so that top players play in PDL during the NCAA offseason?
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